RTL: Oliver Pocher makes announcement to Anne's wishes and the smell right after Anger | TV

Oliver Pocher announced honestly for his new RTL-Show "Pocher - dangerous!" a Special about the Influencerin Anne's wishes, despite a court ban. Oliver Poch

RTL: Oliver Pocher makes announcement to Anne's wishes and the smell right after Anger | TV

Oliver Pocher announced honestly for his new RTL-Show "Pocher - dangerous!" a Special about the Influencerin Anne's wishes, despite a court ban.

Oliver Pocher has a new Show on RTL. Together with his wife Amira to the Comedian about God and the Influencers of the world can be. For the fourth Episode, he announced a Anne-wishes-Special - in spite of the court prohibition.

Update from 30. May 2020: After in the third episode of the new Pocher-Show at RTL the "Let's Dance"-Juror Joachim Llambi to was a guest, and more, rather than less disgraced, announced a TV Entertainer Oliver Pocher now Surprising for the fourth Episode of "Dangerous to be honest" to. As he took it in his Podcast, in which he also speaks with his wife Amira Pocher about God and the world, already anticipated, there should be an Anne-wishes-special in the show. And that although a judgment was imposed, in any Public statements about the Influencerin, which is from the RTL 2-shipment "Berlin - day & night" known to set up.

Recently, the two were in trouble: Oliver Pocher had accused Anne wish you would use your children to marketing on Instagram. Later, he accused her then, you would have purchased Likes and comments on the Social Media platform. After the BTN-Star backing from prominent groups such as the German Hip-Hop Band "got antelopes gear" , directed publicly against Pochers attacks , turned a lawyer. With a judgment Oliver Pocher from there was banned from the wishes assertions. Otherwise, flourish Pocher 250.000 Euro fine or even jail . Whether he will be after the next shipment to a quarter of a Million lighter, that will show then.

How did he do in the Podcast is already tasty, it is planned, this time quite different than the usual "good" and "well prepared" case of Anne's wishes, once again, roll up. However, he still stand by all his previous statements, the TV Entertainer.

Oliver Pocher promises to RTL viewers in a new Show of blood - "If you beg,..."

Our article of 16. May 2020:

Berlin, Oliver Pocher promised in his new Late Night Show on RTL the audience's blood, if his Instagram Account to exceed the mark of two million subscribers. "If your blood want to see (...), then I need to do now almost 20,000 Followers," said the 42-year-old comedian on a late Friday evening to the Start of the Format "Pocher - dangerous, honest!" . About two and a half minutes later, he had reached his goal and the brand cracked.

Then Pocher held a syringe with blood in the camera. "This is my blood, and one of you can win this blood is the same. And then you can have a chipping this the blood and send it to Bill Gates and then he has to make a vaccine out of it.“ The former Viva presenter had donated this spring by the German Red cross blood - a Clip of the action delivery of the shipment.

"Pocher - dangerous, honest!" on RTL: "If you beg, ..."

Sidekick of Entertainer of his wife Amira Pocher . She commented on the successful Followers-advertising with the words: "If you are begging, the works really." Her husband had introduced it with the words "This is the first Late Night Show, where the woman is sitting with" at the beginning.

audience was a corona due to none of them in the Studio. This Günther Jauch gave himself a minute-long Eulogy on Pocher, after he annoyed, however, played quickly crumbled: "I'm going to need in addition?"

"Pocher - dangerous, honest!": Comedian conspiracy theorist, buttoned front

Pocher took in the first issue , especially conspiracy theorists on the grain and imitated, among other things, a medical practitioner, called for a law on infection. In addition, he gave insights into his discussions in the network.

the zero years-entertainment show "Rent a Pocher" a Revival in the program experienced. Among other things, the Comedian hosted a "Ü 90"Party for residents of a nursing home and sang for the elderly women Drafi Deutscher's classic "marble, stone and iron breaks". The old ladies showed themselves to be affable: "We have survived the war. We have survived the eviction. But the Virus is the worst,“ said one of the Seniors on the subject of Corona.

Oliver gave out the Watchword: "We are not as cool as Joko & Klaas (...), but we try the Best." The next edition runs on the next Thursday (21. - May) at 23: 00 on RTL .

last Saturday, Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira were seen in the show "5 gegen Jauch" - the 42-Year-old as a Moderator, Amira as a prominent candidate. The couple provided with tips for entertainment, two scenes were particularly.


Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 08:33

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