The case of a bedrock? Hardly, because Werder Bremen has three aces up his Sleeve

The same situation, yet two completely different situations. Than four years ago, the "Green-White Wonderwall" SV Werder Bremen, helped to victory over Eintra

The case of a bedrock? Hardly, because Werder Bremen has three aces up his Sleeve

The same situation, yet two completely different situations. Than four years ago, the "Green-White Wonderwall" SV Werder Bremen, helped to victory over Eintracht Frankfurt, and thus to the relegation, it was the Fans, the anpeitschten the Skripnik-Eleven.

In times of Corona-pandemic, remains of this wall, which was crowned in the aftermath of even price much to be desired. However, it occurred to the viewer that there is still support from the ranks came this Wednesday evening. The beating of drums was heard after every good or sometimes not-so-good action in a Green-and-White-clad host.

As Sky-Kommenator and Hobby-Detective Wolff-Christoph foot in the course of the game out, it was Philipp Bargfrede and his Werder-found comrades, the crew cheered and their actions frenetically celebrated.

Werder Bremen: a Positive energy on and off the court

And that is exactly an important aspect is: Werder's Team shows Cohesion. What is required in the company currently, more than ever, is also in relegation threatened Teams always have a theme. Schalke's head of sports, Schneider recently called for at all, the "victim"role-playing store.

Which have not adopted Florian Kohfeldt and his Team but in the first place. On The Contrary. From week to week, from round to round, is on the one hand, of the always required "team spirit" in the Table seventeenth noticeable. The recently highly acclaimed Leonardo Bittencourt and Milot Rashica sit on the bench? No Problem – then just from the stands, everything. imago images/Joachim Sielski Werder Bremen is struggling in a relegation battle at any point

Just in case Bittencourt, and had, with his goals in the past few weeks, the Chance of the Class remaining in the first. So Kohfeldt had left him, in spite of the Three points of the match in Freiburg (1:0) against Borussia Mönchengladbach (0:0) first, to the Bank.

"Leo puts his personal interests aside," said Kohfeldt after the subsequent victory at Schalke (1:0), which arose from re-Bittencourt-gate. "If he's not playing a game, he puts it in the next game in positive energy. We need this mentality, the living, Leo."

Bremen's dream of the classes of maintenance lives on bluntly more

Also, as hard as it may sound: maybe it is in this Phase that the "Green-White Wonderwall" this year, a drum event.

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Just in the Weser stadium, where Werder has a Horror account. Kohfeldts required "Tunnel" lives on after the painful defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt (0:3) on Wednesday evening. "It was a setback, but definitely not a Knockout," he said after the game against Frankfurt. Kohfeldt stressed the passion that voted.

And therein lies also a Chance of the Hanseatic League. Not only the team has shown, especially in the first half, that you can relegation battle.

Kohfeldt is "the Best" - and it remains the

Kohfeldt myself, changed the System in a defensiveres, and whipped his boys from the side line. In addition, he continued, when he moved to the 26. Round of voice to be "the Best" for the coach position, his team under so much pressure, that you fight strong performances seven points in a row to be imported. At the same time, but he took her pressure, he distributed a part on his shoulder.

The fast-paced industry, professional football is unusual Loyalty to a coach makes Werder's leaders for some time vulnerable to attack. However, even after the desolate Leverkusen game, they remained loyal to the Belief that none other than the home-grown with his skills in game management and communication fits so good to this club as Kohfeldt.

Because, you know: The 37-Year-old fits to Werder from the Roland to the marketplace. Kohfeldt is for thirty years, a Fan of the club. He is burning for him like probably no coach in front of him. pixathlon/pixathlon/, SID/Oliver Behrendt, Florian Kohfeldt must add with Werder Bremen, to prevent the descent.

criticism from the team? From the Association? Fail display. On The Contrary. Where in former times with the relegation threatened Teams, the coach should have been fired, according to the majority three times, sits Kohfeldt in the saddle.

It seems so, as every player of the squad would swear at him. A lot of trust can also be in the remaining Games of the Gold value. Because one thing is clear: Feels the team is only a hint of distrust in themselves, or the coach, the descent is inevitable. The open to the clubs from Hannover, Hamburg and Stuttgart revealed.

Feasible remaining tasks for Werder

And finally, Anyone who writes off Werder, should lead to the situation in the table, just like the rest of the set in the basement, which was fun.

In fact, the table next-to-last more good opportunities to at least reach the relegation place. With the SC Paderborn, FSV Mainz 05 and 1. FC Cologne have to wait solvable tasks, the VfL Wolfsburg is currently not unbeatable. Only the pending duel with the FC Bayern seems hopeless. Only on Sky: Bayern on the way to the title LIVE to see (display)

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The competition will remain thus until the end is within reach. In addition, the current direct rival to the relegation place, Fortuna Düsseldorf, there must be, even against RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund. And the Mainz, which can also get still in distress, still have the BVB and Bayer Leverkusen in front of the chest.

so It remains exciting until the end of the tunnel. And for Florian Kohfeldt and the "Green-White-Wonderwall". Even if the seized instead of the Osterdeichs the couch.

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Date Of Update: 05 June 2020, 05:26