TV tip: ZDF thriller "In truth - under water"

He was in prison for 13 years, 2 months and 26 days.

TV tip: ZDF thriller "In truth - under water"

He was in prison for 13 years, 2 months and 26 days. Innocent, as Willy Foss insists. He didn't kill the girl at the time. Police officer Rene Schubecker arrested the wrong person.

"People come to terms with almost every situation," Foss looks back on the time in the Saarbrücken correctional facility. "But I couldn't. Because I was wronged. Wronged every single day." Now he has cancer. The doctors gave him four weeks, a maximum of five weeks, Foss reports to the police.

It opened up on him because that policeman was driving Schubecker dead in the water. Shot. At first glance, it looks like suicide. But Commissioner Freddy Breyer (Robin Sondermann) does not want to believe that. Rene was his friend. He matched the drug investigator and his current wife at the time and became godfather.

With his colleague Judith Mohn (Christina Hecke) and the team, Breyer wants to find out what is behind Schubecker's death. ZDF shows the crime thriller "In Echt - Unter Wasser" on Saturday (September 3rd, 8:15 p.m.).

The "In truth" series is set in the German-French border area. She is said to be inspired by true events. According to ZDF, between four and a half and more than seven million people saw the first five parts there. The episodes can be seen on Arte a few months beforehand, with between 0.7 and 1.7 million tuning in. Arte showed the current case in February.

This time the investigations lead Inspector Mohn to Koenigsmacker in Lorraine, where the young Corinne Tolbert was murdered, where Schubecker worked for the gendarmerie and where his father is still the commandant. He doesn't like the renewed investigations at all: "You're ambitious, I like that," he says to his German colleague. "But here they overshoot the mark."

Schubecker junior was popular. Not only his widow praises him in the highest tones as a husband and father. A French colleague reports to Mohn: "Rene was the hero here with us. The only one who made it to something." The fact that he had convicted Foss of the murder of Corinne Tolbert after a short time and had persuaded the man to confess, that distinguished him.

But did everything go smoothly back then? Soon the investigators come across inconsistencies. Slowly but surely, the evidence of hushed-up evidence is accumulating. What role did the brother of the dead play, whose corpse was once found in the water? Where's the dead cop's dictaphone, where he recorded every thought that came to his mind while he was working on a case? And what game is that policewoman actually playing who praised her ex-colleague so much?

The film comes along calmly. Without special effects, without bloody scenes of violence, without big wars of words. And yet the book by Zora Holt (director: Miguel Alexandre) maintains a certain tension over the entire hour and a half. Crime veterans could soon get on the right track - but it's not the only one that the makers have laid. And if you just want to get a little carried away, the final twist might surprise you.

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