Ann-Kathrin Götze: game woman in custody to harm the Baby | the Boulevard

in Spite of pregnancy Ann-Kathrin Götze's still following your Fitness Routine. The BVB game woman, but still fear for your Baby. Ann-Kathrin Götze is expec

Ann-Kathrin Götze: game woman in custody to harm the Baby | the Boulevard

in Spite of pregnancy Ann-Kathrin Götze's still following your Fitness Routine. The BVB game woman, but still fear for your Baby.

Ann-Kathrin Götze is expecting her first child.
in Spite of baby bump makes the game a woman sports on a regular basis.
Now, it does not reveal that she was always comfortable with this.

Dortmund/North Rhine-Westphalia - In the yellow training outfit presents Ann-Kathrin Götze right round baby belly. You and your husband Mario Götze , at present, expect for the first Time, Junior. Nevertheless, Fitness when you don't come mother, as the* reported.


Ann-Kathrin Götze


Model and Influencerin


Mario Götze (marriage, 2018)

Born in

6. December 1989 (age 30 years), in Emmerich am Rhein


1.70 m


Nils Brömmel, Sebastian Brömmel

Ann-Kathrin Götze: So your baby sees the belly despite Fitness

For Fitness Ann-Kathrin Götze during the pregnancy is very important. With a round baby belly, but that is not so easy, as the Influencerin reveals on your Instagram Account . She didn't want to harm the child.

at the beginning of the pregnancy Ann-Kathrin Götze, who could move in with her husband, Mario Götze soon after Italy*>, according to his own statement, even made.

Ann-Kathrin Götze about Fitness in pregnancy: "I wanted to item to the Baby, do no harm"

The reason: The concern for the health of your own baby . "I train as usual, my stomach muscles and go for a jog and I didn't want to harm the Little ones, in which I train wrong," Ann-Kathrin Götze via Instagram to her followers.

another Problem in Training during the pregnancy should have been a Year old the outfit choice, the 30. Usually presents Ann-Kathrin Götze in stylish sports clothes (more celebrity articles on*

Fitness in spite of pregnancy: Ann-Kathrin Götze was it difficult to find the right Outfit

Nothing seems to fit the Pregnant, and much of it was simply inconvenient, such as the Influencerin portrays. Also the've held Ann-Kathrin Götze , which has made her pregnancy until the seventh month to the public*, for a long time from the Training during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Ann-Kathrin Götze in the ninth month pregnant, and has not only a fashionable solution, as it proves in a yellow training outfit, but also a coach found that helps her stay during the pregnancy fit.

check out this post on Instagram to

doing a workout in your favorite color makes it more fun check my story for the set

A post shared by ANN-KATHRIN GÖTZE (@annkathringotze) on may 12, 2020 5:12 PDT

Fans of Ann-Kathrin Götze admire because of their training during pregnancy

And not only the sports outfits of the Influencerin to your Fans and Followers are also excited about how fit is Ann-Kathrin Götze is also in ninth month of pregnancy.

sophie_25.3 writes: "plenty of fun, as you're trying, in spite of the admittedly beautiful but big change, to stay fit and healthy. You're a role model for many women." zaneta.soluncevska writes: "Pretty mommy." liisa_kln says: "So beautiful pregnant!"

gender is still unclear: Ann-Kathrin wants to but it could have during your pregnancy reveal

Also noticeable in the comments the Influencerin: Still a lot of Followers, what gender the young talent of Borussia Dortmund-couple questions.

+ in the pregnancy, Ann-Kathrin Götze keeps your body fit. But just before that, you had a long time fear.©Peter Kneffel/dpa

Although retains Ann-Kathrin Götze this is a secret that currently, and for the 30-Year-old but has already announced that gender of baby during your pregnancy, to tell. For too long it should not take so, to see if the götze's expecting a boy or a girl.

Ann-Kathrin Götze has hidden her pregnancy long before the Public

was your pregnancy long a well-kept secret. Only in the seventh month, proclaimed Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze, the good news.

Shortly after the Influencerin the pill, she was pregnant, such as Ann-Kathrin Götze revealed on Instagram. "After our wedding in June, I prevent stopped. Then it went by so fast. Already in October, I felt changes in my body."

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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 23:33

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