Holiday in popular destination countries: what time can German go to what places? | Travel

Whether to the sea or in the mountains: The Federal government has the repeal of the global travel warning for a lot of European countries from the age of 15. J

Holiday in popular destination countries: what time can German go to what places? | Travel

Whether to the sea or in the mountains: The Federal government has the repeal of the global travel warning for a lot of European countries from the age of 15. June decided.

leisure and tourism sector hope because of the current Corona-relaxations. Many European countries are now allowed to be re-visited. What is allowed in the summer vacation of 2020 and what is not, you will learn in the Overview.

holidays in Italy: limits for 3. June 2020

In Italy prevails in about three months with Corona-restrictions far-reaching freedom of travel. The country opened its borders to the 3. June 2020 for a holiday, from the other 26 EU countries, as well as other countries such as the UK, Norway and Switzerland . A Virus-quarantine of two weeks is required of you. At airports, railway stations, museums and many other public places, travelers need to expect that with a Scanner, a fever is measured. Everywhere strict distance and hygiene rules apply, such as on the beach, in the Restaurant and in Hotels. The case numbers go in Italy for a long time back. By far the vast majority of cases, the Lombardy has. In most of the regions in southern Italy, however, there were no serious outbreaks.

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vacation in Austria: restrictions for tourists only small

life in Austria is recently returned slowly back to normal. The restrictions for tourists are not from the middle of June too serious. Before Pentecost, all the Hotels and tourist accommodation in the Alpine Republic had re-opened. Restaurants and bars can longer be re-visited. The curfew in the gastronomy of 15. June 2020 1.00 o'clock at night moved. Starting in mid-June, the obligation to Wear the mouth-nose protection in the General Public also falls away for the most part. Holidaymakers can look forward to this year on the lush Breakfast buffet and relax in the Wellness area , albeit with more distance than usual.

vacation in Switzerland: From 15. June, 2020 may, German arrivals

Since the Whitsun week-end the Swiss hospitality in business . 15. June 2020 may well arrive with guests from Germany and other neighbouring countries. Most campsites, Hotels, pensions, Restaurants, Zoos, museums, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres should be open - with Hygiene, and protection concepts.

holidays in France: abolition of border controls at the 15. June 2020

In many Parts of the country have opened tourist accommodation such as campsites or holiday homes for tourists now and again . In Paris, it will take until the end of June. Also, the Restaurants received since the beginning of this week all over the country guests. Because Paris was hit very hard by the Virus, may be drunk only on the terraces and eaten.

leisure offers are now increasingly possible . So all the beaches are accessible again. Great museums and monuments are also allowed to receive visitors. Famous Paris museums like the Louvre or the Musee d'orsay open, however, only in a couple of weeks. France holds to the abolition of border controls at the 15. June festival. This means that German holiday makers can also travel only from this date onwards to France.

holidays in Spain: mass tourism 1. July, 2020

With great optimism but also allows a sick feeling in my stomach, the Spaniards are preparing to re-opening of the country for mass tourism on 1. July 2020 in front of. Will the vacationers to the horror stories from the Corona-Hotspot, back to the beaches and in the tapas bars? Almost everywhere in the country, but especially in Mallorca, where the visitors from Germany.

"For a German is a trip to come here to Mallorca as a trip in its own country, it is regarded as not particularly risky," said the head of the Association "Palma Beach", Juan Miguel Ferrer.

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vacation in Switzerland: opening of the border on 15. June 2020 all EU - and Efta-States

Switzerland opens on June 15. June borders not only to Germany, France and Austria, but to all the countries of the EU and the European free trade Association (Efta). The pandemic situation make this possible, the government in Bern on Friday. This line corresponds to those of many European countries. In addition to the EU countries, free travel applies also for citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, which like Switzerland to Efta.

holidays in Cyprus: Opening for tourism - Corona-Test to 20. June 2020 obligation

tourists from Germany and twelve other States can travel by this Tuesday, and without a mandatory Quarantine to Cyprus. However, you must withdraw prior to the entry of a corona test, this obligation applies to 20. June, as on Monday the state television (RIK) reported, citing the government in Nicosia.

Therefore, tourists from the following countries are now free to enter :

Germany Austria Malta Greece Israel Bulgaria Finland Slovakia Slovenia Lithuania Norway Denmark Hungary

tourists or other travelers Should become ill during your stay in Cyprus, the consequences of a Coronavirus infection, wool and take over the government of the island Republic of the costs, it said.

tourists from the second group of countries could only 20. June, travel to Cyprus . This relates to travellers from the following countries:

Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia.

travellers from these countries would then have to submit to a Corona virus test.

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holiday in Germany: App rules to the Baltic sea when at the beach

towel was lying on the yesterday. A new App in the future for the Baltic sea rules , who when to the beach. Schleswig-Holstein's Minister-President Daniel Günther wants to put in the vacation time in Germany during the Corona-crisis on the reservation of coastal sections via a Smartphone. "You can sign up through the App that you want to the section in a certain period of time on a beach ," said the CDU politician of the "Tagesspiegel on Sunday" to the plans for the reservation system. "If there is a Bay and has an access authorization." The municipality of Scharbeutz in the Bay of lübeck, the System has developed Bay, according to his information, now it could also be used from other places.

Guenther announced: "We will continue to control strong . That all lie closely Packed in the sardine can, it will not give us." The history of the ascension and the Pentecost weekend, the Prime Minister appreciated as a good sign for tourism in Schleswig-Holstein. "The two week run in the tourism places. There were occasional barriers, if there are too many day guests arrived. But the first Test on the summer season work."

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