Dill stalks in the Sauce

you have prepared at the gourmet festival St. Moritz poached fish with roasted bread cubes. How to get to this idea? In my Restaurant in New York, I try to mi

Dill stalks in the Sauce

you have prepared at the gourmet festival St. Moritz poached fish with roasted bread cubes. How to get to this idea?
In my Restaurant in New York, I try to minimise the amount of food to throw away. And we bake our own bread. Unfortunately, it is not easy to estimate, how much we need every day of it – and since croutons are a wonderful thing, when it comes to recycle old bread.

you Can use croutons because everywhere?
I can't imagine a court, where the croutons to fit on top of it. At best, you have to cut them smaller, maybe with spices to enrich. Very rare-roasted nuts for the "Crunch fit" better.

you can Make the croutons in Oil or Butter?
First we dry the bread in the oven, and then we roast it in the pan with very little Oil.

add to salt?
We need very little of it, because it has in the other components of the court also salt in it, for example, in the rose and cabbage rose.

mix, how many cooks, Crispy, Soft, Crunchy ... Should I take back home with consistencies?
There are dishes where different textures play a subordinate role, for example, nettle soup. Nevertheless, emotions will not be triggered merely by aromas alone, and that's why the game with the textures makes a lot of sense. It doesn't have to necessarily be a bit Crusty – even the Crack of fresh vegetables has its own charm when it is combined with a delicate piece of halibut.

"only the bartenders lavender may use for your Drinks."

The more textures, the better?
Not necessarily. In the end it is a question of balance. A good dish has sweet, salty, bitter and sour elements, and a little umami. For the textures it is the same.

unlike in the Mediterranean cuisine, the Fresh fruit comes at you necessarily citrus.
In the Nordic countries, lemons, limes and oranges were long time not available. Therefore, it is part of our cooking tradition that we are working with acids from the Fermentation. Or distilled, white vinegar.

Fresh by table vinegar, as it's called in us?
Absolutely! Because he has a much more neutral flavor than Apple cider vinegar. So acid in a dish, but no other flavors coming in. And you can clean very well. (laughs)

change the Subject: How to salts actually correct?
As a Swede, I use more salt than others. It was with us in the Nordic countries for centuries with a method to preserve food. In the Restaurant, I have to take care of it just a little less salt, as I actually want to – then it is also true for my guests.

The salt tolerance is, therefore, more individually?
Yes, of course. That is why we ask in the Aquavit after the Amuse-Bouche always according to how it tasted to the guests. Someone finds the first food to be salty, we can respond in the following passages. What we notice is that We have more and more people who wish to avoid for health reasons, and completely salt.

How you can substitute for salt?
I know of no comparable spice comes to mind. Salt is salt.

what foods the addition of pepper makes sense?
not To be used at home, I find almost no pepper, because I like the taste especially. The exception of dishes with raw meat, such as beef tartare are. Also when I cook a broth, add I a few whole grains to round it out. But pepper's not the right seasoning to make a dish spicy. The Aroma is pronounced.

How important is the Decorating?
I don't want to see on each preparation 45 decorations. Also, if you want to have at the end, of course, beautiful plates, is because less is often more. Add to this that the main course should be hot, when he's finally out of the kitchen. That was me in my career, it is not always clear, because I started as a pastry cook.

their Desserts are very colorful. There should be a court as shown in the table?
I like colourful food. What not to say, however, that you should colorize the ingredients. A winter dish is paler and browner than in summer. Anyway, it can also lead to an overstimulation of the guest.

How full of a plate may be?
at Home I prefer a large pot in the middle, everyone can serve themselves. But in the Restaurant? Basically, we eat, usually too much anyway. What is served in some places as a greeting from the kitchen, would have served my grandmother as a whole meal. We should finally get away from the attitude that we only get enough for our money, if we are übersatt. I don't want to feel after eating badly.

This is also true at home.
Yes, it can be quite a quality of a host, to cook, so that nothing remains. It's enough, if it tastes all.

Kräutchen are very decorative. How do I find the right one?
The answer is simple: Try it! Clearly, there are classic combinations, Dill with fish, for example – but Dill also fits to bright meat. The fine tips come directly onto the court, the aromatic stems I used in the Sauce instead of throwing it away. Or I boil them with the potatoes. It tastes gorgeous! But everyone has there own preferences. Some of the chefs don't love lavender, I can't stand this ingredient. It tastes like the perfume of a grandmother. Only the bartender lavender may use for your Drinks.

There is this Youtube Video, in which you sprinkle trout fillets with salt and sugar, then remove the skin and finished the fish. Is it really so easy?
If you have a really fresh fish, be it trout or salmon, is pickling as a preparation method, in fact, wonderful. Especially in the case of small fish that is also pretty fast. Place them skin side down on a plate, mix salt and sugar in equal Parts and give this mixture over the fish. After about 20 minutes you can rinse the Stain. Now you need to put the fish on a grid, and boiling water over the skin side of the casting, then the skin is easy to peel off.

The easiest trout recipe in the world! Because you also need a sharp knife. By the way, how many knives you should have in your home?
As a former pastry cook I had for 20 years, only a single knife: the bread knife. And that's why I think: better to be in a really good knife rather than invest in a cheap knife set. You can complement it with two small, cheap Knife – you know, this small Knife by Victorinox handles with the colored.

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