Ulla Kock am Brink: That's why her TV comeback was surprising

Ulla Kock am Brink (61) returns to TV after more than 24 years on September 4 (8:15 p.

Ulla Kock am Brink: That's why her TV comeback was surprising

Ulla Kock am Brink (61) returns to TV after more than 24 years on September 4 (8:15 p.m. on RTL) with the “100,000 Mark Show”. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the presenter explains what viewers can look forward to with the comeback and how she assesses the current retro wave in television. She also tells how she has been in recent years and what an important role her husband plays in her TV comeback.

Ulla Kock am Brink: It might be more correct, but nicer, because I think it's 100 percent retro, the term "100,000 Mark Show". Finally, we play the old show one on one, with the most exciting original games. But in a more modern guise, which I hope also applies to my outfits (laughs).

Kock am Brink: After the unsuccessful attempt in 2008 to resurrect the "100,000 Show" in miniature format, I was pleased that the viewers noticed this maxi reduction and it was not accepted . On the other hand, this attempt also contributed to the fact that I considered the chapter closed.

Kock am Brink: Oh, that's a lot! The great team, the many funny events apart from the notes are still very present in my mind. The tremendous excitement and energy of the audience in the studio that spurred our candidates to excel. Candidates who have often completely surprised me and us by unexpectedly developing a willingness to take risks, perfect intuition, and sometimes even strategies. And the incredible joy when a game is won. Many candidates were primarily concerned with showing that they could make it - the money was an incentive, but often not the reason for participating in the show.

Kock am Brink: I'm looking forward to the production, the audience in the studio and the highly motivated candidates. With the first recording I have to see where I put my emotions - that will definitely touch me. But I'm notorious for my limited ability to disguise myself and I'm not afraid of emotions as long as I don't completely ruin the careful make-up...

Kock am Brink: The water column, the hot wire, the wall of letters, the pentagon... all these cult games are still with us. And we mix them with the modernized best-of games from the '90s. The studio technology is of course state of the art for 2022, the light and sound effects are the finest, we worked hard on the perfect implementation and didn't skimp on anything.

Kock am Brink: Time will tell! At the moment the slot is on Sunday (8:15 p.m.) - a tough environment awaits us because we all like to watch Sunday thrillers or feel-good films on Sundays - that's learned. The programming and number of hits are the responsibility of the broadcaster. Apparently, RTL has so much confidence in the quality of the show that they believe it will be successful despite strong counter-programs. It's something!

Kock am Brink: I see that as relaxed and positive. Why not enjoy a retro wave? It doesn't have to be forever. The 90s are hot right now. Revitalizing the highlights of TV entertainment is a natural response and a nice proposition. And a bit of escapism in the (supposedly) good 90s doesn't hurt at a time that is currently being determined by the energy crisis, climate change and war in Europe.

Kock am Brink: I don't see myself as a draft horse, certainly not old. Well, I'll gladly leave it.

Kock am Brink: The 90s went by so quickly because I was always on the road for work. But I remember two shows very fondly: "Only Love Counts" with Kai Pflaume and "RTL Saturday Night". I would still turn on the television for that today.

Kock am Brink: I'm doing very well, I have everything I need to live, I'm healthy and grateful for it. I've written several fiction series over the last few years, coached presenter talents and otherwise enjoyed my life.

Kock am Brink: He is my constant support, he advises me, also sits in the audience during the recording and gives me the security I need.

Kock am Brink: My biography, which I have been writing over the last few years, will be published in October: "The lady of fortune. Life is when you still laugh. Stories and memories of my very beautiful life".

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