The Black Swan, volume: Merkel stands in front of one of your most difficult Jobs

Is Angela Merkel, you can crown your chancellorship, by stabilizing the duration of the crisis-ridden European Union and from the Corona valley the Reputation o

The Black Swan, volume: Merkel stands in front of one of your most difficult Jobs

Is Angela Merkel, you can crown your chancellorship, by stabilizing the duration of the crisis-ridden European Union and from the Corona valley the Reputation of the Federal Republic of leads, while at the same time worldwide, as well as among the European partners increases.

"I can't remember a presidency that so many of the sites found," right of the SPD MEP Udo Bullmann, on six difficult months from the 1. July. The main problem, of course, the Virus, still. "With the Corona-crisis, the European Union is facing a fateful challenge," begins the presidency programme of the Federal government. Many of their original projects for the next half year on the European stage were thus to waste, yet you want to as many people as possible to hold.

Long orphaned Brussels confessional to use again

"That's not the presidency we actually have prepared it," Michael Clauß, Permanent representative of Germany to the EU in the next six months, more than ever, a key figure in Brussels. Him, it will be the responsibility to coordinate the Ratsgeschäfte with, Committee meetings and working groups to prepare. In these tasks, he will meet with Corona to severe technical difficulties.

For three and a half months in Brussels as well as no larger rounds more, where people actually meet. Such activities can be partly to ten percent of their normal scope, risks reported by Clauss. The Croats, of which Germany now takes on the staff, had to invent in the second half of your presidency, something completely New: the virtual presidency. However, video conferences, Clauß, complains are only about 20 percent as productive as physical Meetings.

Also, the Problem of maintaining confidentiality was in place. The actors meet in a face-to-face, you can also take advantage of better the a or other times to the side or even in prayer. The as a last resort, provided for the "confessional"method can summit the EU-17./18. July for the first time in months to come. Then, the EU heads of state and government meeting in Brussels once again personally.

"There is a sense of relief": gratitude to Merkel

there will be much to pray and to confess. In the center of the Corona is aid package for the economic reconstruction. France and Germany have proposed a Fund in the amount of 500 billion euros, the EU Commission wants to place 250 billion on it. For the first time, you should be able to ensure to a greater extent debt.

The grants, which come partly from the Virus affected the South of Europe, are predominantly in the form of grants flowing. In contrast, the "Thrifty Four" known countries of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands lock especially. They have not abandoned their resistance against European community debt so far – other than Germany. dpa/Ludovic Marin/AFP Pool/AP/Reuters Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron launched a joint Initiative for the reconstruction of Europe - the "Thrifty Four", Austria, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands to go on a confrontation course (archive).

It is this pivot of Merkel, which appeared in their needy partners during the Euro-crisis as a strict breeding champion that makes many in Brussels, the German presidency of the Council of great expectations is. "There is a sense of relief, maybe even gratitude," has Katarina Barley (SPD) observed, the Vice-President of the Euro Parliament. "Germany has learned since the financial and debt crisis a lot."

In the case of the Green doubt as to the fate of the Green Deal

The new course, Berlin is likely to help that for half a year, another German determined the fate of the EU, as a close Confidant of Merkel is EU: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The German presidency coincides with a period in which the new Commission of major legislation brings initiatives. The flagship project for this was so far from the Leyens Green Deal to climate neutrality in Europe.

Now is the fear that the ambitious Plan could be crushed between the Corona and lobby resistors, especially in the countryside. "Instead of the required climate presidency, we now have a climate protection adjournment", the green MEP Sven Giegold as a threat. He refers to a number of initiatives of lobby organizations, farmers ' organizations about the automobile manufacturer to the plastic industry, "with the Corona-to put the crisis as a pretext" numerous legislative plans on ice.

in fact, the head of the Brussels representation of the German chamber of industry and Commerce day (DIHK), Freya Lemke calls, for example: "All of the additional burdens that would result for example from a further intensification of the CO-reduction targets for the company, you must now off the table."

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expectations in Germany are huge

In the programme for your Presidency, the Federal government is committed, with clear economic signs for the Green Deal: "We are committed to ensuring that the Green Deal to Overcome the consequences of the COVID-19-crisis to the sustainability and competitiveness of the economy." Unequivocally makes it clear: "The societal, social, and economic consequences of the Corona-pandemic we will be in the center of our efforts."

Merkel's last big round in the European Arena, therefore, the Corona-presidency? After all, some other big chunks out of the way spaces to an agreement on the EU budget for the next seven years is missing, and not just Corona-AIDS. In the negotiations on the future relationship of the EU with the UK after Brexit, there has been no progress.

Europe to power to "digital Design" to be

EU members such as Poland and Hungary have serious doubts as to their legal Constitution of advent. Since the refugee crisis in 2015, there has been no progress in the efforts to achieve a common European asylum and immigration policy. The relations with the United States, lying on the ground, the to China are unclear in important respects. Europe will be in competition with the two global heavyweights, according to the Federal government to a "digital Design" – must at the same time, allocate more resources for the common defense.

Every single one of these challenges, Corona left entirely aside, would be a mammoth task. The expectations of Merkel and the led largest country in the EU are huge, probably too huge. "Germany assumes the six-months the Supreme command of the EU, but is in the control booth," says Jens Geier, head of the German social Democrats in the European Parliament. He relies on a "ruthless pragmatism of the Chancellor, the overwhelmed your own Appendix".

control of the Corona-help required

the ranks of The Union, however, are closed amazing, even though Merkel laid on the shoulders of your people with your common Corona-serve with French President Emmanuel Macron a 180-degree swivel. Criticism there are both in the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Union group in the European Parliament, at best, of Details.

So you want to start earlier with the back pay of the future debt as it is now, in 2026, instead of only two years later. 2028 namely, there are negotiations on the multiannual financial framework of the EU, and where the redemption will could get under the wheels, is afraid of Daniel Caspary, head of the CDU/CSU group In the European Parliament. You "should move to service the debt until the St-ever and a day".

loan maturities of up to 30 years are Provided. Agree Caspary and his SPD-colleagues bull man is the fact that a control of the use of funds is required: "The money is not allowed in the national house of percolate hold," warns the CDU-man. "It may rain no helicopter money", warns the social Democrat.

The Chancellor must had ignored the "Black Swan" - volume

After Merkel Macrons Europe-political attempts for a long time, it has thrown a Motor in the EU: the German-French. It remains to be seen, what they know to surprise in the twilight of her chancellorship yet. Maybe with a qualities as an animal tamer.

In an analysis of the Federal centre for political education, it says: "Unexpected and seemingly improbable events that have profound consequences and, therefore, any planning and prioritization are obsolete and can be called in Economics a 'Black swans'." The author Funda Tekin and Jana Schubert add: "The Corona of a pandemic is the Black Swan of the German presidency of the Council." Authorities to call a state of emergency: tens of thousands of pilgrims to England's beaches FOCUS Online authorities, the exception call state: tens of thousands of pilgrims to England's beaches for the weekend: exacerbate severe weather here, and the Thunderstorms are the most violent PCP Up for the weekend: storms intensify - here are the Thunderstorm on the most violent


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