Uwe Ochsenknecht: This is how he spends Christmas

From film classics like "Schtonk!" (1992) to cult comedies like "Football is our life" (2000) to emotional hospital dramas like "Charité" (2021) - acting veteran Uwe Ochsenknecht (66) has become an integral part of the German film and television landscape.

Uwe Ochsenknecht: This is how he spends Christmas

From film classics like "Schtonk!" (1992) to cult comedies like "Football is our life" (2000) to emotional hospital dramas like "Charité" (2021) - acting veteran Uwe Ochsenknecht (66) has become an integral part of the German film and television landscape.

Now the 66-year-old is in the Prime Video comedy "Friedliche Weihnachts" from December 9th as the pedantic senior physician Professor Dr. dr to see Dietrich Hansen. In the series, he stands in the way of his daughter Johanna's (Valerie Huber, 26) happy marriage to her boyfriend Anton (Timur Bartels, 27). After all, the father only accepts doctors for his child and Anton works in the record shop. At the joint Christmas party, the would-be son-in-law simply pretends to be a doctor.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Ochsenknecht reveals which reunion he was particularly happy about during the shoot, what fascinates him about medicine and what plans he has for this Christmas.

Ochsenknecht: When I was still celebrating with my family and small children, it was of course more turbulent, which is also a nice thing. But after the holidays you already know what you've done. It's calmed down now. Some of the children have families of their own with whom they celebrate. I celebrate very comfortably with my wife and then we usually get together.

Ochsenknecht: That's more with my wife, that we dress nicely and eat. There is a gift table under the tree. We take the dogs for a walk and of course they get something too. But everything was very manageable, calm and relaxing.

Ochsenknecht: No, we don't do that. Then we have them sing, and we have nice music in the background while we eat. Then maybe a movie will be watched, friends will visit us too.

Ochsenknecht: As you can see in the film, we got along really well, the whole ensemble had great chemistry. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot. Even in places where you shouldn't have done it. But it was very pleasant work.

Ochsenknecht: Yes, that was a bit of a Mannheim dialect to add a bit of color to it. That was still harmless, only hinted at.

Ochsenknecht: Yes, too. It gives the character a bit of local color. I found that very good.

Ochsenknecht: That fascinated me even as a child. I was always the one who came up with the plaster when someone got hurt. I would also like to have studied medicine. Now acting got in my way. Then I thought: "Well, if that's what it's supposed to be, it will be." And it was a good thing. But I've always been interested in the biology of the body. For example, if you cut yourself and later you can't see anything, sometimes not even a scar. That's very fascinating. There's still so much, biochemistry ... such a body is a miracle.

Ochsenknecht: There are still enough that I haven't played. Of course, that always depends on the story and the script, whether something is interesting. In this respect, it can be all possible areas.

Ochsenknecht: I think there are still parents who value it. With nobles anyway, stupid as it is. This is still the "Shakespeare Syndrome". Unfortunately.

Ochsenknecht: No, it is important that they are happy. With whoever. Happiness and health are important, everything else is none of my business.

Ochsenknecht: We've known each other for a long time. She also comes from Mannheim. There is a moment when she freaks out and speaks in the Mannheim dialect. The chemistry between us is also right. We've almost never worked together. Way before she was on "RTL Saturday Night", I had a brief appearance and we got to know each other. But we never really played together. It was the first time and really nice.

Ochsenknecht: We had "Schtonk!" unfortunately play little together, as far as I can remember. But of course I grew up with her and the whole Hörbiger family. We met on set and liked each other, but I didn't really hang out with her that much.

Ochsenknecht: We have now shot two more garbage man films, which will be shown next year. And then I'll be making a big feature film with Corinna Harfouch in the spring. I'm looking forward to it, we've been preparing for it for a long time. And then we'll make sure that we continue the - hopefully successful - series here in the summer. There is currently talk about whether the series couple might marry in Mallorca. Since the whole family would meet again, that would be turbulent again. We'll see.

Ochsenknecht: I'm not a person with resolution. With such pressure, it never works anyway, if someone wants to quit smoking on January 1st. But I always have ... let's say projects, regardless of the turn of the year. For example, that I'm trying more and more to understand life. That's a big deal. But other than that I'm pretty happy with myself, I have to say. I managed to do some of the things I set out to change. It always involves working on yourself. For example, not getting angry anymore. Unlike the series character. I manage that very well, I no longer get angry about different things, certain expectations. If something doesn't work, then that's how it should be. I also have such a basic trust that I think: "Yeah, well, then it shouldn't be like that." And then it's mostly good.