National team: Flicks Musiala insight: Youngster is allowed to whirl at Wembley

In Wembley against England - Jamal Musiala is "really in the mood" for this exciting football mix.

National team: Flicks Musiala insight: Youngster is allowed to whirl at Wembley

In Wembley against England - Jamal Musiala is "really in the mood" for this exciting football mix. The 19-year-old Bayern youngster stepped onto the pitch in the cult stadium in a fine DFB suit before speaking to the German and English reporters with bright eyes.

"I'm motivated. England are a good team. I enjoy playing here with my history," said Musiala. He had previously listened to Hansi Flick's explanations and found out at the latest that he was allowed to start in the last Nations League game on Monday (8.45 p.m. / RTL). "Jamal will play, I don't have to keep anything secret," said the national coach: "It's a great thing for him."

Precisely because of Musiala's history, i.e. his history. Because the great talent grew up in London. He was trained at Chelsea FC before moving to Munich and also played as a junior mainly for England's U-national teams. "I always feel really good here," said Musiala, who returned from London. "I'm glad Jamal is playing for Germany," said Flick.

"Jamal has that certain something"

During the final training session in Leipzig in the morning, he was already juggling the ball artfully. Then he pushed a few short passes back and forth with Manchester professional Ilkay Gündogan as another England expert. After his unsuccessful use of the joker in the sobering 0-1 draw against Hungary, Flick's hope for more inspiration on the offensive on Monday evening (8.45 p.m. / RTL) weighs on Musiala's narrow shoulders. Musiala is almost inevitably Flick's attacking lineup answer at Wembley.

The national coach himself had indicated that right after the Hungary game. Since he brought the Bayern youngster after 70 minutes. And Flick was self-critical: "Jamal has that certain something when a team is deep and defending compactly." What the Hungarians did. "He would certainly have done us good in the first half. But we chose eleven other players," said Flick.

Musiala's qualities needed against England

Musiala had injured himself in training three days earlier. In a duel with Thomas Müller, he lacerated his leg, which is why Flick may have avoided the risk against Hungary. Against England, however, Musiala's qualities are urgently needed to show a reaction and still develop a good World Cup feeling.

"England is my second home," says Musiala to this day. That can also be heard when he speaks, like on Sunday evening in London. It is still an unmistakable Denglish. Games against England are "something big" for him. He has already experienced this feeling, even at Wembley: Flick predecessor Joachim Löw replaced him in the German knockout. against England in the 2021 European Championship round of 16 but only in added time - too late.

DFB team needs Musiala's nose for goal

In the 1-1 draw in the Nations League first leg against the English in June, Musiala played well at the home game in Munich. The fans voted him "Player of the Game". There is also a video showing him as an 11-year-old playing an interlude at his school at Wembley, in which he scored four goals. "Really cool," he called it being allowed to twirl in England's place of worship.

Flick and the DFB team need a whirlwind just before the World Cup, even if the current Bayern crisis has not stopped at Musiala. The national coach always raves about the carefree teenager: "It's just a pleasure to see Jamal play."

Musiala knows where the goal is, even if he has only scored once in 16 international matches in the national jersey and was more conspicuous as a preparer. "Even at his young age, Jamal has a very high goal risk. He stays calm in the box under pressure and takes the shot in such a way that the goalkeeper can no longer get to the ball," praised Flick: "He does that really well. " Now also at Wembley?