Toys cleaning and care: These tips will be sure to note

I am an internationally recognized Sex-Toy-cleaning specialist. Yes, you will be amazed. But it is true. In one of the most beautiful summer I've ever had, I w

Toys cleaning and care: These tips will be sure to note

I am an internationally recognized Sex-Toy-cleaning specialist. Yes, you will be amazed. But it is true. In one of the most beautiful summer I've ever had, I worked in the course of my journalistic work on the Set of a US Porn production. I was one of the girls for almost everything – the girl for ALL were better paid and had to work for so long, I swear.

was a part of my Job – besides cutting also the cleaning of the scenes used in the game of love is a witness to lubricate, buy drinks, the Girls moral Support, deliver and enemas by the dozen get. Sorry that you have to learn it this way, but the performers don't sit down after the crazy scene, and scrub your Dildos. Take care of it, at least in the case of larger productions, the ones that are for the General Fund is responsible. In this case, I. But no Problem, my inhibition threshold is generally low, in addition, all fluids are only the body. (Also worth reading: Sex Toys: Smart vibrators to bring orgasms for every body type)

As a Sex Toy-cleaning specialist, I learned all about the correct cleaning

it was Then that I learned of my Set-wizard-colleagues all about the proper cleaning of Love Toys, so to speak, a duty to the freestyle. The is not only on the Porn Set is essential, but even if the toys only use in private domestic use. Because the human body is teeming secretions only against bacteria and germs. And the thought that a little old lube sticks to the Vibrator of my new girlfriend, causing me to direct disgust-Herpes. You are apart of a well maintained toy for much longer what. (Also worth reading: Erotic hours alone: New Sex Toys for men and Sex Toys for men - part 2: Three really innovative toys)

so Here are some tips for all of your toys (and your health as well as your partner's) value.

tip #1: cleaning

The most important tip in advance: Love Toys is always directly after use clean. Please kick the Masturbator not only under your bed with the intention of making him a "later time" clean. You forget at the end, and then everything is usselig.

The cleaning is in most cases straightforward. Many toys can be water (max warm) and a little mild soap clean. This also applies to your Fleshlight : Just the Sleeve from the socket and under the warm water and soap to rinse. To be on the Safe side, use a special Toy-Cleaner , the you can buy not only online but also in the sympathetic Sex Shop around the corner.

The hands please refrain from alcohol-containing cleaning products, as they will damage the Material.

Speaking of Material: toys made of Latex or rubber require special care, because the pores in these materials are the perfect breeding ground for germs. Obtain in this case a anti-bacterial cleaning agent for your Love Toys from the adult Store.

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And then? After cleaning, leave the toy good air dry , before you put it back in. Should you tend as I do to forgetfulness, I recommend to set a Timer that reminds you to take the store truck driver pussy, sorry, the Masturbator again properly. The next time you drink a coffee with the parents-in-law, it should not come to be unpleasant moments, when in the bath, the squeaky Toy bobs up and down next to the Motel-a-Miio-ceramic bowl with the small shells from the last Baltic Trip in front of him.

tip #2: The care

it is Not always done with water and soap. So-called Real-Feel Toys from Cyberskin , Nature-Skin or TPE (which stands for thermal plastic elastomer and is used for the production of so-called Real Dolls) you should treat after cleaning with a special care powder . This prevents hair, dust or small crumbs on the Vibrator or Masturbator, and also the next One-on-One for an even more realistic feeling, because you get the skin-like structure of the material. The powder does not need to wash them before. the Pro-tip : Before use, you should nachpudern even again. Feels more real, because less sticky.

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tip #3: the case of The energy

is your Sex Toy battery? Then take the batteries when not in use from the device. So they keep longer. Batteries completely discharge before charging it again – which may incidentally remain in the toy. But who am I telling this? You have at least one Tablet.

tip #4: storage

heat and direct sunlight are poison for the often-sensitive Material used in many Sex Toys. To preserve your treasures, therefore, necessarily in a cool, dry and like dark. Now you could put theoretically, everything in the small box in your Pax wardrobe system. the But be careful : Please don't just all of the Toys to hoard together. Indeed, it may happen that the High-Tech materials do not tolerate each other. So, for example, never Love Toys made of silicone should not be stored next to each other, since the surface can be by the contact of porous.

for this reason, and the good pieces to be kept really hygienic, I recommend them for every toy has a small bag or a Box.

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