With love regards from London

enough Before you fell with the Brexit in the Regression, the British for decades to cope with their post-Imperial Depression – Bond, James Bond. He was a subli

With love regards from London

enough Before you fell with the Brexit in the Regression, the British for decades to cope with their post-Imperial Depression – Bond, James Bond. He was a sublimation, as the British pop culture as a whole. A wonderful breakdown product of old glory, which led, interestingly, to greatness and world domination. As time according to: Pop, instead of colonies.

Why should you want to the world with expensive expedition forces dominate, if not the same, and without any sacrifice (unless it referred to screaming Teenagers as such), with the Beatles, later, Britpop, Princess Di, Paul Smith and David Beckham go to? Why the Royal Navy to send out, if you can distribute with the One-man Pop army of the James Bond something much more important: The idea that the true size of the world is the self-deprecating, casual, stylish Britishness? The, personified by 007, comes with a Walther PPK and all sorts of Daniel-jet engine device therefore. But, but, above all, with wit, tactics and cunning for order in the evil world. So a country needs no colonial wars.(The Falklands war is, well, the exception that proves the rule.)

however, James Bond was early on, something like the modern new man, a Macho, but a melancholy. One of the tragedies of the 20th century. Century his conclusions. Because, Killing, and, of course, always just almost Killed himself-Fight is – because he is the real Antipode to the German Nazi-victory-fighters – for him only the second-best choice, after the fight the women. He must stop for anyone who makes it otherwise? The Yanks, the power of current super? Too stupid, too crude, and basically just a former colony. If it is really serious, needs to 007 come. Britannia rules the world. imago/Cinema Publishers Collection Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" (1964)

Cunning, not brutal In the process, Bond went through in the course of time, crucial stylistic changes that reflect the social climate, not only in the UK. And interestingly, these changes can be seen in his chest hair reading.

The first Bond actor, we restrict ourselves to Sean Connery and Roger Moore, are actually not physical types. Even though you will fight, even if only very reluctantly, and often. Particularly, Moore was 46, already a somewhat older man, as he took in 1973, his service. We admire them not for their bodies but for their cunning and grace, for the Gentleman, the wit, the comment also shortly before the supposed death of their hopeless situations. Your favorite piece of clothing is the Tuxedo. About the author

Jost Kaiser, a Journalist and book author. His writings have appeared among others in "The world", the "süddeutsche Zeitung" and Spiegel.de.

their bodies are not hardened fighting machines, but chest hairy cuddly bins for women. And otherwise, there always impeccable and well dressed and presented. Exception: Sexual Intercourse.

Unforgettable, like Roger Moore, a jacket, of course, in the bright Summer, in "life and death of the crocodiles" to let the attacker escape by entering their tanks away prancing to the shore. Most likely, he didn't want to do the time with a wide lapel fitted jacket dirty. Would have been annoying.

Directly to the GemächtDie next woman who expects a Gentleman, no to crocodile poop stink show fighters ends. Head in front of the body. That was exactly the Motto of the UK in this time? We are not a colonial power. So let's try it with style and wit and Humor.

As Daniel Craig would have solved the case? Most likely, he would have broken with bare torso in the water – any crocodile individually the bones. With him, the physicality is actually fed in the Bond films. A new production of his training is the subject, the trimmed blank status on a regular basis – breast is photographed. It will be sufficient for Bond? About Connery and Moore would have laughed. Pierce Brosnan, also fur reinforced, as well. imago/ZUMA Press, Daniel Craig is the current Bond-representatives

to see In his first Bond production of "Casino Royale" from 2006, he is in a scene completely naked. On a chair tied up, he is carved out of the bottom of the manhood. From the Gentleman wit the old 007 nothing remains, the Bond is 100 percent of the body. A type of Jesus, the sacrifice for your Majesty, a tortured creature. So Connery and Moore would have never looked. This is no longer the pop culture fantasy world, which is presented here, but the ugly reality. The tortured body looks even flawless.

Perhaps Daniel Craig, breaking the women's hearts, but even more often his opponents to the bone, have been, in some respects, a harbinger of the political upheaval is. Of course, he looks in a Tuxedo, dazzling, is behind the women. Of course, he frees himself with Qs device from hopeless situations. But it is the self – irony - like the Brexit-the UK is missing him most of the time. There, they believe it to be the Empire. And probably soon, that there is this James Bond really.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 15:26

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