Sebastian Vettel: formula 1 future at Mercedes? Companion of shares against Ferrari | More sports

Sebastian Vettel and formula 1: the German after his Ferrari Off in the Premier class? Now Helmut Marko said Red Bull Team. Sebastian Vettel* to leave Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel: formula 1 future at Mercedes? Companion of shares against Ferrari | More sports

Sebastian Vettel and formula 1: the German after his Ferrari Off in the Premier class? Now Helmut Marko said Red Bull Team.

Sebastian Vettel* to leave Ferrari after the season 2020. What's next for the four-time formula 1 champion ? There is some speculation around the German and the formula 1* - now> Mercedes team chief Toto Wolff said Update 4. June, at 21.00: formula 1*-Pilot Sebastian Vettel* announced in front of more than three weeks, the separation from its designer Ferrari at the end of the season*. Since then, speculation over the future career of the four-times world champion . A year-long companion Vettel's spoke openly about Vettel and his future.

Sebastian Vettel: Red Bull engine boss taunts against Ferrari - he says This to a Mercedes-exchange

Now,> Helmut Marko , the Motorsport boss at Red Bull said Red Bull Racing at the Start. Marko was not particularly pleasant about the internal processes of within the Italian racing team . About Vettel, Helmut Marko says, "Sebastian is nothing to say", and refers this to " big rivalry " within the team.

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Marko informed against Ferrari and said, "that Sebastian has not extended his contract, is probably the technical potential has not seen , which helps him to another world title." He would be pleased, personally, to see Sebastian Vettel* in the case of Mercedes. "That would be for Motorsport great . Vettel against Hamilton in the Mercedes, what's Better? Two years ago, the seat 1 and 2 would have made. I hope that we are so close now, to prevent something like this.“

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But what happens, should be a Cockpit for Vettel the German designer free? "If he gets the Mercedes seat, is a one-year break useful. A year, watch what happens,“ says Marko. The Red Bull Motorsport boss, refers to the new regulations, office of Budget line , starting in the year 2022, which is why he sees in the case of a restructuring, the Chance for Vettel, "in a winning team to join."

Sebastian Vettel: speculation about Vettel's future, according to Ferrari-From

first message from the 4. June 2020:

Heppenheim - On 12. May burst the bomb: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari announced* that it will in the future go their separate ways. It is a Hammer followed to the next in the formula 1*: Vettel's Cockpit, which will be after the end of the season 2020 then free, takes Carlos Sainz . Whose place at McLaren* a then Daniel Ricciardo , the Renault, in turn, will leave after two years.

ever Since that day in may is intense speculation about the future of Sebastian Vettel*. Of course, a number of experts have, in the meantime, on the subject expressed, but it is not clear how it will go for four-time world champion of formula 1 more.

Sebastian Vettel After Ferrari in formula 1 - he ends up at Mercedes?

Many of the Fans wish, of course, that Sebastian Vettel to Mercedes changes. A German driver in a German car - even in the case of Michael Schumacher, the followers were delighted. Together with Lewis Hamilton , the reigning Champion, the silver is a Mega-Duo the arrows would then have behind the wheel.

team principal Toto Wolff is familiar with these mind games, of course. In the past few weeks, he was confronted several times with this now, the Austrian spoke again. "Sebastian is a great personality, with four world championship a truly outstanding racing driver of his Generation titles," said Wolff in a Video press conference.

formula 1: Sebastian Vettel in Mercedes? Team boss Toto Wolff announcement

includes Wolff here are reasons for a possible commitment? Directly after that, he limit: Vettel was "a candidate for a Cockpit in the case of Mercedes , because we are looking, first and foremost, on our Mercedes ". The contracts of the Hamilton and the second driver, Valtteri Bottas , run to the end of the season. Whether it is extended with this Duo soon?

Wolff said: "The Timing, I don't want to get yourself a tight corset." They wanted to let Hamilton and Bottas first of all go and wait to see how George Russell develops. The 22-Year-old from the Mercedes-offspring is currently on loan in the second year of Williams - the Team is currently in a crisis and may be sold.

a Lot of questions that are still unclear. the Vettel at Mercedes certainly be an Option - but is it likely? With a Statement Wolff nourishes the hopes of the Fans: "From the Talent and personality he is someone I would never say no."

On 5. July starts the season*, in the course of the summer* they wanted to meet with Mercedes then make a decision.

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