Christmas trends 202: Every year again: Christmas can't have enough of these

Hardly any other time of the year is as cozy as the Christmas season.

Christmas trends 202: Every year again: Christmas can't have enough of these

Hardly any other time of the year is as cozy as the Christmas season. Not only the weather invites you to cosiness, hot drinks and pastries, the music, lights and people also seem to fall under the spell of Christmas every year. These highlights should not be missing from the Christmas trends in 2021 either.

Baking cookies is a recurring ritual for many Christmas fans. The selection of delicious cookies is huge. The pastries usually find space on a baking tray that is protected from sticky dough with the help of baking paper. The baking paper ends up in the trash after just a few uses because it got dirty or was heated too often. If you want to bake sustainably, you can replace the disposable product with a reusable silicone baking mat. The practical mats can (with proper care) be used for several years. Of course, the baking mats are suitable for use all year round, whether for Christmas cookies, oven vegetables or pizza, the gadget reliably replaces classic baking paper.

It smells good, tastes good and warms you inside and out: many a cold winter evening can be comfortably ended with a delicious mulled wine. The name already gives it away, because the word glow is in mulled wine: the wine must be drunk warm. A mulled wine maker can easily keep a few liters (there are different sizes) of the winter hot drink warm and has a practical tap.

Little Christmas fans look forward to being creative when it's wet and cold outside. In winter, handicrafts with parents and siblings can get you in the mood for Christmas. You can kill two birds with one stone, keep the little ones busy and create beautiful decorations for the house and garden. Practical handicraft sets provide inspiration. Tip: If you are still looking for gifts for grandma, grandpa, uncle or aunt, you can simply make them yourself.

It's cold outside, it's raining or snowing and the sofa looks even more inviting than usual. Time to get cozy at home. The following textile gadget combines two things in one piece of clothing: a blanket and a hoodie. This combination is not only warm, but also cozy. Anyone who often searches for the blanket or tends to freeze will probably not take off the wearable fashion creation during the winter.

The blanket hoodie is sitting? Snuggled up on the sofa, you can now listen to wonderful stories. Whether alone with a Christmas radio play or together while reading a Christmas story. For example, with a book by the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf, author of the world-famous "Nils Holgersson".

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