Sanchez prepares a Government-profile political

The PSOE is still living in the euphoria of the inauguration, but in The Moncloa are another thing. Pedro Sanchez and his team of confidence, in the midst of a

Sanchez prepares a Government-profile political

The PSOE is still living in the euphoria of the inauguration, but in The Moncloa are another thing. Pedro Sanchez and his team of confidence, in the midst of a inscrutability total, end in these days the design of an Executive in which there are more unknowns than certainties, but all the sources consulted assume that there will be major changes at all levels and, above all, that will have more political weight than the current one.

The leaders consulted point out that virtually all of the people that talked the president will have moved a similar message. Ahead is a legislature very complicated, in which Sanchez will have to cope with an opposition brutal. And at the same time live with United we Can, which has sought to profile very political for their ministers —with the sole exception of professor Manuel Castells—. In these circumstances, leaders of the PSOE believe that his ministers will not be able to respond both to the idea of “Government nice”, as rated in some quarters to their chief Executive, but should be more prepared to make policy, to have fang to resist the attacks of the opposition and ability of negotiation, because any reform will require the assistance of a dozen matches, if not more. These are the tests that circulate in the PSOE and in the Government, where they multiply nerves to the possibility that some ministers do not follow the next week.


PSOE and United we Can accept that they may vote different in everything that is not the action of the Government the design of The Government complicates Pedro Sanchez the appointment of their ministers Pablo Iglesias has already profiled the area in the Cabinet

Certainties there is no, because the president maintains total secrecy of their plans with the minimum equipment of his Cabinet, including the chief of staff, Ivan Round, and the secretary general of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, the two key persons of the team of Sanchez. What is still unclear is who can reinforce the political weight, since people very prominent hard-core Sánchez as Adriana Lastra or Saints Cerdán —the only two of the heart of power that are not in the Executive, where it will continue to Carmen Calvo and José Luis Ábalos, other heavy weights— do not seem to be incorporated into. Both have some important commissions --the parliamentary group she and the party he-- although nothing is for sure until the announcement. The president also has the option of throwing in the regions, as was done in 2018 with Mary, Jesus Montero, then counselor to the Treasury of Andalusia, and today a character in clear rise, which many in the PSOE placed as the new spokesperson of the Government, another sign that you are seeking more political weight. Other previous presidents made ministers, barons, autonomic, something that always has the risk of head off that community, but ensures that higher political profile. The best positioned if Sanchez would opt for that line would be the native of extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, though there are other possibilities.

Sanchez had to improvise in a few hours, his last Executive, after a motion of censure to which he himself saw little chance of success just a week before. This time it will not pass the same. Takes a lot of time mulling over his new team, and even taken a few days more, which has puzzled even those of the highest level who were convinced that I was all ready to start today.

Sanchez has finally decided to clear their whole agenda to focus on close an Executive very powerful which surprised as much as, or more than, 2018, which caused immediately a very positive impact, but then everything started to get complicated with two scandals that made resignation of two ministers —Màxim Huerta and Carmen— Plenty in a few weeks. This Friday there will be no Council of Ministers, something absolutely unusual —have been made during months in office— and wait for the next week, because with the new ministers appointed, to take the key measures of the boot, especially the rise of pensions and the minimum wage. It is possible that you make two tips this week, one almost of conformation of the Executive, and another already to take the steps that will mark the start of a new political cycle.The Government is surprised by the tone very tough opposition, which considers it illegitimate for having supported the investiture of Sanchez in the abstentions of CKD and EH Bildu. But paradoxically, some of the ministers and leaders of the PSOE believe that these excesses could be to your benefit, as happened between 2004 and 2008, when José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero consolidated its most among other things thanks to the virulence of the opposition, which led to Mariano Rajoy to completely change strategy in 2008.“You are going to be left without speech in six months,” he predicted in The Moncloa.

a Lot more are concerned about making it work the first coalition government since the Second Republic, and above all the coexistence with Pablo Iglesias, an expert in communication, from the first minute has started to occupy space with their role in the debate, his tears at the end, the names of their ministers, who are already familiar with all, and to his chief of staff. Also with his first interviews in front of a Sanchez that takes weeks to pay no attention to the press. All of this is on top of the table of the president, but in your environment are convinced that the new Government will respond to all of these concerns and show you the ability of Sanchez to re-invent itself and succeed in this latest challenge, of making a Government that you like and lasts. The answer will arrive in a few days.

Date Of Update: 09 January 2020, 01:00