Survey-swatter and Showdown to Kalbitz-out roll: The deep crisis of the AfD

in the Middle of the corona crisis, the AfD is in a hard survey is low: In only 9.5 per cent, the opinion research Institute Insa currently, the AfD – the worst

Survey-swatter and Showdown to Kalbitz-out roll: The deep crisis of the AfD

in the Middle of the corona crisis, the AfD is in a hard survey is low: In only 9.5 per cent, the opinion research Institute Insa currently, the AfD – the worst level since August of 2017, just before the enter the Bundestag.

The AfD sees itself currently, with several crises faced: the controversy over the hasty cancellation of the party's membership of the Brandenburg land, the heads of Andreas Kalbitz, the AfD crashes-fights in the grave.

Meuthen heats up the battle for supremacy in

since the beginning of April, the direction of dispute in the party run its course, as Meuthen suggested to split the party in a "wing middle, national," and a more "national-liberal" part – and this was supposedly with anyone in the AfD had agreed, not even with his Co-Chef Tino Chrupalla.

On the 15. May by Meuthen, then, surprisingly quickly, and almost with seven against, five votes in the AfD Federal Executive, to cancel Kalbitz‘ party membership. As a justification of the charge, the Brandenburg state chair and former "wings"-the chief in addition to Höcke serves I kept the entry in the AfD 2013 contacts and affiliations to extreme right-wing associations.

the AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland prophesied then that it would for those who had driven to the exclusion of Kalbitz forward, in the future, "heavy" in the party.

What are the consequences of the power struggle for the AfD has? The party threatens to split?

Niedermayer: "there is No flow of the AfD can be used without the other to survive"

"The internal dispute over the cancellation of the membership of Kalbitz and the direction of the fight, the party and damage to paralyze your undoubtedly in the polls," said party researcher Oskar Niedermayer. But much more of the party do to create in the moment, that the refugee policy of the games currently does not play that big a role. "The AfD has tried it with the issues of climate change and Corona, but it didn't work." This can also be used in the surveys read.

Although the political scientist considers the likelihood of a split in the party currently, and as "low". However, a reliable prediction about the future of the AfD is difficult. Both the moderate and the radical wing of the AfD is aware of the fact that none of the two currents would have without the other a chance of Survival. Much depends, also, of the Constitution, immediate protection in the future, with the AfD and the total party will be declared extremist suspected case.

Pazderski: "Kalbitz has added a party to non-material damage"

Who is unwavering in the belief in the party will have a different image mirrored. Cleavage? Fail display. The had already been at the springs of the AfD-founder and party leader Bernd Lucke as well as its successor, Frauke Petry prophesied, says Georg Pazderski, under AfD-founder Bernd Lucke, Federal Manager, and by 2019, one of the Deputy national spokesperson of the AfD. "And both have failed with their new parties, then crashing down," said Pazderski in an interview with FOCUS Online. The AfD does not have this hurt.

dpa/Soeren Stache/dpa-Central picture/dpa ", he remains a member": Berlin, the AfD group chief Georg Pazderski (R) and Andreas Kalbitz, here AfD head in Brandenburg.

The current survey crash had, however, been "foreseeable," says Pazderski self-critical. Because in the corona of a crisis would have lost to the CDU and the CSU all parties in the polls, so Pazderski, AfD party leader in the Berlin house of representatives. An analysis, which is not true. Because the SPD was able to increase slightly or remained at least stable, the AfD has lost with Green at the most powerful - according to the survey Institute.

And what of the AfD-man says to the discussion of Kalbitz? That this debate, the party would initially cost sympathies, had been foreseeable. "The people do not like to party, which is suspected to have extreme right-wing references."

The former professional soldier goes further in his criticism of the personnel Kalbitz to FOCUS Online even one step further: "Kalbitz, the party has done with his behavior non-material damage ". The former right winger Kalbitz wants to fight the way back to the party now free, he announced on Wednesday. For this, he pulls out all the stops. He applied to the Federal court of arbitration, the cancellation of its membership cancel

Pazderski considers that it is currently "excluded", that Kalbitz AfD is still a member. "We must encourage the protection of the Constitution, to declare the whole party to the suspected case – with unpredictable consequences for AfD members, in the public service or officials," said Pazderski. That Jörg Meuthen could plunge the Causa Kalbitz, "is not going to happen," believes the former AfD-Federal managing Director. "The just wants of the political opponents."

extremism researcher: "Meuthen has the worse maps"

extremism, researchers Steffen Kailitz from the Hannah-Arendt Institute in Dresden is holding this assessment Pazderskis unrealistic: Meuthen and Padzderski could hardly move on to the agenda, "if Kalbitz can prevail in the end and in the AfD to stay." A "rift" between the two as "moderate" applicable to politicians with the strong and wing-middle AfD-leadership trio Gauland, ryegrass and Chrupalla "is already here, and you would deepen," says the extremism researcher.

in the event that Kalbitz AfD could remain a member, would be in the power struggle in the AfD to a "Showdown" between Meuthen on the one hand, and the Trio Gauland, Chrupalla and ryegrass on the other out. "Meuthen has the worse cards, because behind Kalbitz not only the Trio but also the strong East German AfD-country associations, for the high election result, two politicians responsible: Höcke and Kalbitz."

But if Kalbitz to stay, ultimately, in the AfD, the threat of the party by a new danger, one that not only "Moderate" feared as Pazderski: "In this case, the probability is likely to increase, significantly, the protection of the Constitution is not the only former 'wings'-the people and AfD-country associations, but the total party, for the right-wing extremist suspected case explained." And such a move could plunge the AfD in their worst crisis ever, in the end, only a pile of broken glass remains.

AfD slips in poll on the worst value since 2017 - the SPD sets to FOCUS Online/Wochit AfD slips in poll on the worst value since 2017 - the SPD sets out to

Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 08:27

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