Mildew fight: This home remedies show effect | Housing

powdery mildew is one of the most troublesome fungal diseases, which can locate the useful or ornamental garden home. As you fight the powdery mildew with home

Mildew fight: This home remedies show effect | Housing

powdery mildew is one of the most troublesome fungal diseases, which can locate the useful or ornamental garden home. As you fight the powdery mildew with home remedies, you can find here.

Many gardeners despair in the fight against powdery mildew . The fungal disease can occur in virtually all crops and ornamental plants. Some home remedies help to Solve the problem.

mildew is a widespread fungal disease that can occur in both commercial as well as ornamental plants. This is a collective term: The fungal disease occurs in over 100 different types - and some of them occur only on certain plants.

mildew in the home garden: what you need to distinguish the fungal disease knowledge

is Generally in Real and Fake powdery mildew : The powdery mildew is forming a so-called the weather is nice, mushroom , as it is found in warm and dry conditions. Usually it occurs in July as a whitish coating on the leaf surface, such as the Bavarian state Institute for viticulture and horticulture explains. A particularly strong attack was to be expected, therefore, after several hot days and cool nights, with increased dew to. the The affected leaves become brown and eventually die from . Powdery mildew occurs primarily on Zucchini*, cucumbers*, and field salad. Also fruit such as Apples*, gooseberries and table grapes in front of him, not sure, as ornamental plants, including maple, oak, roses, Clematis, Phlox or asters.

+ powdery mildew is often found on wine grapes.©dpa/Silas stone

downy mildew, however, the is appearance of bad weather mushroom , as he particularly in the presence of moisture. In contrast to the powdery mildew here, both leaf-infested pages: The bottom is attacked by a grey to grey-violet fungus, while the upper side is yellow and has spots. The affected leaf dies in the rule. The downy mildew has hosts his Favorite: the peas*, lamb's lettuce, lettuce*, cabbage*, Radish*, radish, spinach*, onion* and vines include . A well-known representative of the downy mildew downy mildew is.

mildew fight with home remedies: milk comes to you for help

A classic in the Fight against the True mildew in your refrigerator: milk . However, there should be no long-life milk - it's better Raw or whole milk, and butter milk. The milk is in a ratio of 1:8 mixed with water , so that the water in the larger proportion. This mixture is spread with a spray bottle on the endangered plant.

The milk-water mixture prior to all things for the prevention and light Send . Wait so not too long, against the powdery mildew to proceed. The lactic acid bacteria create an unfavorable environment for the fungus, so that he hardly has a Chance. However, this remedy is not so well-in the case of Downy mildew because the pathogen is mainly on the under sides of the leaves, where you go hard.

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powdery mildew with baking soda

The miracle of baking powder* you can also in the garden, not down. In combination with water, the shows in the baking powder contained bicarbonate of soda* a weak alkaline reaction , not to taste the mildew in the same way. If you then add a little rapeseed oil, is the fungal disease first quite averse to the contained in the lecithins of the mildew does not like. You mix a packet of baking powder with two litres of water and 20 millilitres of rapeseed oil and treat the affected areas every two weeks. The liquor acts, especially in the case of powdery mildew.

With this home remedies, you can go Downy mildew on the collar

have No fear: against the downy mildew, there are helpful home remedies. Especially worth mentioning is a liquid manure from agricultural horsetails is here . This is quite easy: Obtain about 100 grams of Arable horsetails and crush these. You give a Liter of water and let the Whole 24 hours. Subsequently, the slurry with more water, diluted: ratio of About 1:10 add water. Now, the liquid manure is sprayed on the leaves: This fight against the dissolved silica by reinforcing a top layer of cells. As a result, the powdery mildew it is more difficult to spread. Alternatively, the broth can also be used with tansy or garlic to restore.

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