Munich: Poisoned drinks in supermarkets - police are investigating attempted murder | Munich

horror news from Munich: The police are investigating attempted murder - and warns the population. Three people bought a soft drink, there is a deadly danger.

Munich: Poisoned drinks in supermarkets - police are investigating attempted murder | Munich

horror news from Munich: The police are investigating attempted murder - and warns the population. Three people bought a soft drink, there is a deadly danger.

The police Munich determined because of the attempts of murder . An Unknown has several bottles in Munich super markets with poison . The police warns the population and addiction tools .

Munich - Who buys at the moment in München drinks , must be careful: There is danger to life. The police called for an urgent warning to the citizens, to give Eight, because in two supermarkets in the West of Munich deadly poison in drinks bottles has been discovered! The police are investigating attempted murder and are seeking witnesses.

so Far, the Team of the 22-member special Commission "Tox" for the four specific cases are known: In the months of March and April have purchased three Munich-based soft drinks, which was mixed with solvent. A contaminated bottle appeared also later.

Poisoned drinks in Munich: customer complaints after consumption of dizziness and Nausea

These manipulated bottles were placed in the shelves of shops . In three cases, these bottles were purchased by customers and in less quantity consumed. All three of these affected persons (a 34-year-old, a 42-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man, all from Munich) complained to the consumer about dizziness , Nausea and circulatory .

Already the smell was weird and when they had drunk a few SIPS, they noticed a strange taste. In one of the drinks had been deposited in addition, an milky substance at the bottom of the bottle . The two women had to be immediately treated in hospital. All three complained to the consumer dizziness, Nausea, and circulatory problems. Meanwhile, the Affected well again, but you were lucky! "You would have to drink the whole bottle, they would have died," said police spokesman Werner Kraus.

poison in bottles: the women of Munich have to be treated

immediate medical treatment was with the two women. In the context of the subsequent investigation, the Tatzusammenhänge arose in the first place. The existing danger was only due to the extensive research and analysis known.

+ In a number of Munich's super markets, beverage bottles are popped, the poison contained (icon image).©dpa / Christoph Soeder

The Investigation revealed that a fourth bottle even before the sale, as according to tampered with could be detected. The investigations were taken over on the basis of the current findings from the office of the Commissioner 11 of the Munich police . The accusation is tried murder .

what is the solvent it is, he doesn't want to betray - out of fear of copycats. Also what are the food markets it is exactly, don't want to give the investigators a price. Only so much: "It various trade . We therefore assume that the perpetrator or perpetrators, in addition to a certain chain,“ explains Kraus. However, it is always the same soft drink - what, even the police just yet. "Any drink can be affected", warns Kraus.

drink in Munich with a poison motif offset: unclear

The biggest Problem: the motive for The murder is still unclear . "So far, there are no claims or something Similar, which would allow a target to detect," says Kraus. And that is what makes things so tricky: The perpetrators could strike anywhere in the whole of Munich, and with each drink! Immediately after the first incidents, the police has commenced extensive investigations. The officers found a fourth of poisoned drink in one of the two supermarkets - in time, before anyone could buy. "The research and analysis of the substance have taken a little while, which is why we turn first now to the Public," says Kraus.

A blackmailer has tried in the past in Konstanz, Germany, to set super markets with poisoned food under pressure.

police warn of poison-drinks in Munich

warning : It is highly respect recommended the purchase of bottles with screw-on cap on the integrity of the backup ring. In part, to the previously established four bottles visible contamination were observed. Already when you Open a bottle can be, under certain circumstances, a striking smell perceived. The taste has been described from the previously affected people as bitter and artificially-chemically. In the case of a according to the suspects bottle , the substance should not be disposed of, but immediately the emergency call to the police will be notified 110,.

+ caution! Every supermarket and every drink could be, according to the police of poison attacks affected.©dpa / Julian Stratenschulte

poison in drinks bottles in Munich: witnesses sought

call : there have been similar incidents since March 2020, in which manipulated bottles were acquired, or in which it came in connection with the use of the described adverse health effects? Persons who can make useful information, are asked to immediately contact the competent office of the Commissioner 11, SOKO Tox, Tel. 089/2910-0 or with any other police Department in connection to.

In Corona-times is not safe, what did a man in Freiburg, Germany. He licked the food in a supermarket, and then laid it back on the shelf.

Non-poisoned food, but a poisonous animal was recently discovered in a supermarket in Munich.

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