"Betting: The highlights of the XXL television weekend

German viewers should not miss the coming television weekend.

"Betting: The highlights of the XXL television weekend

German viewers should not miss the coming television weekend. Because just in time for the cold season, the cult show "Wetten, dass..?" returns to the screens with another special edition - and the controversial soccer World Cup begins in Qatar. The television program for the weekend from November 18th to 20th at a glance.

The start of the XXL television weekend is the "Celebrity Big Brother" anniversary season on Sat.1. Among other things, the participants will sleep in an unheated attic under scratchy wool blankets and initially have to feed themselves exclusively from tin cans and preserving jars.

All 15 celebrities are now also known for the tenth edition of the reality show: Actress Katy Karrenbauer (59) is also there, as is TV insurance detective Patrick Hufen (52) and fragrance influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33).

Also moving into the celebrity house: reality star Micaela Schäfer, "DSDS" legend Menderes, "Popstars" winner Doreen Steinert, cult impersonator Jörg Knör, singer Jay Khan, reality starlet and actress Tanja Tischewitsch, reality star Sam Dylan, reality star Jennifer Iglesias, boxing manager Rainer Gottwald, home shopping presenter Diana Schell, soccer commentator Jörg Dahlmann and influencer Valentina Doronina.

The tenth "Celebrity Big Brother" season runs until December 7th.

After the great success of the "Wetten, dass...?" anniversary edition last year, Thomas Gottschalk (72) and Michelle Hunziker (45) are returning to the screens with another special edition. Hollywood legend John Malkovich, Michael "Bully" Herbig, Veronica Ferres with daughter Lilly Krug, Christoph Maria Herbst and tennis star Alexander Zverev will take a seat on the betting sofa.

Superstar Robbie Williams (48) will perform his current song "Lost" and Herbert Grönemeyer (66) will present a previously unreleased song.

Not too much is known about the individual bets, but it is already certain that a digger will be used in one of the bets.

Thomas Gottschalk competes with hit star Florian Silbereisen (41) on MDR television on Saturday evening. "Schlager oder N!xxx - Only those who win sing!" was taped back in 2021 and was originally scheduled to air in February this year but was postponed due to the Ukraine war. Also present are Andy Borg, Daniela Alfinito, Marina Marx and Karsten Walter as well as Die Daaufgänger.

The controversial World Cup in Qatar begins. Late on Sunday afternoon, ZDF will broadcast the opening game between hosts and World Cup debutants Qatar and Ecuador from Group A. The South American team is considered the favourites, although some World Cup hosts have surpassed themselves in the past. Béla Réthy (65) comments from the Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khour.

Before that, ZDF will broadcast "sportstudio live - FIFA World Cup 2022 The Countdown" from 3:30 p.m. If you don't want to miss the opening ceremony before the game starts, you should tune in here.

The World Cup lasts from November 20th to December 18th.

On Sunday evening, the Dresden “Tatort” will be shown on the first channel at prime time. In "Cat and Mouse" the inspectors Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski, 40) and Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel, 34) have to deal with a kidnapper who is attached to conspiracy theories. Hiding behind a mouse mask, the kidnapper kidnaps a tabloid journalist and demands that 150 children allegedly being held captive in a Dresden basement be released. The police begin a feverish search for the children's hideout, as the kidnapper will murder his victim if his demands are not met...

Due to the World Cup, Erste broadcasts “Tatort” repeats on the two subsequent Sundays. Only on the final day of the World Cup, December 18, does a completely new case continue - the Berlin "crime scene" entitled "The Victim".

The “crime scene” competes with “Das Traumschiff” on ZDF on Sunday evening. In the episode "Lappland", Captain Max Parger (Florian Silbereisen) goes on an adventure tour on a dog sled with his old school friend Maik (Tayfun Baydar, 47). The three-time Olympic ski champion Maria Höfl-Riesch (37) plays as a guest star.

"Lappland" is already the third "Das Traumschiff" episode of the current year. "Coco Island" will be released on ZDF on December 26 - and ZDF has already announced four instead of the usual three episodes of the popular long-term TV series for 2023, which has been broadcast since 1981.