This crisis management is unsatisfactory

It is a message from another world. A "mysterious respiratory disease" grassiere in Wuhan, China, has, as yet, no deaths, The news Agency AFP reported on 9. J

This crisis management is unsatisfactory

It is a message from another world. A "mysterious respiratory disease" grassiere in Wuhan, China, has, as yet, no deaths, The news Agency AFP reported on 9. January. It was the very first message in the Swiss media about the new Covid-19-pathogen has spread now in a furious pace across the Globe. Around 3,300 fell Ill have died since the nearly two-month-old dispatch.

Since this week, also Switzerland has its first death victim. How many people could still follow, with each day uncertain. Because now Federal Council Alain Berset and abandoned him / her, the Federal office for health (BAG) for the claim to identify all of the Infected and isolate (click here to read the report) have.

Who gets a cough and a fever, to stay home, on a speedy recovery hope and, if possible, the congested hospital infrastructure will not be in the hardware take. So the official advice is since this Friday to all who are not elderly or Suffering already weakened. In other words: Switzerland surrendered to the Virus. Hard-working hands and mutual spacing to keep the spread of the disease can delay the wash still (which is, according to experts is also important). Can't prevent it. Corona will roll over the Switzerland.

"There are feet good reasons for 26 different Tax, but not for 26 different strategies against a global epidemic."

we Have to do it with government failure? It would be a harsh judgment. No country has been able to organize an effective defense against the epidemic. The performance of the authorities in the event of a crisis such as this depends also on the stringency of their Decisions and their communication. Berset and the BAG received so far, the majority of the praise. Not to be wrong: you informed closely, provided detailed materials available and provided quickly for a hygiene campaign. And, eventually passed the much-discussed ban on assemblies with more than 1000 people – the somewhat Arbitrary adheres to, but, according to the epidemiologists, to be quite effect.

in the Meantime, however, there are signs of perplexity. The now postulated a waiver of Corona Tests with large Parts of the population will lead to more contagions, takes it to the BAG with a shrug. The Nonchalance contrasts with the sometimes alarmist-acting reactions and recommendations elsewhere: All kindergartens are stuck in quarantine, the people in the commuting impossible to follow, in the end, Social Distancing of two meters is preached. Whether and how much you have to be in front of Corona on the hat is for the Individual the longer it is, the less clear.

Unsatisfactory management of the crisis by the cantons is, in any case. The leading health Directors ' conference (GDK) failed on Wednesday in an attempt to agree on a common regulation. The President of the GDK, the St. Gallen government councillor Heidi Hanselmann, enlarged appearance of the confusion afterwards by an erratic Media. Thus, each Canton, the procedure continues to, in its sole discretion, when it comes to the granting of medium-sized events. Zurich, for example, want to approve concerts or festivals with over 150 participants without the BAG proposed risk audits – what magnet could have worst effect on Foreign.

The problems thoroughly cutting

This is the case. There may be good reasons for 26 different cantonal tax feet, but definitely not for 26 different strategies against a global epidemic. Would be in demand wise Leadership. The GDK is not yet been able to take on this role. Federal councillor Berset would therefore be well advised to make use of his skills more aggressive use of protests over truncated spheres of influence, not to impress.

There are, however, not complain, only structural defects. Of concern such as protection masks, also, how quickly important goods are already scarce. Switzerland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, with a pronounced Preventive and hedging mentality. That this country failed to supply a first start-up phase with the necessary medical Equipment, is simply amazing.

The Corona-crisis will occupy us for many months. Eventually you will be (hopefully) overcome, and then you will have to the problems that are now apparent, thoroughly cutting. The mortality in Covid-19 is between 1 and 3 percent, exactly, you know it. At some point we could meet a much more dangerous epidemic. At the latest then we must be better prepared.

Created: 06.03.2020, 23:06 PM

Updated Date: 07 March 2020, 08:01

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