Adam Levine's new, blue hair is revealed -- check out the pic!

While walking in Los Angeles shirtless on Monday, Maroon 5's singer displayed his new blue hairstyle and many tattoos while walking.

Adam Levine's new, blue hair is revealed -- check out the pic!

With his striking blue buzz cut, neck-to-toe tats and eye-catching blue hair, the heavily-inked rocker made a striking appearance.

While the sheer volume of his tattoos was impressive on Monday morning, the ex-Voice coach managed to add one more tattoo to his body: a huge butterfly with cobwebs on the neck!

Levine proudly posted a photo of the new art on Instagram. It was inked by Nathan Kostechko, a celebrity tattoo artist. He joked that he got it because Instagram was down Monday.

He wrote in his caption, "Wise man once stated ...'when Instagram is you throat ...' His name was @nathan_kostechko."

In his Instagram story, he shared more photos of the butterfly and explained why he had to get it tattooed.

Levine, who has two daughters, Dusty Rose (5 years old) and Gio Grace (3 years old), with Victoria's Secret model BehatiPrisloo (33), is not afraid to change his appearance.

In July 2016, he donned an old-school punk hairstyle, and his wife proudly snapped a photo to share it on Instagram.

Two years ago, he had a platinum blonde hairstyle. Prinsloo was again supportive in a photo. In January 2018, the L.A. native reverted to a bleach-blond look, explaining that "my wife loves it."

In May 2019, he went back to the mohawk route and braided it for fun.

In 2015, Levine wore a bald look to prove that he could look amazing with no hair!

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