TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Dilay warns Simon against leasing the Flamingo bar.

TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

Dilay warns Simon against leasing the Flamingo bar. That puts him in the firing line of the Lüneburg half-world. He doesn't take Dilay seriously and accuses her of just trying to scare him. Shortly thereafter, Simon is attacked. Although Dilay can help him, her service weapon is stolen in the process. Silke suggests an addiction guide in the clinic. Britta likes the idea, but wonders why now? She suspects a specific reason in the clinic. Hendrik wants to allay her suspicion, but she comes dangerously close to the truth about him.

Robert and Michael have reconciled, but the situation in the hospital is still difficult for Valentina. The faculty gossip about her. When Noah overhears this, he suggests they just go through the clinic bazaar as a couple. Carolin is hurt by Vanessa's confession. Although she assures her that she will love her and not leave her, Carolin needs time first. She goes to the "Bräustüberl", where she accidentally meets Michael. The two update each other and give each other a quick, comforting hug. Vanessa sees the hug and draws the wrong conclusions.

Desperate, Chris watches over Corinna's side and wants to stay with her. But as a father, he also has a duty to support his children in this situation. Bambi hosts a reconciliation barbecue. Not only because of the food to be grilled does he again clash with Easy. Vivien asks Tobias to discuss the children's issue. Due to the tragedy of the day, the two move closer together again - to David's annoyance.

Deniz has the uneasy feeling that no one trusts him to be able to work as a coach again. He pulls himself together to show everyone. Yannick has to nibble on his guilty conscience. Should he have seen Nele's crush coming?

Back with her loved ones, Sunny finds herself in the middle of a family feud. Her old life, to which she is back, has a stale aftertaste after the drastic experience. John wants to use Paul for his beach bar project, even though he's suffering because of Emily. Jonas bets John on the pot for this. When he damages Michi's cargo bike and he needs a handyman himself, Jonas stretches his moral code in his favor.