Tölz Live Our news blog always up to date directly from the editorial office for the Region, Bad Tölz

Small sheet metal damage there, big traffic jam there, a storm front is pulling, a great concert will start soon. Here's our news blog directly from the editor

Tölz Live Our news blog always up to date directly from the editorial office for the Region, Bad Tölz

Small sheet metal damage there, big traffic jam there, a storm front is pulling, a great concert will start soon. Here's our news blog directly from the editors.

Here there are all the Short News from the editors is always up to date. The Tölzer pulse to Sympathize in our exclusive minutes archive:Tölz-Live to 18. June, for future Reference. Particular focus is on traffic jams, speed cameras, weather and exciting Events, always up to date. You miss a message? Then tell us afloat! Either redaktion@toelzer-kurier.de, or via Facebook, or you call out to short at 08041/767946.




Monday, 22. June

15.24 at: The Tölzer youth development invites you next Saturday, 27. June, to the common Ramadama a. It starts at 11 am. Due to the Corona Situation must register anyone who wishes to participate, (jugendfoerderung@bad-toelz.de or 08041/3352). Then the meeting point will be announced.

12.40 PM: was a trash can fire, the Tölzer fire route launched on Sunday afternoon in the Sunday street. The alarm was at about 16.30 hours. But there is no burning trash was to be found. In the Karwendel road under the underpass of the B 472, the firefighters found a trash can at the bus stop, had obviously burned out. The fire was not, however, assume again, Intervention was necessary.

11.03 PM: congratulations! Ottfried Fischer (“The bull from Tölz“ married to the media his long-time partner Simone Brandl Meier reports on Friday in Passau.

+ Ottfried Fischer and Simone Brandl Meier.©dpa / Matthias Balk

9.45 am : sandbox games are on the Playground in the pigeon hole everyday. Currently there are real excavators that are there in the context of the transformation of the small urban Parks blazed.


Sunday, 21. June:

17.32 at: The sun its way slowly through the clouds. Next week it's supposed to be summer.

+ ©mel

15.31 PM: The black stork in Bichl Peter Eberl got in front of the lens.

+ ©Peter Eberl

12.47 PM: From the police report:

has caused An Unknown in the night on Sunday in the centre of Ascholding an accident and then hit-and-run committed. As informed by the police, lost the driver around midnight in the curve to the right before the economic control of his car, went into the oncoming lane and ran directly in front of the economy three flower pots. He continued his journey, without reporting to the police or to notify the host. A in the night, happened to stroll by on Patrol noticed the damage and the vehicle collects the parts of the 'polluter pays' cars. Witnesses report the police under the reputation 0 81 71/9 35 10.

10: 53 PM: In the night to Sunday, the Tölzer fire brigade had to move out to the Isarbrücke. To 5.17 PM to alert passers-by the Savior that a Person can swim in the Isar. Intervention of the fire brigade had to, since the Person had left the water again. Also ordered a water rescue was able to be cancelled.

Friday, 19. June:

17.01 PM : The rain has now stopped. But the sky above the Isar is still covered by dark clouds.

+ ©Felicitas Bogner

15: 27 : Very roughly, you are already emerging, the contours of the new Kneipp basin, which is currently being built in the Tölzer Spa gardens. On the Louis promenade, a Kneipp – garden-with the elongated, oval-shaped pool in the centre as reported. It should be about 11 meters long and 3.70 meters wide. There can cool the guests in a maximum of 50 centimetres deep water, the feet and represented, and in the middle of a handrail to hold onto. The planned 270 000 Euro expensive project to be funded 35 to 40 percent of the state "Röfe"pot was in Bad Tölz not without controversy. It replaced the old small Kneipp pool at the Isarpromenade. Before the summer holidays, the work should be done.

+ ©p. S cheder

14.32 PM : On Wednesday, 24. The June, listen to the mystery radio play "The nameless day" by Friedrich Ani on Bayern2 to. Why would someone commit suicide in the "world city with a heart"? From Kochel am see-born best-selling author Friedrich Ani lets his hero in a lifeless Munich occur, that is far from all the clichés. The beginning is to 20.05 PM.

13: 11 : The previous Deputy Barbara Bogner (First mayor of the municipality of Saul Lach), it was confirmed at the meeting of the Association in their office. The photo Shows Barbara Bogner, together with the new Chairman of the Association Ingo Mehner (in the middle), as well as the managing Director, Michael brown. The former Tölzer mayor Josef Janker was adopted from his previous post as Chairman of the Association officially.

+ ©S. Scheder

11.50 PM : the First mayor of The town of Bad Tölz, Ingo Mehner, was just 32. Meeting of the Association elected as the new Chairman. 178 of 179 members present voted for him. In the election there was no candidate.

10.42 PM : at the moment, the purpose of the Association of municipal service centre meets its 32. Meeting in the Kurhaus Bad Tölz. Initially, there was a short remembrance of the last week deceased Lenggrieser mayor Markus Landthaler.

+ ©S. Scheder

9.30 am: Siegfried Hammer is the new Chef at the Senior house at the Park in Bad Tölz. The 51-Year-old is a trained and certified nurse, completes an additional qualification as a surgical nurse Specialists and Recently a part-time study to the social host. Hammer, who lives in Farchant, is the father of three adult children, and previously worked for almost eight years at the hype of Berger diakonia (RDA) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There he is, most recently as a care Manager, and takes the establishment line. "The house at the Park is my first Station as a chief," says the native of Oberammergau, who grows up in Unterammergau. In Bad Tölz, he encounters a BRK-house of the institution, the social service society (SSG) of the Bavarian Red cross (BRK), this operates in the whole country a total of 26 houses. In the house on the Park of around 120 senior citizens in the care of 71 employees live. In his spare time, Hammer, spends almost his entire professional life has been in the care of train, like with the mountain bike in the mountains. For the near future the Hammer is to survive "the first Corona-crisis" and the social institution to carry on as he has found it: Intact with a very good working environment and a loving relationship with the residents.

+ Siegfried Hammer
Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 10:35

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