Planned US troops withdrawal from Germany: another own goal by the Trump-Teams

The alleged plans of the US President, Donald Trump, to reduce the presence of American troops in Germany, have been recorded in Berlin very cautious. From the

Planned US troops withdrawal from Germany: another own goal by the Trump-Teams

The alleged plans of the US President, Donald Trump, to reduce the presence of American troops in Germany, have been recorded in Berlin very cautious. From the foreign office and the Ministry of defence, there was initially no comments. Union group Vice-Johann Wadephul saw on Saturday in the plans is a further Wake-up call to the Europeans to take their destiny more decisively in the Hand.

According to media reports, Trump wants to reduce, apparently, the US troops in Germany, currently 34.500 soldiers to 9500. In addition, an upper limit of 25 000 US soldiers should be introduced, which could be at the same time in Germany, present, reported the "Wall Street Journal" on Friday (local time), with reference to unnamed US government officials. Trump had instructed the Pentagon already.

United States informed NATO partners, Germany has not reported troops using deduction

"The mirror" about a proposed massive reduction in the US. Accordingly, the White house has informed the US Congress that the Pentagon will pull up to the autumn of 2020 between 5000 and 15,000 of the approximately 35 000 US soldiers from Germany. The US government had not informed the Nato-Partner Germany, as usual, in advance of the decision, it said in the report.

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The CDU politician Wadephul argued: "The plans demonstrate once again that the Trump Administration neglected an elementary leadership task: the integration of the Alliance partners in decision-making processes." He added a warning: "All benefit from the Cohesion of the Alliance, only Russia and China of strife."

"are The Americans here to do us a Favor,"

The former General inspector of the Bundeswehr, Harald Kujat, pleaded for Composure. Kujat said the editorial network Germany (RND, Saturday): "The Americans are here to do us a Favor, but because they have strategic interests. Therefore, you will not pull off also sure, from Germany as Ireland.“ AP US President, Donald Trump returned on Friday to the White house to Washington.

He referred in this connection inter alia to the US base Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate, a hub for military operations in Africa and the Middle East, and on the provision of military training areas, barracks and personnel from the German side. A large part of the soldiers stationed is not, therefore, entrusted with the protection of Germany, but with the protection of U.S. interests in Africa and Asia.

A part of trigger means no danger to German security, argued Kujat. Observers assume that the 25,000 U.S. soldiers in Germany were for the strategic objectives of the Americans is sufficient.

"Colossal error,"

U.S. experts also assume that the United States would damage with this step, especially yourself. "Another goal of the Trump team," said Julianne Smith of the transatlantic Foundation "German Marshall Fund" on Twitter. "They somehow believe that Merkel is damage, want to punish you for your 'no' to the G7 summit. In truth, this step does not harm the interests of the United States and adds an important relationship any further damage.“

The former commander of US forces in Europe, Ben Hodges, has referred to the decision as a "colossal mistake". "The decision illustrates that the President has not understood how essential the stationed in Germany U.S. troops for the security of America," said Hodges to the "mirror".

"The reason we have US troops stationed in Germany, is not the protection of the Germans," said Hodges of the New York Times. "Everything that we have is to our benefit. The decision does not seem to be on some sort of strategy attached to it.“

Still no confirmation for the plans

The White house has not confirmed a corresponding deduction plans Trumps. And also, the Pentagon said. The speaker of the National security Council, John Ullyot, said on Friday (local time) on dpa request, currently there is no announcement. Trump check constantly the deployment of US soldiers abroad. "The United States remains committed to working with our close allies, Germany to cooperate."

United States is calling for more equitable burden-sharing within Nato

But the American President has long called for a fairer burden-sharing within Nato and has repeatedly criticized the lack of defense spending in Germany. Trump had brought a relocation of troops from Germany to Poland in June of last year, during a visit of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda in Washington into the game.

And the former US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, had said last August: "It is to be expected really offensive that the US taxpayer paid more than 50 000 Americans in Germany, but the Germans use their trade surplus for domestic purposes." Reuters/Andrew Harnik/AP/dpa Donald and Melania Trump welcome the end of December 2018, during a stop on the base of the US air force in Ramstein, members of the military.

came To the approximately 35 000 US-soldiers in Germany 17 000 American and 12 000 German civilians who were employed by the US troops at that time. Tens of thousands of more jobs in Germany depend on the American armed forces.

payback for Merkel's G7-cancellation?

Since the withdrawal plans, up to the thickness of the to be deducted the troops were largely known, the question arises as to why the story is just now coming back up. According to the assessment of observers in Germany, Trump sees that it could be in the election campaign closely for him. The make him nervous.

The relationship between the Federal government and the Trump Administration is already since long been tense. And these tensions are likely to have increased once again, after Chancellor Angela Merkel was unable to due to the Corona pandemic, an invitation to one of Trump's planned G7 summit in June in the White house, the heads of state and government personally should attend. An impulsive character, such as Donald Trump could be behind such a reaction.

In March, the U.S. had canceled government Meetings due to the Corona pandemic, and a video conference scheduled. Recently, Trump had stated, but then again, the Meet in person in the White house to hold as a sign of recovery in the Corona-crisis.

George Floyd: Merkel is not against trump's style of politics

Happy Trump should have but also the reactions from Germany on his approach to the recent protests after the killing of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota on may 25. May. In the ZDF, Merkel said last Thursday on the question of whether Trump play a role in the social division in the United States: "I believe that the style of politics is a very controversial." The company in the United States is very polarized.

CDU Chief and defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had welcomed their American counterpart, Mark Esper had rejected a use of the military against the protesters in the USA protesting at the Trump set. Incumbent in the White house changed hands, the values and the strength of civil society remained, it had said in a meeting of the CDU Executive Board. "We're alarmed": high-ranking Ex-military criticize Donald Trump's sharp, FOCUS Online/Wochit "We're alarmed": high-ranking Ex-military Donald Trump criticizing sharply.


Date Of Update: 06 June 2020, 13:27