FC Lengdorf: Soave presents its Top-Eleven | Landkreis Erding

Franco Soave is currently player-coach at FC Lengdorf. In his career, he played with a lot of strong kickers. The 38-Year-old was presented the Top Eleven in hi

FC Lengdorf: Soave presents its Top-Eleven | Landkreis Erding

Franco Soave is currently player-coach at FC Lengdorf. In his career, he played with a lot of strong kickers. The 38-Year-old was presented the Top Eleven in his career.

Lengdorf - Franco Soave game is currently the coach of the FC Lengdorf . In youth he played for the FC Bayern and SpVgg Unterhaching . In the men's area, he played for several clubs in the Bayern League to the County League. He also plays Futsal for the concrete Boys München . For soccer suburban / FuPa upper Bavaria Soave has compiled the Top Eleven of his career so far.


John price (FC Lengdorf)

If he closes just be a Silo, Hans is an absolute class-restraint for us Bank in Lengdorf. He has a large proportion of our success in the preliminary round and, therefore, is only a 15-Play, my number one Dream Team. I hope that he will, in time, even a little crazy.


Fabian Aupperle (FC Erding)

Fabi is crazy for football and with everything you could want as a player, coach or club. He has a terrific position game and his diagonal balls are a feast for the eyes. As a coach, he was always prepared perfectly and full of enthusiasm. I hope he remains the football faithful and is looking for a new job. On the dance floor, he has to learn still a lot to do so.

Cedo Babic (TSV Maccabi Munich)

Cedo Babic actually, I only know as an opponent. Since youth he has prepared for me in every game of a headache. He can manage a game like no Other. Cedo is a conductor of the game. He was to lead an orchestra. Great Footballer!

Ercan Maraz (FC Aschheim)

Maraz is a free spirit, unfortunately, is not the fastest, but a game with a lot of potential in the development of the game and a perfect position. We played in Aschheim long together on the Six and it just made a hell of a lot Bock. He is a very good friend, and therefore he has to get a place right in the back. I hope we may see him again on the football field, because, according to Lengdorf it from him only five minutes by bike.


Daniel Jungwirth (FC Bayern München)

Daniel has something to get in the cradle, only very few footballers have. His way to cope with the Ball, and leave it at that as the most Normal thing in the world to look like, I conjured up a Smile to the face. Already in the Bayern youth, he has played some extremely dizzy. I wish him personally for his coaching career a lot of success.

Thomas Broich (SpVgg Unterhaching)

The Mozart in my team. Thomas has already noticed in the hachinger B-youth, that he wants to be a professional. He has extremely worked hard for it and therefore deserve it. He goes through the ceiling, I would not have thought of. His achievements in Australia have been incredible. I have tracked online very many games and was always extremely proud of him.


Thomas Hitzlsperger (FC Bayern München)

With Thomas I also played a long time in the Bayern youth. We almost celebrated every graduation ceremony with his parents in Forstinning. At the age of ten was already clear to me, that is a very Large one. He has shot the opponent every season, almost single-handedly broken. With his parents, a gate between the cows and the pigs, where he has constantly on it carved. His barn door on the farm was also damaged pretty. He has a great career behind him and is, therefore, rightly in my team. I hope he can move in Stuttgart continued and in the Bundesliga to ascend.

Christian Rick Hoff (FC Finsing)

The first encounter with Christian was at a Kreisliga game in Finsing. I looked at my new team, and he has presented as a new player with me. At this time, I did not realize how much joy it will give me this Boy. The way he has played has been fantastic. He had on the court all the freedoms, what he paid with many goals and Assists return. He could definitely play a few leagues higher, but his loyalty to the club, I appreciate it very much. His free kicks are like a penalty, and as a type he is a very fine guy.


Amar Cekic (concrete Boys Futsal)

A football kid, as it is in the book. When I see play Amar, I need to always think of my youth on a variety of concrete jobs. We were free in mind and everything we wanted, were a Ball and two goals. Amar embodies the Sport between Small and large field like no other player. Many extravagant small field of players can't get on a large field, in the case of Amar, this is not so. It to look anywhere as he plays his opponent in part, dizzy. I wish him well for his new Chapter much success and an injury free time.

Zvjezdan Misimović (FC Bayern München)

Before "Plum" came to Bavaria, we were often opponents. In some derbies in the E-youth, it was already time to scuffles between our fathers. After his move to Bayern, you have to tolerate and we were all very glad to have such a versatile player in our ranks. His career is an absolute dream. Alone the championship with Wolfsburg is the cherry on the cream. When I saw him with a cigar and a Cup and came to me in tears. Just crazy what he has this year in Wolfsburg is done. I was very happy for him. He had many good years, but most of the year, in Wolfsburg, will remain in many memories. I am proud that I was allowed to play with him.

Marko Ivic (FC Aschheim)

comes The Best part, as always, to the end. Marko and I made a phone call every day, and revel in old memories. I remember it like it was yesterday. I switched in 1997 from FC Bayern to Unterhaching in the B-youth and we have understood from the first day magnificently. Marko has taken me in very well and integrated. We are not only best friends, but I was also allowed to be his best man and the godfather of his children. We have had in Haching a fantastic time together, and many great opponents beaten. Unfortunately, he was not adopted at that time in the Amateurs, and thus we parted ways for the time being. As I switched to Ottobrunn, I brought him immediately to me. We are twice ascended in a row, and the third had, together with Michael Mornhart, over 70 goals and nearly 100 Assists per season. Furthermore, we are ascended together with Aschheim in the district League and with the green forest in the national League. Not only is he an absolute Killer in front of goal, but also has the perfect eye for his teammates. Marko, it was becoming more and more important in front of the gate transverse to grow as a self-einzunetzen. Such game types you can find today quite rare. A pity that he has a couple of years ago there was little time for football. I would be really happy to see him training as a guest with us in Lengdorf. Every cabin needs a Marko Ivic!


Siggi Nigg l (a Coach in the youth team at the SpVgg Unterhaching, FC Aschheim and TSV Grünwald)

By Siggi we get in youth, the last necessary touches to the Mr area. We are jointly promoted in the A-youth regional League and had a terrific time. He taught us much and contributed so significantly to the Successes. With green forest, we have mastered a few years later, the rise in the national League. The ascension ceremony was so violent, that the Coach had to be picked up the next day at my home by my father, so he comes to the station. What I always liked is very good that he is with absolute heart and soul. He lives the Coaching Zone and the complete Drum like no Other. His workouts were never boring and he always found the appropriate speeches. My absolute role model. He burns for this Sport!

Text: Patrick Huljina

Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 23:34

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