MTV trained Dießen as one of the first clubs in the County again | the district of Starnberg

The land League soccer inside of the MTV Dießen take one of the first teams training on operation. Also the men to pull. Dießen – Two months of football tea

MTV trained Dießen as one of the first clubs in the County again | the district of Starnberg

The land League soccer inside of the MTV Dießen take one of the first teams training on operation. Also the men to pull.

Dießen – Two months of football teams because of the Corona-crisis were not allowed to Dießen on the lawn – so, of course, the land League of the ladies of the MTV. "A cruel time", says coach Nico Weis. The is for his football inside luckily, for almost a week: On Sunday, the first Training took place after the long forced break. The MTV ladies were one of the first Teams in the County, the operation of the training recordings. "We were, so to speak, the Dießener pioneers," says Weis, the gentlemen of the MTV followed only two days later.

keep Even if the current season should be in September, continued, allowed the Bavarian football Association (BFV) about two weeks ago that Amateur teams are not allowed to record your Training – a comprehensive hygiene concept and strict Distance provided.

Dießener ladies keep to the hygiene requirements

So says, among other things, the use of the cabins, just as showering or cleaning Shoes. On the square is a maximum of 20 people are allowed to train at the same time, the Practice sessions need to be a contactless, with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and a maximum of five players in big groups completed. Balls are not to be taken in Hand, the training material and the movable gates may be made only by a Coach and moved provided.

This provides a completely new feeling for a workout. In Dießen the started already at the arrival on the sports field. Hands, was said to disinfect First. For game guide, Maria provided the width of Berger, who acted in the case of the first unit to the Corona as a Co-trainer, and only very briefly, even at the Ball. A hand injury is forcing the captain to Pause. Nevertheless, Breitenberger put on your football boots – you can throw anything so fast.

Fit and goal are on the program

13 footballers came to the "Restart" to Dießen. "Nice to see other faces," said Andrea Eigler from the Inninger District book pleased and said what thought ladies of your team. After the Training at home they were allowed to finally leave the Ball on the turf course to run. They practiced in groups of four on the main square in three precisely-defined four corners.

goalkeeper Darinka Kaden worked meanwhile, with goalkeeper coach Günter Schindhelm. It shot exercises followed the training ground with a clear message from the Coach: "Take the balls, but not with the Hand." After one and a half hours, the first unit after nine weeks.

"great fun" - and yet, the longing for normalcy

"Has of course made a lot of fun," said key striker Andrea Bichler. Also, the coach was satisfied – even though the place is still in not optimal condition. "For the first Time, we have to get there super hung. The girls were totally disciplined, were glad that you were able to get out of your own four walls,“ said Coach Weis. "You saw that everyone is totally pleased to finally have the Ball at his feet – and to pin him to the gate. Now I hope but that soon changes and four months, I don't want to train without contact.“

his players are hoping for a slow return to normality. "I have to get used to the fact that I have to go after Training without having taken a shower to go home," said Andrea Eigler. By the way: The Dießener sports field and the Soccerbox are still locked for recreational athletes.

gentlemen of the MTV Dießen two days later after

"I was delighted to see the players after two months live and not only on the screen," said Philipp Ropers, coach of the men's and the U19 of the MTV Dießen. On Tuesday, two days after the ladies took Ropers to the limited training operation with his two Teams again.

"in terms of training, organization and content, it is certainly something different," said the 26-Year-old to the units. He had more thoughts than usual do to all the rules. Also, the structure was more complex. Nevertheless, Ropers sees the positive aspects: "it is Precisely in the technical area – in the passing game, shoots and also in the little betting you can fight with the necessary distance, one or the other train."

"The is better than Jogging alone through the forest"

With the players of the resumption of the training operation was well. Twelve A-juniors played before 15 players entered the men against the Ball. "This is definitely better than Jogging alone through the forest," said team spokesman Phillip Plesch. That the football player had not trained for two months with a Ball, made at one point or another, but noticeable. However, the MTV is restricted initially to a unit per week. In addition, Ropers offers a weekly Individual or small group training.

Thomas Ernst Berger

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 01:33

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