FC Bayern: New love rumors Star Model secret post photo | FC Bayern

a Star of FC Bayern München Has a new girlfriend? A Model posted a photo that could show it well and thus provides a further clue. The League* has recorded aft

FC Bayern: New love rumors Star Model secret post photo | FC Bayern

a Star of FC Bayern München Has a new girlfriend? A Model posted a photo that could show it well and thus provides a further clue.

The League* has recorded after the Corona-break* your game again. FC Bayern Munich has celebrated a perfect Start. In the case of Serge Gnabry, there is probably a further reason for a good mood.

Update from 28. May : The FC Bayern München is in the Bundesliga on the rise. After the victory over Borussia Dortmund, the championship is now close enough to touch. By the 1:0 has been kindled at the great rivals in the Bundesliga as new coach-discussions - it Favre is already rumors of a possible farewell to Lucien.

rumors are the keywords: The last around Bayern Munich Star Serge Gnabry . He has a new girlfriend? Pictures and comments on Instagram could give the impression that the national players is a Swiss Model Sandra Jerze together. And you delivered now new fabric, we can do is speculate.

Serge Gnabry: New girlfriend? Sandra Jerze post the image on Instagram

Jerze posted a series of images. On the first two photos, she is seen with a hat, on the third and then a back of the head, which is also covered with a cap.

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Hi there might archives

A post shared by JERZE (@jerze) on may 27, 2020 12:58 PDT

Striking: An earring on the left ear. Who could that be? The loyal Bayern Fan, it dawns on immediately: it may be just to wing Speedster Gnabry ! Finally, it is to be seen on many pictures, but also with the jewelry on the left ear.

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shared A post by Serge Gnabry (@sergegnabry) on Aug 22, 2019 4:32 PDT

another indication that transmission has occurred between Gnabry and Jerze ? An official confirmation yet. But: be Nice if the Bayern Munich Star should have found, in addition to his sporting luck be private.

On Saturday Gnabry and Bayern again in the Bundesliga in use - against Fortuna Düsseldorf the next victory?

FC-Bayern-Star Serge Gnabry, allegedly, with a new girlfriend - music-Fans you may know

first message of 27. April : Munich - The Bundesliga* has to break, the Corona-crisis has put the football to Happen on the ice. In the case of the kickers of FC Bayern Munich* in a good mood prevails in spite of that - more precisely, in the case of Serge Gnabry and Jerome Boateng .

the Latter had already split months ago, a first image with his new girlfriend on Instagram. Is Gnabry in love now fresh? The reports now, at least, several media consistently and also the Instagram activities of the national player is revealing.

Serge Gnabry with a new girlfriend? Love rumors of Bayern-Star

It seems, as there had been a spark between the Bayern Munich Star and the Swiss Model Sandra Jerze . Otherwise the bomb Emojis, which has posted Gnabry in a very seductive image of his elect from Zurich are not to explain. And even more reveals that This is no longer to be seen! The comment feature below the post is disabled.

+ ©Instagram/JERZE

This is a response still visible - and a Gnabry-image of the middle of March. There Jerze short-hand - " Hubby ", the short form of "Husband" wrote. In English: husband .

Whether in Serge Gnabry and Sandra Jerze actually so far? Allegedly, the two are supposed to be only for a few weeks, Easter you spent but, apparently, already in Munich .

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A post shared by JERZE (@jerze) on Mar 29, 2020 9:28 am PDT

team-mate Kingsley Coman, under which, due to its vehicle of choice for the Trouble with the FCB bosses.

Serge Gnabry: New girlfriend? Sandra Jerze danced once with Pietro Lombardi

one or other of The music Fan - to be more precise, Pietro Lombardi , could Sandra Jerze already know: In the music video for the Hit " Phenomenal " she danced in 2018, very close with the singer. Something was there, maybe? the Lombardi denied the rumours quickly.

Maybe Gnabry for his new girlfriend with Polish can be Ethiopian roots, a special scoring can think of? The old every football fan* knows, in the meantime, and especially the FC Bayern* miss him in the time without the Bundesliga especially.

Up to Sandra Jerze your "Hubby" from the stands of the Allianz Arena* can cheer for, it will take. Finally, the mind games of the Bundesliga first-agenda*.

Meanwhile, it is speculated that the FCB more diligent about Transfers. One uses maybe once again in Borussia Dortmund?

Away from the active Sports, there are romantic news of mountaineer legend Reinhold Messner. First photos of the 75-Year-old and his new girlfriend show how happy they are despite the age difference.

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