Watch Andy Lassner and Demi Lovato go through a haunted home.

The singer had a scary time when she visited Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, where she was joined by "The Ellen DeGeneres show" executive producer.

Watch Andy Lassner and Demi Lovato go through a haunted home.

Each year, the best part of Halloween is seeing Andy Lassner (one of Ellen DeGeneres executive producers) visit a haunted home with one of the show’s celebrity guests. This year's segment was no exception.

Lassner brought Demi Lovato along to the frightening encounter. The duo also visited Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

The executive producer questions the singer at the start of the segment about their new Peacock show, "Unidentified With Demi Lovato," in which they explore paranormal topics like UFOs.

He says to the 29 year-old, "I don’t enjoy it, you do,"

"I love this stuff!" Is this not exciting? They respond.

He says, "Oh no, this is not something I enjoy but others seem to like it."

Lovato jokes, "I'm going to enjoy watching you not enjoy it,"

Lassner, however, was determined to have the last laugh. He said, "No, no. You're in front so I won't be looking at you."

They enter the haunted house to find themselves in a room that has a reception desk. The action immediately begins as they enter a hallway. Several men wearing masks begin pounding on the doors.

"I love this stuff, but I didn't expect it to start now!" Lovato exclaims.

They next encounter a man holding a knife. They then head outside to see a stuffed animal with a pumpkin head. Lassner touches it with his foot and is delighted to discover it's real.

They expect someone to appear as they turn a corner. But they are pleasantly surprised to find no one. Lovato jumps behind Lassner to try to scare him.

It's not surprising that he doesn’t like it. He says, "Not OK!" After screaming, he said:

They then go down a corridor with white curtains. They think they have made it, but then a man appears through a window and starts to spook them.

Lassner and Lovato enter a bedroom and see a mannequin lying on a bed. They both agree that it is quite creepy. Lassner shouts "Oh my god, I didn’t see him!"

Lovato is then given a little payback by the executive producer and makes them run down a corridor. This gives Lovato a good laugh.

Lovato as well as Lassner look particularly troubled when they enter a room with mirrors. Lassner takes over to protect the singer, and suggests that many masked men in this room must be mannequins. He says "Not real" as he passes one, but quickly changes his tune when a man approaches him with an object.

"No!" He is real! You are real. We get it. He says, "You fooled us" and turns around to be accosted by another man in a mask. "There are supposed to be some reals!" He exclaims.

Lassner does find one mannequin, but it's quickly followed soon by a real man. He decides that Lovato should take the lead again. "YOU can verify what is real!" He says.

The pair finally reach the end, and they head outside to share a hug.

"And it was done in a flash. He says, "I love you." "How brave Demi is?" "How unbrave am I?"

When a pair knife-wielding men appear, they begin to share another embrace. Lassner isn’t having it.

"Oh God! What!" He screams. They think it's funny (to do that). It's funny!

The annual segment was loved by many who commented on the YouTube video and gave it a huge thumbs up.

"Demi Lovato’s laughter makes me so happy. It's amazing," wrote another. Another person commented, "Omg I loved it."

Many viewers agreed that this segment is what they will miss most when the talk show ends in the latter part of this year.

One wrote, "I'm not mentally ready for this to be Andy's last haunted home."

"I look forward to this season !!!!" It's my 'All I Want for Christmas' in the Fall! Andy I love you! Another thought.

One fan suggested Ellen should continue to post haunted house videos on her YouTube channel every year, even though she has finished the show.

They wrote, "So even though the show's ending is over I vote next year Ellen through a haunted home."

We love the idea of that!

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