Model and mother: Lena Gercke: "I'm glad I experienced a lot before I became a mother"

Model Lena Gercke has not only become a mother in recent years, but also an entrepreneur.

Model and mother: Lena Gercke: "I'm glad I experienced a lot before I became a mother"

Model Lena Gercke has not only become a mother in recent years, but also an entrepreneur. A wild journey that she would not have mastered without support and her team. Being a mom has also changed a lot in her private life. We spoke to the model mom during About You Fashion Week about fashion sins, her new menswear line and her talent for singing.

You are the mother of a daughter, your second child is on the way: what is the biggest style difference to the "before mom" time and what do you miss? Actually there is no real difference. My style hasn't changed much other than not fitting into my entire closet during pregnancy. But I'm already looking forward to it as soon as I can wear all the things I want to wear again.

Is there something that you miss in your "normal everyday life" because it's no longer possible with a child? Of course, everyday life changes with a child, that's quite normal. You have less time for yourself and generally you're not as spontaneous as before, but that's totally fine. For example, I used to be very fond of travelling. It's not always that easy with a child - it takes more planning. I'm glad I did and experienced all of these things before becoming a mother, so I don't miss it that much either.

You have been designing fashion for the "LeGer" label for a long time, to what extent has your work changed and developed? Of course, founding the company last year was a big step and brought many changes with it. I've learned a lot of new things. Suddenly I had employee responsibility and was confronted with new topics that an entrepreneurial activity entails. "LeGer" is a learning-by-doing journey for me, I learn something new every day. In the beginning, I didn't have that much idea about materials, cuts and general processes. However, I have a great team at my side that knows all of this very well, can implement my visions and ideas and from whom I have also learned a lot over the years.

Recently you have also been designing menswear: which piece of clothing did you find your husband's worst over the years? My boyfriend was my style inspiration for the menswear line! I really like his casual style and that's exactly what we want to embody at "LeGer".

Do you have a general style turn-off in men? I think it's all a matter of taste. But personally, I'm not a fan of hats on men at all. I prefer a sporty, casual-chic look. I'd rather have sweatpants than a hat every day. What was your worst fashion faux pas? I think everyone has seen a picture of themselves in the past and thought, "What the hell was I wearing ?" Trends are constantly changing and fashion faux pas are simply part of it. At the moment I think I would never wear super tight skinny jeans again - that doesn't look good. But feel free to ask me again in a few years when skinny jeans celebrate their comeback.

In your "About You" documentary you sing: How do you find your own singing talent? I love to sing, but mostly only in the shower. It was a cool challenge to sing my own song for my TV commercial. At first I thought it couldn't be that difficult, but when I got into the studio, I was convinced otherwise. One thing is clear - there will be no more singing career.

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