The best home remedies: Lighten hair: With these remedies and tips, it also works at home

Especially during the lockdowns in the corona pandemic, we had to do without a hairdresser for a while - and we dared to do our hair.

The best home remedies: Lighten hair: With these remedies and tips, it also works at home

Especially during the lockdowns in the corona pandemic, we had to do without a hairdresser for a while - and we dared to do our hair. An alternative: lighten your hair yourself. We have put together how this can be done with gentle home remedies and other tricks.

If you want to lighten your hair a little, you don't have to resort directly to chemical hair colors and bleaches. There are many different ways to get hair lighter - for example with home remedies. Important to know beforehand: natural bleaching naturally has a weaker effect on darker hair tones. Of course, with dark brown hair you can't get light blonde highlights yourself. But: You can still create a visible effect and conjure up some freshness in your hair.

Even if home remedies usually produce somewhat gentler and less strong results than chemical remedies, it is important to know that these effects cannot be reversed and are certainly not comparable to a professional visit to the hairdresser. In addition, hair reacts differently to the various (home) remedies, which always depends on the hair structure and color. And: If you have a sensitive scalp, you should always test one area to see if you can tolerate the home remedies. If something feels uncomfortable, you should always wash the product out thoroughly.

Another tip: It is best to test the remedy on a strand first and look at the result. If the test is successful, the agent can either be distributed throughout the hair or only used for strands. If the test fails, you should of course look for another home remedy or use paint from the drugstore. If you apply the color to the strands, it is best to use a cotton pad or a suitable brush.

Lemons are a classic home remedy to lighten your hair. Depending on the hair length, squeeze out three or more lemons and distribute evenly in damp hair. Leave it all on for half an hour. For dyed or heavily stressed hair, it is advisable to first distribute the juice on the roots, leave it on for 15 minutes and only then apply the remaining juice to the lengths so as not to damage them even more. Then rinse well.

Important: A nourishing hair treatment is essential afterwards. Because citric acid is naturally somewhat aggressive and dries out the hair quickly.

Especially for blonde hair, chamomile is also suitable for lightening the hair. For darker hair, chamomile provides light highlights. For this bleaching method, first pour hot water over a handful of chamomile blossoms in a pot. Chamomile tea works just as well, whether loose or in a sachet. Pour the cooled infusion into washed, still wet hair. The whole thing does not need to be rinsed out afterwards and has a great brightening and shimmering effect.

Yes, honey can also lighten hair - by about a shade. The advantage of this method: honey additionally cares for the hair. When heated, honey releases the enzyme peroxide, which naturally lightens hair. Important: Honey should not be heated to more than 40 degrees, otherwise the enzyme will be destroyed. To lighten the hair, mix the slightly warmed honey in equal parts with a (preferably silicone-free) hair treatment and apply to freshly washed hair. Wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil and wrap a towel over it. This way the mixture works better and stays nice and warm. Wash your hair out after at least an hour.

Baking soda is also said to naturally lighten hair. This home remedy is particularly effective for brown hair - and can even neutralize an unwanted yellow or red tint. To lighten hair, dissolve two packets of baking soda in 250 milliliters of lukewarm water. The whole thing is then distributed in dry hair and should be absorbed for about 20 minutes. Then wash and care as usual.

If you are a little braver and dare to work with chemical agents, you can of course also use ready-made hair colors or bleaches. However, you should be a little practiced in handling it or have someone at home who will help you with the application. Because the results of such remedies are usually more noticeable than with home remedies - and so errors are of course much more visible. Alternatively, you can also use ready-made, natural hair color, which can gently lighten the hair and usually also care for it at the same time.

So that the hairdressers do not have to do double or triple work in the event of a color accident and it becomes all the more expensive, the product of choice should also be tested on a strand of hair first to see how much to apply and how long it is best to leave it on . It's also the best way to see what the color actually looks like in the end.

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