Warrant made Corona hamster purchases for several thousand euros

the warrant made Corona hamster purchases "for several thousand euros," Wednesday, 17. June, 12.57 PM: , The German Rap musician warrant prepared at the b

Warrant made Corona hamster purchases for several thousand euros
the warrant made Corona hamster purchases "for several thousand euros,"

Wednesday, 17. June, 12.57 PM: , The German Rap musician warrant prepared at the beginning of the Corona-pandemic on the emergency. "I'm directly went to the grocery store, for several Thousand euros," said the Hip-Hop Star (34) – whose real name is Aykut Annex – the "time magazine". He could abgewinnen conspiracy theories about the Virus – for example, if will not claimed that it is the Virus even. "But what if there's the but?" Out of consideration for his mother, he had to take the matter seriously.

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After Tour cancellation: Rammstein-drummer hints at new Album to Christoph Soeder/dpa Rammstein performing in Berlin's Olympic stadium in June 2019

Tuesday, 16. June, 12.51 PM: your great Tour for 2020, the Metal had to Band Rammstein because of the Corona pandemic move, but the Band seems to be forging other plans from now on. The Band had recently come together, told drummer Christoph Schneider in the Podcast "Rodeo Radio – The BossHoss-Rock Show" from The BossHoss.

And then you've, told Schneider: "What could we do in the year? We still have so many ideas lie.“ Rammstein work on a new Album? So far, the drummer didn't want to go: "let's Say: We have met and we are working on Songs. We want to work on Songs. But whether that is a plate, nobody knows.“

"When musicians work on Songs, is it rare for an Album," says BossHoss-singer Alec Völkel, in turn, sarcastically. However, more detailed information was not to elicit the Rammstein Drummer to.

this Friday: Black Eyed Peas sign in with a new Album back Nabil Elderkin, The Black Eyed Peas sign in with your eighth Studio album back

Monday, 15. June, 17.19 PM: The US hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas has announced on Monday their overall eighth Studio album to appear this Friday. The plate bears the name of "Translation" and will come up with Features, among others, Shakira, Tyga, Maluma, Nicky Jam and French Monatan. Three Singles had already been in advance of the Album from the album: The big Hit "Ritmo" with the Colombian singer J Balvin as well as the Songs "Mamacita" and "No Manana". "Translation" is the second Album after the departure of singer Fergie in the year 2017.

singer Anne Clark cancer Imago singer Anne Clark

Tuesday, 2 ill. June, 15.30 clock: The British singer Anne Clark has to cancel their Tour in 2020 due to a cancer disease, as they announced on Facebook.

the Statement said: "With great Regret we have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 vision of the European Tour of ANNE CLARK, which was postponed to October / November of this year."

Clark had to drag on until the end of the year, a comprehensive treatment. Known the musician in the ' 80s, the New Wave movement.

", Has plenty of money in the Bank": Ed Sheeran is EUR 66 million for real estate

Friday, 29. May, 11.33 PM: For the English musicians are the days in which he had no fixed Abode and as a street musician in London and by over had, for a long time. In the meantime, he is estimated to be 221 million euros, and owns 22 properties in London, as well as five houses that together make up the "Sheeran Ville Estate" in his native Suffolk. dpa/Maurizio Gambarini, A US Jury is to decide whether Ed Sheeran has plagiarized.

He has now so much money that he has paid, according to a report in the "Sun" all his land in a bar – because he did not want to mortgage. Overall, it should be a sum of 60 million pounds, equivalent to about 66 million euros.

An Insider told the blade: "Ed has plenty of money in the Bank, so it would have made no sense, a loan. He has just bought them directly.“

Billie Eilish with the short film caused a stir imago images/BRIGANI TYPE

Thursday, 28. May, 15.03 PM: The five-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish ("Bad Guy") has been criticized in an online video for the public to become familiar with your body and your clothing style. "When I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. When I release the layers, I'm such a slut," - said in the Youtube Video "Not my Responsibility".

The 18-year-old US singer, who is usually with loose clothes in Public, puts in the nearly four-minute Video Hoodie and Shirt, while you sinking in a dark liquid. A voice asks: "to Provoke you on my shoulders? Or my chest?“ Although the people had never seen your body, would you judge him.

Eilish addressed in the past, their Position in Public. So you said about the ceremony of the Brit Awards in February, you have felt lately very hated. In your current Video, it is now, if you would follow the Gaze of the Other, or their resentment would be to move never able to.

Eminem released the phone number on Twitter Chris Pizzello/Invision/dpa

Wednesday, 27. May 18.10: on the Occasion of the 20. Birthday of Eminem's third Studio album "The Marshall Mathers LP" has thought up the Rapper for a special event for his Fans. On Twitter he posted a phone number for his Fans think he can write messages.

Eminem tweeted: "Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I was just too busy. Write me a SMS, I'll reply then 313-666-7440". With his Tweet, Eminem refers to his Hit "Stan", which is also located on the Album. The Song is about a fictional Fan, contacted Eminem, but no response. So this writes to him finally, it's already too late. The Fans of Eminem described himself as the "Stans".

New Songs of ABBA this year!

Tuesday, 26. May, 12.15 PM: ABBA Fans are dying of excitement. Because what is announced by the Swedish cult band already in 2018, to 2020 finally come true: Namely, new music from Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid and Angnetha. dpa/shilling image of The Swedish pop group Abba (l-r) Bjorn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid fältskog and Lyngstad and Benny Andersson.

"she is yet to come this year. I guess sometime after the summer“, confirmed Björn Ulvaeus to CNBC. An exact date there is not yet.

A small hook, the thing has but: Joint performances of the four will probably not give it as Ulvaeus has revealed. New music should give it in any case. Because there would be nothing to shake.

the chemistry between The Members seems to be true still today. On cooperation in the Studio Ulvaeus: "Oh said, that was so great. It took a Minute, and somehow it was as if time had been turned back, as if it were only yesterday. It was so weird.“

"Rain On Me": Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, common Song Greg Allen/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Reuters Lady Gaga (left) and Ariana Grande

Friday, 22. May, 14.26 PM: U.S. singer Lady Gaga (34) published their joint Song with Ariana Grande (26). The song with the title "Rain on Me" is the second Single from their new album "Chromatica".

Lady Gaga's Album "Chromatica" to on 29. May come on the market. It was supposed to be released in April. Because of the Corona of a pandemic, the artist decided to postpone the release date. "It feels to me not right to release this Album," she wrote at the time.

For Ariana Grande, it is the second cooperation within a few weeks. Recently, the singer collaborated with Justin Bieber the quarantine Hit, "Stuck with you". The Song landed the world No. 1 on the Single Charts.

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