Test laboratory Brazil: Two of the most promising Corona vaccines are now being tested here

With high-pressure, scientists are currently researching a vaccine against the Coronavirus: According to the world health organization, worldwide there are curr

Test laboratory Brazil: Two of the most promising Corona vaccines are now being tested here

With high-pressure, scientists are currently researching a vaccine against the Coronavirus: According to the world health organization, worldwide there are currently 146 initiatives for the development of a vaccine. Of these, 19 are in an advanced stage.

In Brazil, with more than 65,000 Corona-the dead of one of the most affected countries worldwide - are currently being tested in two of the most promising vaccines. You are already in Phase 3 clinical trials. In this Phase, the vaccines will be tested on a larger group of patients to see whether the efficacy and safety in many different patients confirm. The clinical trials Phase 3 for the Corona vaccines are the first of this kind in Brazil.

Corona vaccines come from England and China

The first COVID-19 vaccine candidate in clinical Phase 3 of the University of Oxford in co-operation with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca developed "AZD1222 is". The second candidate "CoronaVac" comes from the Chinese Biotech company Sinovac.

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If effective, will produce 70 million vaccination units

at the end of June, signed the Brazilian Ministry of health signed a contract with the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. According to information from the Brazilian research Institute "Fiocruz", the in charge of the cooperation, to be produced during the clinical studies, in a first stage of 30.4 million vaccination units. This corresponds to around 15 percent of the Brazilian population of necessary supplies.

The cost for production and transfer of technology amounted to 127 million dollars. If the clinical trials prove to be effective, should be produced, then a further 70 million vaccination units. Silvia Izquierdo/AP/Reuters A woman pushes a stroller on a mural in the Favela of Alemao complex in Rio de Janeiro, the Portuguese word for "the Coronavirus kills" is and to see more current statistics on the COVID-19-deaths.

Corona vaccines: who should be tested?

The recruitment of volunteers for the Tests of the vaccine of the University of Oxford is running in Brazil since the end of June. According to figures from the Federal University of Sao Paulo (Unifesp) will involve 2000 Volunteers from São Paulo, and 1000 from Rio de Janeiro. Also in the UK, the USA and South Africa, the vaccine is tested.

The second of the Brazilian medicines Agency Anvisa-approved clinical study for a Corona vaccine in Phase III derives from the Chinese company Sinovac. The study is coordinated by the renowned Brazilian biomedizinischem research center of the Instituto Butantan. According to Butantan Director Dimas Covas, Brazil has access to 60 million vaccination units, if the Tests are successful.

For the Chinese vaccine around 9000 volunteers test candidates from the health professions recruited. With the Tests on the 20. July started. The vaccination consists of two intramuscular injections at an interval of 14 days.

Corona vaccine: when are first results?

Officially, the end of the clinical Tests is scheduled for September 2021, but the effectiveness of the vaccine is to be predicted by provisional intermediate results already before. "If the Tests with the volunteers completed until October, we can work out by the end of the year the results for effectiveness," said Butantan Director of Covas in front of the Brazilian press. "This means that we could start with the application of the vaccine at the beginning of next year."

A Benefit for all?

The clinical trials of AstraZeneca and Sinovac in Brazil are not part of the of the world health organization, WHO, in April, an Initiative founded to accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. In the so-called ACT (Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator) have joined the international community of States, as well as numerous research institutions and foundations. It comes to guarantee the access to a vaccine as a global public Good for the population of the world.

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