The secret Star of the Beatles: drum legend Ringo Starr is 80

It is probably one of the most famous Beatles quotes. On the question of whether Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, replied John Lennon once put it:

The secret Star of the Beatles: drum legend Ringo Starr is 80

It is probably one of the most famous Beatles quotes. On the question of whether Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, replied John Lennon once put it: "He is not even the best drummer in the Beatles!" The statement was obviously meant to be funny. She was, however, hanging. Because they fit the public image of Ringo Starr: He had to use the cliché of the Joker, and was always a little clumsy and almost a bit naive.

In comparison to the songwriting Duo John Lennon/Paul McCartney, and guitar God George Harrison, he was finally "only" the drummer in the most important pop band of all time. At the latest, to its 80. Birthday, Ringo Starr on 7. Of July celebrates, but it should be with such a bias circuit.

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"When I was 13, it was my dream to be a drummer. I wanted to be a guitarist or anything else. I wanted to be a drummer." About his own Motivation, Ringo Starr had once, in an Interview with U.S. talk show host Larry King, no doubt. But his passion for music even earlier notice.

At 7. July 1940 in Liverpool as Richard Starkey was born, his parents divorced when Starr was three years old. His stepfather, Harry Graves, but it supported his musical interests at an early age. The - and later its youth by diseases was marked: at the age of six he was after complications of appendicitis just three weeks in a coma, he later developed a chronic pleural disease, which forced him to spend long periods in a Sanatorium.

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In the school while he pursued his music dream, however, with emphasis, at 17, he formed his first Skiffle Band in Liverpool, and two years later he joined the Raving Texans, and gave himself his stage name, Ringo Starr, because that sounded "Cowboy-ish". In that time, he also met John, Paul and George. His recording with the Beatles was so Rigidly self - almost only a matter of time: "I was a Beatle, because I'm an incredible musician. They called me and asked if I want to be a part of the Band. I said: Yes, of course! So that's what happened."

In the Rest of the not coated self-assessment, but one that told John Lennon in one of his last Interviews with the "Playboy": "Ringo was a Star before we met ever. He was a professional drummer who sang and performed and in one of the best Bands from across the UK played, before we had a Drummer."

And so one may appreciate Starr's contribution to the musical legacy of the Beatles is comparatively low. In addition to his drumming, only to be reduced baritone vocals were finally, in the case of "With A Little Help From My Friends" and "Yellow Submarine" as well as - as one of his few original compositions - "Octopus's Garden". The effect of the cohesion of the Band was always solid mock Backbeat, however, the compositions and the (musical), may, however, be underestimated.

That Starr played in a Band full of great musical ego a balancing role-confirmed - for many, perhaps surprisingly, Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono. Also in the Interview with Larry King praising the drummer that Starr had always been "cooperative," "He never said: I, I, I! I'm the Star! He played with the other people in the Band." Rigid is assumed to be in addition always a certain amount of peacefulness and love, so Ono more.

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For the Ideals of the Flower Power Generation stood Rigid, the meditating vegetarian fed, and a day, later like. So for example, "Peace Dream", a Song from the 2010 Album "Y Not", the world-famous "Give Peace A Chance" and "Imagine"lines of the Beatles colleague John Lennon quoted.

And also in private life he holds "love and understanding" for the most important of all the virtues: Since 1981, in his second marriage to actress Barbara Bach (known as a Bond Girl in "The spy who loved me") married, had those the secret of his marriage, he says. Proud he may be, however, also three children from his first marriage (two sons, one daughter), and his oldest son, makes him likely to be particularly great joy: Zak Starkey is also a drummer, played often with his father in his "All-Starr Band" - and was, at times, even semi-official member of the Beatles-Disciples of Oasis. Universal tele show

If he wanted to, could sit Ringo Starr for a Long time and his reputation. But a full-blood can go to the musician as he ever retire? In 2019, published by Starr that was in the previous year in the Buckingham Palace to the knights speed position, his current Album "What's My Name" - it could be the last, he explained. However, Sir Ringo said in Interviews up to the last again and again how much he still enjoy making music. One way or the other: His reputation can withstand a lot of prophecies of doom, nothing more. Because John Lennon, who had like one or the other tip against Ringo Starr of Europe, finally realized: "Ringo's a damn good Drummer!"

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