The 100 greatest athletes of Erding: Horst Soika – The Gentleman-Boxer | the district of Erding

Horst Soika was Bavaria's best Boxer of the early post-war period. In Tehran, he was celebrated as the "king of Persia". A Portrait. + As a retiree, he enjo

The 100 greatest athletes of Erding: Horst Soika – The Gentleman-Boxer | the district of Erding

Horst Soika was Bavaria's best Boxer of the early post-war period. In Tehran, he was celebrated as the "king of Persia". A Portrait.

+ As a retiree, he enjoyed life with his family in Eitting. On 9. December 2016, he died at the age of 82 years. His struggles and achievements for TSV Erding and FC Bayern Hof never be forgotten.©Private

Eitting – Karl Mildenberger was Boxeuropameister in heavy weight, in the Frankfurt forest the stadium he lost his 1966 world title fight against Muhammad Ali in the twelfth round. Ten years previously, Charlemagne had suffered "" a defeat: He had to bend to the will of Horst Soika. This is the Eittinger, the once wanted to send a Trainer to your home, the advanced then to Bavaria, the best Boxer in the early post-war period and once on the streets of Tehran as the "king of Persia" was celebrated. On 9. December 2016, he died at the age of 82 years. is not forget it.

we flashback again: It is the 24. July 1956, the black forest hall in Karlsruhe is sold out. It goes on to the semi-finals of the German Amateur Championships: for Three rounds, heavyweights Soika and Mildenberger fight. But the heavy weight of tumbes is not here for a Fight. The Bavarian master is not a bruiser. "No, he was a machine," said the now also deceased younger brother, Peter. "Horst has been hit 100 Times with his Left, and then – bamm! – because he was with his Right. The first round, he had to give up most of the time, but after that, it has no one to stop them.“

"be satisfied With what he had,"

Also Mildenberger's fate. He loses on points. However, Soika's with the broken rib from the fight and loses the final against Rudi Horoba, its permanent rival from Dortmund. The victory over the later Boxing Champion Mildenberger, the can take him, but no more.

How Mildenberger also Soika would have been able to switch to a professional. Peter Müller, the Boxing world knows only as a "de Aap", 've repeatedly asked, told Peter Soika, "but Horst was simply satisfied with what he had". For him, the three or five marks, which he received for a youth battle of the TSV Erding had been something Special.

the age of 16, he went to the TSV Erding

Because at the beginning of the great career was not seen. "A Trainer not want to send him home, because he saw him as a Boxer," said Peter Soika. His brother had been missing this anger. "The was – unlike me – never short-tempered." To do this, you must know that Peter Soika was a powerhouse, the 300 kilos of heavy stones lifted and a burglar so much frightened that hid under the table and to the police begging. But that is a different story.

Back to the much quieter brother. In 1949, the then-16-Year-old box relay TSV Erding joins. He and later, his five years younger brother ride from Eitting to Erding. In the Winter they often go on foot. And the Trainer wanted to send him once a home, is amazed not bad now, because Horst Soika a series title. In 1951, he is the upper Bavarian Junior champion in the light heavyweight division. The following year, he is Bavarian and South German masters. In the DM-finals, he is subject to in front of 4000 spectators wafer-thin.

20 to 60 marks per fight

From the sports enthusiasts Erdingern he is received as a state guest. The home newspaper in June 1952: "a speaker of the company Semptradio, wagons, a long train of people put the car in motion, of the 2. German master gave the Foreword for the official reception in the town hall. Horst, in the flower-bedecked open-top car standing, was welcomed on this journey always make you feel welcome.“ 1953 Soika defended his Bayern title and switches to the seniors camp. Since there are already between 20 and 60 Mark per fight. But for a long time, the TSV can no longer hold Erding his greatest Talent. The high castle of the Bavarian Boxing is in Swiss francs in Bamberg, Coburg, Hof, Bayreuth, where fighters from the U.S.-boxes Army.

His brother joins the TV münchberg. Both move to upper Franconia. The younger gets an Apprenticeship, the older a Job – and a lot of time for Training. Horst Soikas purchase gift: the upper Franconian championship. With Bayern, he travels to fight in Comparison to Austria, in Switzerland or in the former Czechoslovakia. Most of the time he is fighting twice in the evening.

The winner of Tehran

+ The image shows the Gentleman-Boxer in the year 1959. After his 287. Fight he undeservedly had lost, hung Horst Soika his gloves on the nail.©Private

1956 it is to Tehran. For the then 22-Year-old, a single sporting triumph. He wins all three fights – including against Olympic boxer Rahim Zendegani – and is presented as a "winner of Tehran," the brother of the Shah. The reception Horst Soika compared at the time, "that of a statesman. Ten Jeeps were ready, in each of which a Bayer with a Persian Partner, took place. Everywhere the motorcade of the population was enthusiastically welcomed“.

It follows the fight against Mildenberger and Soikas exchange for FC Bayern Hof. The Boy from Eitting is now a Star. The women are thrilled by the man to be in the shell threw. He is a Gentleman-Boxer who also sends to the Czech European champion Nemet on the boards. After his return to Bavaria-title Soika is in the heavy weight three times a Bavarian Vice-champion. 25. In March 1961, he denies his 287. Fight. In Coburg, he is subject to the local hero, Adam Stenger, of the 500. Time in the Ring. Soika, so it's in the Newspapers, were clearly better, but the honoree is rewarded with the victory. The Loser is annoyed so much so that he attracts the gloves.

The big Box fights during the Erdinger Herbstfests in the 1960s, he is, of course, not to be missed. As well as Muhammad Ali, whom he admired because of its Box style. The Großmäuligkeit is not Horst Soikas thing. He loves his sleep, wife, daughter, grandchild. In 2016, he suffers a femoral neck fracture, from which he never recovered from. As a lung inflammation is added, no longer wants to fight the 82-Year-old. On 9. December 2016 dies Erding's greatest Boxer. Is not forget it. As his great nephew, Sebastian and Valentin Busch in ice hockey-playing second division of Bayreuth, says one of her caregivers of Horst Soika, Bavaria's best Southpaw of his time.

Dieter Priglmeir

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 22:33

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