Conclusion with a shred: As, a new test of 45 million Chicks a procedure can save

Julia Klöckner remains this time tough: The Federal agriculture Minister wants the highly controversial chick shredding in the poultry industry until the end of

Conclusion with a shred: As, a new test of 45 million Chicks a procedure can save

Julia Klöckner remains this time tough: The Federal agriculture Minister wants the highly controversial chick shredding in the poultry industry until the end of 2021 permanently prohibit - even against massive resistance from the poultry industry. You'll just a law to develop, according to information from the "Rheinische Post".

The poultry industry does not want to accept: In a Letter from the Central Association of German poultry industry (ZDG), which is present in the sheet, advertises in the poultry Lobby for a voluntary industry agreement between food retailers and the poultry industry; and not until 2023. One of the arguments against the industry, that in the case of Germany going it alone, the domestic economy had the Look, and eggs from other countries with lower animal welfare standards would be imported to cover the demand.

Therefore, male Chicks have to die

In the highly specialized poultry industry, a distinction is made between laying hens lines, and broiler chicken lines. An economic Problem is the males of the laying chicken line, because the animals like to take little meat and breeding them is for the companies, therefore, not profitable.

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In Germany are killed every year, approximately 45 million male Chicks. Although 2019 has approved the Federal constitutional court, the Chicks kill only as a transitional solution. However, the controversial practice was allowed to continue until the breeding method for sex determination in the Egg farms are available.

it is Precisely here that the criticism of the PSL to Klöckners ignited the current an exit plan. Method for sex determination in the Egg were not worldwide and the practice is ripe, the appropriate conversion of the egg supply in the food retail sector is at the earliest in 2023 possible. Federal agriculture Minister Klöckner emphasized, however, that the process was market-ready and could be introduced as planned mandatory.

Chicks shredding: This method, the Die

to prevent The in question method for determining the sex of the hatching Egg is not necessarily new. The advantage is obvious: It can early be determined whether it is cock or hen, and Hatching the male eggs are omitted. The Chicks are therefore rejected in advance "," the Kill is spared.

it is Possible the two process alternatives in which the sex is determined either by a Hromonanalyse or by an optical method. At the hormone determination is on the ninth day of the Bebrütens - according to the current state of the research prior to the Onset of pain sensation - a small hole in the side of the eggshell drilled and a drop of urine taken. With the help of the markers, Estradiol, and estrone-sulfate hormonal differences in gender can be detected, depending on how the test liquid colors. If the required hormone is found, is in the female Embryo, if it is missing, it is a male Embryo.

The method is suitable for mass production, says Carmen Uphoss of the company Seleggt, which has automated the Hormanalyse. The machine is able to analyze a breeding-Egg-per-second. Nevertheless, there are still obstacles, because until the technology has penetrated the market fully, it need a little more time, so Uphoss in an interview with FOCUS Online. So far the procedure was only in the own breeding company in use. 60.000 female Chicks would hatch per week.

chick: Optical method for sex determination in the Egg

a Slightly different optical methods to work. Worked here lengths with light in different wave. The process shows a characteristic behavior of the ice, in which the differences between male and female embryo are visible. A promising method is the so-called Raman spectroscopy.

Mi the procedural differences in the genetic material can be in the red blood cells are made visible. Due to the different frequencies of the reflected light can be determined within a few seconds the gender. The necessary hole in the lime shell, according to the investigation, re-sealed and the female egg come back into the incubator.

organic poultry breeding relies on brother cock mast

in addition to technological solutions, particularly in the organic poultry breeding is already used to the principle of Burderhahnmast back. The male Chicks of the laying line is to be reared for five months and then slaughtered.

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The economic costs are usually by a "brother rooster award" on the eggs of the female in laying hens. A method, the Carmen Uphoss of the company Seleggt generally assessed as positive. To solve the chicken-Dilemma this, but could you to keep in mind: "It would have to be fattened in Germany, 45 million brother taps, for which there is enough stable capacity."

cost of the consumer

it is Clear, however: whether it's brother rooster mast or sex determination, the cost for the Chicks protection are in the end passed on to the consumer in the Form of increased egg price. Also the business model of "Seleggt" be the case, explains a company representative Uphoff.

With a glance at Julia Klöckners ambito nated target is Uphoff reserved. Only when all the available "chick-protection procedures" were in Germany, it would be the ethical Problem in a short period of time, she believes. So far your company is the only one that was able to lead his technology to market. So it must happen a lot, so the Plan of the Minister for agriculture to succeed. Police warning to all PayPal users: Perfidious Scam your money PCP police warns all PayPal users: Perfidious Scam your money Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" now in the night sky to see PCP Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" to see in the night sky


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