TV show: Steffen Henssler cooks with the cookie monster

The crumb monster will soon be cooking and baking with TV star Steffen Henssler (50, "Grill den Henssler").

TV show: Steffen Henssler cooks with the cookie monster

The crumb monster will soon be cooking and baking with TV star Steffen Henssler (50, "Grill den Henssler"). The new cooking show for children and families, "Krümelmonsters Foodie Truck mit Steffen Henssler", is produced by RTL , Super RTL and Sesame Workshop. The organizers announced this on Tuesday evening in Hamburg.

In addition to TV chef Henssler, the plush Cookie Monster and Gonger - a rag doll with a mustache and a chef's hat, appearing on German television for the first time - lead through the show. From spring 2023, the cooking spoon will be swung in the "Foodie Truck" for 13 episodes of 30 minutes each - first on the streaming service RTL , later on the family channel Super RTL.

fun in the kitchen

"Elmo, Grobi and especially Cookie Monster, those were formative figures of my childhood," said Henssler during a recording of the show in the Hamburg studio. "A childhood dream come true." The show aims to teach young viewers about nutrition in a fun way. "We want to convey to the children: You can have fun in the kitchen - and then they also learn something," said Henssler.

In the truck, Henssler cooks simple dishes such as spaghetti with vegetable sauce or homemade pizza together with the cookie monster and Gonger at the children's suggestion. "We make dishes that the children know, but we show them how to do it yourself," said Henssler. It is important to take the children with you. "You have to let kids get involved. As soon as kids get involved, they also eat things that are green, eat vegetables too."

Beforehand, the ingredients are bought with the food truck from farmers in the area. In this way, the children should learn where the food comes from and how it is made. "The topic of nutrition is neglected for many children these days," said Henssler. Even in school, the subject receives little attention.

Promote conscious eating

"The show is all about sustainable nutrition and about instilling an early awareness of healthy food in children," said Stefan Kastenmüller, General Manager Europe at the Sesame Workshop. The non-profit educational organization, which also developed "Sesame Street", wants to convey topics that are important for children and families in an entertaining and contemporary way. The cooking show is a further development of the "Foodie Truck" that is in the US edition of "Sesame Street".

Super RTL Managing Director Thorsten Braun said: "Dolls like the Cookie Monster have been fixtures on children's television for decades." It is something very special to present such figures to the next generation. "In recent years we have dedicated ourselves more and more to the subject of edutainment and this format fits in perfectly with that." The cookie monster also appears in the animation series "Mecha Builders", for which Super RTL secured the German rights this summer. She advertises with superhero adventures for science and mathematics.

The actual, original "Sesame Street" with the complete universe of rag dolls is produced by the public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) as a license partner for Germany, since 2009 as a purely in-house production. The copyright holder is Sesame Workshop, headquartered in the USA. On January 8, 2023, the children's show in Germany will be 50 years old.

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