His Laundry bag protects against viruses – the cash register is ringing like never before

Outside of Switzerland is concerned because of the Coronavirus . And inside, in the sitting room of his Chemie AG Ruedi strokes Arnold a yellow plastic bag. E

His Laundry bag protects against viruses – the cash register is ringing like never before

Outside of Switzerland is concerned because of the Coronavirus . And inside, in the sitting room of his Chemie AG Ruedi strokes Arnold a yellow plastic bag. Exactly this thing is pathogens, for him, an answer to dealing with the invisible illness. "This bag," says the entrepreneur and rustling in excited, "makes the Wash in large establishments safer. The Sack opens only in the washing machine and the independently!"

For us, the Coronavirus is a risk. For Ruedi Arnold, it is, above all, a Chance. A Chance to name the things that surround him as an entrepreneur so long. As Arnold speaks of the Hygiene, which is guaranteed to operate, thanks to its water Sacks soluble in the many steps in Big. "A contagion of hospital employees can be prevented." He quotes, also, studies, the viruses should have been found on the washing machine surface, because conventional Laundry bags had to be opened. And he reported from contaminated bed sheets, which can be three hours contagious. He could go on forever.

Ruedi Arnold's time has come. Or better: the time of its invention. The bag Solvo, patented in 1998. Since the Coronavirus dominated the headlines, can he save himself before the orders hardly. The counter currently stands at plus 40%. And with each day the situation worsened in the country, will increase the demand for his product. The staff of Arnold increases just from 17 to about 25 people, the existing stock of 350'000 bags he wants to double. His partners in England are producing in this hour is in full swing. Could increase it to over a Million. On Ruedi Arnold, the business of his life is waiting.

sleepless nights, and moments of triumph

wash guru they call him in the industry. It's clean, germ-free textiles for hospitals and old people's homes, is Arnold with his Berner company in Switzerland is a leader. Viruses, bacteria, germs, the 62-Year-old fights for more than 30 years. He knows the means by which the pathogens can be removed. And he has developed a low-temperature process that not only reduces energy consumption but also the use of chemicals.

His favorite but, the product a favorite, this is the Solvosack. This is now asked, and fills him with Pride and with great satisfaction. Because the bag accompanied Ruedi Arnold since a quarter of a century. Many sleepless nights and moments of triumph, he has brought him. "Tears, joy, everything!" he says.

On a horseback riding tour through the black forest, the idea is for him to fall once the course. A water-Laundry bag soluble there is already a product from the USA. "But the Problem was", explains Ruedi Arnold, "that parts of the plastic broke up and the drain pipes are clogged." Arnold and a friend of mine, a chemist, wanted to make it different so that the bag would only open to a water soluble strip, so that the Rest could then be disposed of.

He is durable, and dissolves in warm water: Laundry bag Solvo. Photo: Christian Pfander,

The idea was good, the realization is difficult. Because of this simple bag have had a complicated requirement profile. So he should be open with the seam in contact with warm water from the outside to a, but at the same time during the transportation of wet Laundry inside, tear-resistant and robust remain. "The durability, the long was our big Problem." After three years of Tinkering that had cost a quarter of a million francs, he had to ask finally, in the case of the prototype 130 seriously, if the Whole could not break its SMEs, once even the back of the Neck.

to raise prices, it is not question

However, Ruedi Arnold, a qualified Laboratory technician and head of sales, held on. Eventually, he had the right bag, the right polymer strip that dissolves at the right Moment. And the head of the Chemie AG, Worblaufen near Berne, and entered to the Public – and this consisted of just 25Fachmitarbeitern in the old people's home of Villmergen AG. They were not participated in the presentation of its world novelty uninterested note.

The demand has been there –even in Australia, says Arnold. "We realized, however, that we had to apply the bag better." In the years thereafter, the Solvosack to the solid-selling product in the offer of the operation was an integral part in many large laundries in the country.

Some operations seem to be able to but today on the Solvosack do without. Ruedi Arnold shakes at the thought of the head, seems to be the virus to be able to see the zip when you Open a Wäschesacks around.

He sits seemingly on Gold

But it goes according to the entrepreneur, is likely to, at least, of these viruses cooker soon be a thing of the past. He is ready to deliver. To all of you. Private. To increase the prices due to the increased demand, is not out of the question. "60 cents per Sack, the remains," he says. He is an entrepreneur, of wool, of course, to earn money, but to enrich themselves at the Coronavirus, was not his drawer. Also hoarding a few of them, he won't allow it. Last week, an Unknown 50'000 copies of the mouth, offered him protection – at inflated prices. Ruedi Arnold refused. In doing so, he would have been able to in the case of a resale to make a profit. "But that's not my style."

a disinfectant for the hands, for hard surfaces, for textiles. All of these products that ward off germs, destroy, render harmless, are stacked in the warehouse of his company. From his office he can look directly through a window looking down.

two-digit million sales and rising

He never would have believed that one day, people this products that he's hoarding for so long and begins to argue.

However, with this Coronavirus, which has made the Swiss within days to a people of virologists, it sits seemingly on Gold. The two digit million turnover, the company makes, is likely to increase this year. To be bag will help. His Invention.

This could soon be perhaps even more important, says Arnold. "Because if there would be a shortage of disinfectants... The Solvosack is very well suited for safe storage of contaminated Laundry." Since he is quite the enthusiastic salesman.

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