Interview with managing Director, Max Wagner on the re-opening of the Gasteig and the re-recording of the Concert | culture

It will not be so occupied as thin as the other night with the Berliner Philharmoniker, Gasteig in-chief Max Wagner on the re-recording of the Concert. Munic

Interview with managing Director, Max Wagner on the re-opening of the Gasteig and the re-recording of the Concert | culture

It will not be so occupied as thin as the other night with the Berliner Philharmoniker, Gasteig in-chief Max Wagner on the re-recording of the Concert.

Munich - Actually, the city library had not expected that it goes so fast. But since this Monday is the first "residents" of the Munich Gasteig, the means again to welcome visitors. Managing Director Max Wagner is proud of the reaction of his colleagues strength and optimistic: He believes that there is still this season's concerts. Its cultural centre has already developed a concept.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, there will be concerts. A change in the Wind right now?

Wagner: My feeling says that the Situation really changes, even if there are still Fears that the end of the Corona, with the crisis really in sight. There is a mood of optimism in the air elsewhere. Suddenly I hear from many colleagues, such as hygiene concepts we are working intensively. We provoke a reaction: If we are not already taken into account, then we bring ourselves into the game.

you were left alone?

Wagner: Yes. To especially at the beginning of the pandemic, as no specifications available for concerts only up to 1000 visitors, as it was called at the beginning – what did that mean actually? We were on our own. Sometimes crept over, the feeling in the face of the politicians-Remarks: there Is no more us? We are, however, encouraged public – why do you not think it does to us? At least with a small word in between pedicure salon, and a hardware store. Culture has not, apparently, for all the importance as before. Therefore, I feel encouraged that we promote the culture of mediation that is of concern to my insides, even more.

How we are to imagine a concert in the Munich Philharmonie to your concept?

Wagner: We are expecting up to 30 musicians on stage, possibly more. First, we assume that the pure string ensembles. Now the expertise of various researchers are available for a few days, which is to say: - blower need not so great a distance. In Berlin recently, it was assumed that five meters distance, is now spoken by only two to three meters. A Mozart - or Beethoven-occupation would be with us possible.

how many listeners?

Wagner: Every second row remains free. And between everyone in the audience two seats will be released. Around 80 percent of the visitors come to the two of us. This we account for by a special allocation of the blocks is, what is the single squares and two squares. To buy Tickets for a Block, but without the exact seat numbers. The visitors will then be placed by our staff, the blocks are filled from the front to the rear. Thus, there are rules, no traffic jams and no violation of the distance. Us the many inputs to help so that we can guide the stream of visitors well. All in all, this means that we can sell 600 to a maximum of 700 seats – at typically 2400 Seats.

this is developed with the Munich Philharmonic. As a publicly-funded Ensemble, these do not have to generate as much as free organizer. What the Latter say?

Wagner: I've spoken with them already about it. The solution is in the form of concerts, you would rather hold in the Prince Regent theatre, or in the Carl-Orff-Saal, which could now take place in the Philharmonie. For this special time we would come up with the rental of the room opposite. And maybe some of the musicians are not even on your Top fees. What I sense in these days again and again: The musicians want to go back to the stage. In this respect, all sides can approach each other.

Christian Stückl ended the season of the popular theatre and would like to play in August. Similar would be the case of you possible?

Wagner: Many of our events are not cancelled, but postponed. We have moved our dates already to the front, in the early September. What is added: the Oktoberfest may be cancelled for these two weeks, the Acid for the organizer always-cucumber-time, at once attractive. I don't see it but that we the people kicked in already in August, the doors. In addition, there are some small maintenance work in the Gasteig, which were already clocked.

Nevertheless, everyone wants to know now: we Are going to experience in the current season of concerts?

Wagner: Yes. Also, as the Signal would be good. It depends, of course, much of the free state. In the event the prohibition is for the time being, to 17. May. But I think: the mere fact that we have now created our hygiene concept, in to the authorities to submit and also musicians make pressure, it will result in something Positive. The question remains, of course: if you Want to experience as a concert-goer such performances. On the other hand, you as a music friend but curious. You want to know whether and how something works. How does that sound? How to communicate to the musicians on the stage? And as it is, if not right next door, someone is unwrapping his candy? To insist from the outset on things that were always so, not brings us more in the Situation.

you Were thrown by the crisis, which relates to the Gasteig-renovation and the Sendlinger interim quarters?

Wagner: no, we are in the time - and cost-plan. I have daily expected that in Sendling, the site is closed. But it went on and on. At the end of June, we introduce our Supervisory Board, the pre-planning for the Gasteig – tag from the I am thrilled.

By the BR Symphony orchestra, there was criticism that there is still no one hundred percent assurance can be given whether or not actually in the fall of 2021 to the interim headquarters will be moved. A lot of it hanging out in the concert programming.

Wagner: right Now it really looks that we can pull off the move. But this time has just taught us a lot of flexibility. Wholly-owned you can promises never. Everyone is familiar with large construction sites. I told Nicholas Pont, the Manager of the orchestra: You're either in Haidhausen, the Philharmonie or in Sendling a room with a Toyota-acoustics. Is wonderful! I know, I'm an incorrigible Optimist. But particularly in the Gasteig-a matter I may be.

The interview Markus Thiel led.

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 01:35

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