Dog food/cat food: ingredients can make dogs and cats sick | Housing

Many pet owners want to pamper your dog or cat with healthy food. However, some type of feed can make you sick. The pet if you want to do with supposedly hig

Dog food/cat food: ingredients can make dogs and cats sick | Housing

Many pet owners want to pamper your dog or cat with healthy food. However, some type of feed can make you sick.

The pet if you want to do with supposedly high-quality food something Good. However, the lining 'm doing the four-legged friends often get sick. The reason: Often, this ingredients contains not well tolerated, the dog and cat at all.

NRW - The selection Petfood is now huge: From a chew toy for the dog or a gourmet menu for the cat, everything is possible. However, many of the common types of food contain substances that can be used for the four-legged friend dangerous , reported*.

the animal


the family

dogs (Canidae)


order: carnivores (Carnivora)


58-68 days

life expectancy

10-13 years (depending on the breed, but vary greatly)

food for dog and cat: Often not as high quality as it seems

the manufacturer of animal feed promise is usually a well-balanced, healthy diet and valuable nutrients for the dog and cat. The products have seems to be hardly a customer a doubt. And some people are also deep in the purse when it comes to the delicious appetizers for the hairy favorites.

As large as the smaller producers of precious food brands and special offers offers since years, increasing sales numbers . The Problem: The regulations allow for niches with slaughterhouse waste and cheap fillers as a first-class animal nutrition, high-priced market, such as Eco Women reported.

These toxic ingredients stuck frequently in feed for dog and cat

is at the forefront of fillers with cereals . This seemingly harmless ingredient is for people, while filling and wholesome, can be for dog and cat , however, is the real Problem.

Basically, grain is found in the comparison to meat much cheaper, and in some types of food for Pets, with a share of 90%. Both dogs and cats are meat-eaters. The excessive intake of carbohydrates , however, interfere, in particular, in the case of cats, the natural feeling of satiety and the animals tend to overindulge themselves.

cereals in animal feed can be used for cat and dog dangerous

The impact could be dramatic: Overweight , inflammation of the digestive tract, conduct disorder or Diabetes can develop from the excessive consumption of cereals. the veterinarians see also direct Together with the increased feeding of industrial dry food and civilization diseases in the dog and cat.

Especially for dogs is too much grain in the feed also often the reason for chronic bowel diseases and joint deformities. The cereal is intended to prevent important minerals from the food. It may be too persistent, inflammatory processes and tumours in the four-legged friends.

+ even Though pet owners, your darling want to do with the seemingly high-quality forage only something Good, food for dogs and cats is often questionable. ©Sebastian Gollnow/Julian Stratenschulte/dpa; Collage: RUHR24

dog and cat: animal feed is often in dubious battle

A further Problem in the animal feed industry: In the food for dog and cat battle stuck often waste. These are for the people as a inedible and are generally divided into three stages.

waste products from the slaughter industry, the category 3 allowed each process to the pet food . In the category 1 and 2 disease suspect carcasses, which can be a health risk for Pets to hide, however. Directly this may not ended up in animal feed.

Common pet food makes the dog and cat, in the worst case of sick

But the manufacturers have their Tricks: pet recycling plants to process the to meals, dubious battle, of waste often, Animal or otherwise disguised fillers. Their origin can be difficult to identify and can be contaminated, therefore, with pathogens (more Service-articles on*).

dog and cat would touch the most common food in its original Form hardly. Therefore, the feed can be mixed with most flavor enhancer and lock materials. Over 200 part dubious additives such as flavourings, Glutamate, enzymes, or drugs must be added to animal feed in Germany.

food for dog and cat: What are the Alternatives?

Many of these additives are not only unnatural, but also a health concern. But what can you do dog and cat then something Good? First of all, it must not always be the signature lining . In the case of Stiftung Warentest comparatively cheap cat cut food well*.

manufacturer of brand food such as Royal Canin, the allegations , however, know already, levels of cereals in animal feed but be safe. In wheat grains, important nutrients such as proteins, fiber, and vitamins put in. According to the pet food retailer Fressnapf, it would be in addition to the right amount and processing of grain.

food for cat and dog: The there are to consider when buying

If both fits, can dog and cat to digest grain without problems. The veterinary medicine portal, is recommended nevertheless, to check the animal feed the ingredients and warn, rather, in front of feeding errors , such as Overfeeding the dog and cat.

Who to go safely on number, or when shopping, not the list of ingredients want to study, makes the food for his four-legged darlings even. Literature provides the appropriate instructions , tailored to the specific needs of the pet.

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