FC Bayern: Kai Havertz-Transfer rate of the FCB at the Talent good at | FC Bayern

Kai Havertz and FC Bayern Munich: the Transfer is now very fast over the stage or he come not at all come about? Journalist reveals Details from the environment

FC Bayern: Kai Havertz-Transfer rate of the FCB at the Talent good at | FC Bayern

Kai Havertz and FC Bayern Munich: the Transfer is now very fast over the stage or he come not at all come about? Journalist reveals Details from the environment of the Talent.

The FC Bayern München* hopes in spite of the Corona-crisis* on reinforcements for the upcoming season. Top issue is, of course, Leverkusen super talent Kai Havertz . Before a Transfer immediately? Or he's not coming now?

13.34 PM: Also the double-pass has been speculated about the Lack of Havertz against Bayern and a possible Transfer . Carlo Wild, the chief reporter of Kicker, said: "At Bayern, it was so that the page has registered Havertz, that it was called in the first half of the season first, he can't find his Form again, as he was so good."

This is not well received: "A confidence-building measure, the not was." The Talent develop on a higher level and no longer in Leverkusen want to stay, but probably. "If you talk to the page Havertz , we have to say that he wants to take the next step. That he would rather leave than to stay,“ said Wild.

Italy or France had no options for him. In France there in Paris, no club that would have the level that he is looking for. "The four great English and Spain . And after the FC Barcelona at the moment, financially, currently not so well established, is Real probably the single address, in addition to the FC Bayern .“

Simon Rolfes, sport Director of Bayer Leverkusen , hoped, however, that the ownership of remains. The former national player was switched on via Video. He said: "We are with Kai in a good exchange, openness and trust. Although much is speculated For Kai, only to concentrate on the Sporting action.“

a switch to A Top Club but still possible: "He has the quality to play in the best Clubs of Europe. He is gonna make the jump there, I think it is reprehensible,“ said Rolfes , hoping, in spite of the Corona-crisis on an immense release buzzer for Havertz . "I think the price for top players is still high."

Why was missing Havertz against Bayern? Doubts on the official justification - speculation about the imminent Transfer

Update from the 7. June, 11.17 PM: The Lack of Kai Havertz against the FC Bayern raises a number of questions. In the social media, some suspect that its Absence is associated with a forthcoming change to the Munich together. A User suggests in a funny-intentioned Tweet that the experts at the Sport1-Doppelpass will discuss the topic. He writes: "Dopa-discussion today: Helmer: ;Havertz yesterday not in the squad. A bit funny, or? Guest: That can only mean that he has signed with FC Bayern!“

Update from the 6. June, 14: 40: This is a Hammer! the Kai Havertz is out for the game in Leverkusen against the FC Bayern München in the short term. Muscular problems are the official reason is.

Or coach Peter Bosz has, perhaps, other reasons? A Bavaria was imminent Transfer of Havertz is being hotly debated.

FC Bayern: Havertz-Transfer "in the coming weeks"? Crazy turn before the Leverkusen game

first message from the 6. June, 12.40 PM: Munich - duels between FC Bayern Munich* and Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the League* has a long Tradition. The year of the new Millennium, Bayer-04 the Team that offered the FCB regularly in the forehead. A title it gave for the Rhine countries, but never. This nickname originated names, such as " Vizekusen " or " Loserkusen " - it would have been to dispense with the Bayer-cross on it.

And also off the pitch wear Bayern Munich* and Bayer 04 Leverkusen like their fights, especially when it comes to Transfers. The most prominent name, which changed once from the Rhine to the Isar: Zé Roberto: , Lucio and of course Michael Ballack . Now there is again a Bayer-player on the Bayern sharp - and that Michael Ballack is similar to the century talent, Kai Havertz already striking.

Kai Havertz: Transfer from Bayer Leverkusen to FC Bayern Munich? Signs condense

style of play, scoring chances, athletics - a lot of recalls in the case of Havertz the former "Capitano". The 20-Year-old is now also the way from Leverkusen to Munich? If you believe the latest rumors, then: Yes!

According to the British daily newspaper the Independent, the Bavarians are in Pole Position. Apparently, the FCB is against well-known competitors, such as Manchester United , Liverpool and Real Madrid - it is hoped that you achieved "in the coming weeks" to an agreement.

According to the Independent, the calculated before the game between the Werkself and the FCB (in the Live-Ticker) have been released, tends Havertz currently Bayern-exchange . The conversations with the staff were also advanced much further than any of the other interested parties.

As it is, has to come to terms with Bayer Leverkusen with a League*-Transfer (transfer fee of around 90 million euros ). This one wanted to even bring as soon as possible and, in order to have enough time for a Re-structuring without Havertz .

FC Bayern Munich: a turning point in Havertz Transfer? Leverkusen Star in hot demand

Are Bayern now, so very close in front of the Hammer Transfer? Finally, the two sides seemed to remove more of each other, Havertz has been associated with Real Madrid, in conjunction, the Munich distanced themselves suddenly a little bit of a Deal. All tactics and Havertz lands, together with Leroy Sané soon at the Säbener Strasse? According to the Independent, this new Duo in the League*, of course, the dream of the Bayern bosses.

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Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 18:34