Analysis | Russia, arbitrator hegemonic

The haka warrior who have danced from Friday, president Donald Trump and the supreme leader Ali Khamenei has already been performed finally with a sort of preve

Analysis | Russia, arbitrator hegemonic

The haka warrior who have danced from Friday, president Donald Trump and the supreme leader Ali Khamenei has already been performed finally with a sort of preventive attack iran after the devastating blow u.s. that took the life of general Qasem Soleimai, enemy ‘number one’ of Washington, Israel and the countries of the sunnis of the middle East.

despite the rhetoric warmongering of the “slap in the face to Satan”, Khamenei and the dome of the Islamic Republic seem to have been familiar with the narrative gestures of a property tycoon, settled in the White House. The launch of dozens of missiles ground-to-ground against the bases iraqi Ain al-Asad and Erbil, with prominent american military presence, is reminiscent of the offensive retaliation with a deluge of Tomahawk ordered with great fuss by Trump in 2017 and 2018 against suspected chemical attacks of the syrian regime.


'An attack that saves face and avoids the war,' by Angeles Espinosa Die the 176 passengers on an airplane Ukraine crashes in Iran 'Damage ' geopolitical', by Lluís Bassets

In both cases, Russian forces allied to president Bashar al-Assad were alerted in advance to get them safe. The government troops syrian followed in his steps without hesitation. Now has been the Government of Baghdad alerted by Tehran as “a verbal message” in anticipation of greater evils, as has been recognized by the prime minister which has resigned, Adel Abdelmadhi. Responsible u.s. military on the ground, they also admitted they had been warned of an imminent attack through “information channels”.

Finished the funeral of Soleimani, was to impose a “response to overwhelming and painful” in a “hard revenge”, although the skilled minister of iranian Foreign Yavad Zarif was quick to declare that his country “does not seek an escalation or a war.” The scenario of revenge is circumscribed by now to iraqi territory, where it originated reproach, until the departure of the “last american soldier”. The powerful militias shiites, remote control in Baghdad from Tehran, they can be in charge of completing that goal.

in Anticipation of the current apaciguadora, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned a few hours after the iranian attack in Iraq that “Israel will respond strongly if it is attacked”. Nothing new in the doctrine of exorbitant military deterrence of the jewish State since its creation almost 72 years. The words of the head of the Government Hebrew to justify the targeted killing of the head of the Quds Force of the Guardians of the iranian Revolution were later repeated almost literally by Trump in the White House.

The militia, lebanese Hezbollah, the main force of shock proiraní in the nearly nine years of war in Syria, he called out to avenge the death of the general, to whose orders they fought. But only by hitting american interests in the region, without involving Israel as well as in the open war of 2006. On the southern flank, Hamas has preferred to be limited to send its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, to the funeral of Soleimani without entering in a dialectic war with Israel at a time when the who deals with the reconstruction of the Gaza strip.

Precisely because of its military presence in the war in Syria, Russia has become a referee hegemonic in the middle East since four years ago. The visit of president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to Damascus has been quickly interpreted in the israeli press as a veto on any intervention that splash to Syria in the escalation between the US and Iran. The message seemed to be aimed at both Israel and Hizbullah and other militias affiliated to shi'a. The Kremlin would have sent stop so the regional extension of a conflict that still threatens to become the third Gulf war.

Date Of Update: 09 January 2020, 03:00