Corona-crisis: politicians make vaccine-requirement - and flashing in the pharmaceutical industry | policy

Worldwide are eagerly awaiting people the vaccine against the Coronavirus. The politicians want to go in the distribution as fair as possible way - but is proba

Corona-crisis: politicians make vaccine-requirement - and flashing in the pharmaceutical industry | policy

Worldwide are eagerly awaiting people the vaccine against the Coronavirus. The politicians want to go in the distribution as fair as possible way - but is probably blocked.

The fight against the Corona-crisis* worldwide, is a national matter. In the case of the distribution of the vaccine all States should cooperate against the policy is a public Good. But the pharmaceutical industry is different, which is a whole other obstacle. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich Corona-crisis has brought with it many unpleasant side effects with it. Suddenly, millions of citizens were allowed to your plot of land only for valid reasons , leave with friends or Acquaintances were to Meet the national* says. Add to that the unfamiliar distance keep to the other, even beloved fellow human beings, that will probably shape for months, our daily life . Not to mention the now ever-present Mouth guard*.

Just as unfamiliar in the fight against the spread of the pandemic was that it was largely a national issue , each country basically alone. With very few exceptions - such as the treatment of Covid-19-serious cases from Italy or Spain in German clinics - and gave it to each other no collaborations . Simply out of self-protection. Because otherwise the risk would be increased, that the new Coronavirus spread rapidly across the globe and some of the health care system in the knees.

vaccine against Coronavirus: politicians want to make the vaccine all in the same way accessible

So, but it is also inevitable that some of the Nation's got into the crisis-shaken . Other countries are moving, in turn, are predominantly sovereign by the immense shoals. This discrepancy should be according to the will of the policy but in the past, when, finally arrives on the market that most of humanity craves: the vaccine* , allows us to, hopefully, immune to the Virus and its consequences.

Therefore, EU Commission suggested that the access to the active substance any differences between countries are likely to exist. This should be "and General", Brussels see in the "solidarity and close cooperation," the most effective and safest answer to Covid-19 . The conclusion of the panel, under the chairmanship of President Ursula von der Leyen : The vaccine had to be declared to the world-wide public Good . So for every person always be accessible.

vaccine against Coronavirus: Merkel refers to "unprecedented global cooperation"

This destination Angela Merkel , in the FAZ of a "sample lots(n) global(n) cooperation between scientists and regulators, industry and governments, international organizations followed, Foundations and representatives of the health care system“ language. In a Video-Podcast focus the Chancellor has focused on the question, "how do we develop for all the people of the world's vaccines , drugs, and good diagnostic capabilities provide" can.

However, Merkel and co. have made the bill, apparently without the pharmaceutical industry . The vaccine developers, criticism of the in view of the political statements. "It must be that the stay the owner of the company of your developments , after all, they have invested millions for this", - quotes the editors ' network of Germany, the President of the Association of research-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, Han Steutel ends.

+ Of the pharmaceutical industry slows down: German Chancellor Angela Merkel would allow the vaccine to explain like to a public Good.©AFP / KAY NIETFELD

vaccine against Coronavirus: capacity range with only a fifth of the world's population

The Dutchman assured, however, that the the vaccine at an affordable price. available in: "Some big Pharma companies have already pledged that you can make a vaccine, virtually at cost price to. The have not done all of them, but the direction is set.“ In the industry, will not expect large profits due to the vaccine.

At the same time, Steutel turned with a claim on the policy. Instead of a public support the research for the vaccine, there is a need investment grants for the Expansion of its production . Because it could not be assumed that the need will quickly be covered. According to the current state per year could be produced worldwide, 1.5 billion cans be equivalent to just under a fifth of the world's population. "Here, public incentives such as investment grants are necessary to the production-expanding capacity very fast, solid", calls Steutel. Because, if sufficient production capacities are available, must come not a head of state,* on the thought, to urge the distribution of the vaccine on the Pole Position.

About the developments in the USA and the entire world, how you keep our News Feeds up to date. There are also the developments in vaccine research in a News Ticker.

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* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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