Test of character: the New BVB goals to title-K. o. | football

phase-great runs attacking football of Borussia Dortmund in Paderborn frustration management. The 6:1 gives Coach Lucien Favre, a little peace and quiet. Two sc

Test of character: the New BVB goals to title-K. o. | football

phase-great runs attacking football of Borussia Dortmund in Paderborn frustration management. The 6:1 gives Coach Lucien Favre, a little peace and quiet. Two scorers use their appearance for a special Statement.

Paderborn (dpa) - a 45-minute football show Lucien Favre did good. Happily the coach of Borussia Dortmund, clapped his players with the fist, and could laugh for five days after the bitter defeat in the League summit against FC Bayern again.

Up to the disappointment over the likely to once again missed the title, is completely overcome, it will take a little longer. But with half a dozen goals BVB made against SC Paderborn a first step out of the mood.

The superior triple scorer Jadon Sancho, the put together with Achraf Hakimi, a clear sign against police violence and racism, Thorgan Hazard & co. were on their game, pleasure and efficiency in the second passage, that the debate be Favre's future even less. By the 6:1 BVB also made the first step in the direction of the new season. Place two to consolidate, the Champions League qualification as quickly as possible, to make it clear - the Plan B. And a little bit of remaining hope is there then maybe but still.

"It is brutally hard," said Favre to the title theme. The 62-Year-old language used to little bit about the Situation in the table, and directed his view quite typical to the individual tasks. "We still have five games. The next game is the most Important. It is against Berlin's very hard for us." Under the direction of coach Bruno Labbadia again strong Hertha is expected to call the BVB next Saturday, more than Paderborn.

For Favre is likely to be the week, until then quiet, as the first days after the alleged title by Ko at the 0:1 on Tuesday against Munich. Critic languages the Swiss once again have the ability to win with his Teams title. In addition, statements Favre's had been as a withdrawal of the thoughts interpreted. The Coach itself and the BVB had rejected speculation about a premature farewell to the football skilled in the art. The BVB-players, contributed their part to the General situation-calming.

"The Borussia has passed the test of Character," said Dortmund's long-standing goalkeeper and German champion of 2011 and 2012, Roman Weidenfeller, in the case of "Sky90". The 39-Year-old, however, pointed to a possible core problem of the BVB. "Maybe a piece of missing the winning mentality in the top matches," he said. The area club a-piece, to be able to engage in duels with FC Bayern at eye level to measure missing.

eye-To-eye Paderborn was on Sunday just before the break, then showed the Dortmund, what would you have liked to against the industry leader. Attack on the attack, rolled to the gate of the almost safe Absteigers, was overwhelmed in the final stage, the hopeless. "If we have the joy of playing comes up, the looseness with the necessary concentration are at the same time, then we are doing very well," said Central defender Mats Hummels to the point, and praised his coach expressly for a small tactical change in the Pause, "which has really worked very well".

By the reinforced wing game, the extremely well-laid Sancho came particularly to the fore. The 20-Year-old had been sitting against Bayern 45 minutes on the bench and posted at SCP, his first in the Bundesliga, three pack. After the 2:0 Sancho drew his shirt over his head, showed a Shirt with the inscription "Justice for George Floyd", and demonstrated his solidarity with the after a police operation in the United States died of African Americans. Team-mate Hakimi was wearing such a Shirt.

Sancho said after the game in social networks to the action. His three goals he described as "bitter-sweet" Moment, "because today, more important things happen in the world, we need to appeal to, to help, to change something." Sancho added: "We should not be afraid to raise your voice for what is right, we must unite all together and fighting for justice." His contribution, he ended with the words: "Together we are stronger!"

This is also in the Sport often-quoted Motto of the BVB on the pitch in the season's final stages. And at least a Borussia-player has not given up the dream of the title yet. "We must continue to look forward," said defender Manuel Akanji. "Mathematically it is still possible, that's why we try to regulate our part on the field of play - and that's what we did tonight."

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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 22:33

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