Instead of Maldives, lake Garda or the Côte d'azur: the most beautiful travel Alternative in Germany

The next big holiday to many, due to the Corona-crisis, this has to be probably a little different than usual. Because even if the Hotels open again and attract

Instead of Maldives, lake Garda or the Côte d'azur: the most beautiful travel Alternative in Germany

The next big holiday to many, due to the Corona-crisis, this has to be probably a little different than usual. Because even if the Hotels open again and attractive deals in store is, especially when traveling, as before, caution is advised. So who wants to spend a 2020 his vacation in the summer, better in this country than in Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain or Austria, can this book is quiet, to the beach and travel Feeling without. How to do this? With these great travel Alternative! Best of all, In most cases, you have to be an early bird, but you can just go spontaneously in the holiday.

Bamberg instead of Venice

No question, Venice is gorgeous, romantic and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. But also in Bamberg, can keep up, the Franconian town in Northern Bavaria, thanks to its many canals and bridges but extremely to Venice. The historic, half-timbered houses and the entire old town provide plenty of charm and holiday feeling pur. Not for nothing is the city centre – in the same way as Venice is by the way a Unesco world heritage site. /TomekD76 gondolas and canals, there are also in the upper Franconian town of Bamberg

Baltic sea instead of Greece

Who does not want to do without in the summer on the beach, is repealed on the Baltic sea is probably the best. Instead of island-Hopping in Greece to 2020 is announced just a holiday on the island of Rügen and at the latest, if you are driving for the first Time there, don't you wonder why you used to be there. Finally, the largest island of Germany recalls due to its spectacular chalk cliffs immediately to the Greek countryside and, more specifically, to the island of Lefkada. /iStockphoto/mije_shots holiday on the North sea and the Baltic sea is popular - and must not always be expensive

resin instead of Yosemite

The Yosemite national Park in California's high Sierra Nevada mountains to the most famous in the world. Rocks, waterfalls and streams make the heart of all nature lovers immediately beat faster. But in Germany, too, there are plenty of travel destinations for Outdoor enthusiasts: The Harz national Park, located between lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, for example, offers many quaint paths and Hiking trails that lead through forests and bogs. Due to its mountainous climate, a slightly cooler temperature in the Park – but that is exactly what will appeal to people who don't like extreme heat. /iStockphoto/Martin Becker, Mysterious and mystical: the devils wall in the Harz mountains,

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lake Constance instead of the lake of Garda

A summer without sea is just half the fun. Who wants to make this year due to the Corona-crisis rather be in Germany than abroad holiday and an Alternative to lake Garda in search of the best route at the lake Constance. This belongs also to Austria and Switzerland, but so far you do not need to, because on the German side of the lake also offers a decent Dose of holiday flair. Whether Stand-up Paddling, a boat ride, a Bicycle trip, Hiking or just go for a swim: there is something for every taste! /iStockphoto/Oxford square, The lake Constance is situated between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Sylt instead of Côte d'azur

The French Riviera is stunning, no question. Those looking for a France Alternative in Germany, which is on the North sea to the right place. The temperatures are milder than in the Baltic sea, and also the island of Sylt radiates a certain luxury, Flair, this is reminiscent of the Côte d'azur – not in vain the island, including Jet Set-celebrities is popular, often with the Hamptons compared. /iStockphoto The beach in Wenningstedt on Sylt.

Eibsee instead of Maldives

The Maldives are probably on the Bucket List of every Travel-Fans. The good news: For crystal-clear, turquoise water you do not need to travel half way around the world. The best proof of this is the Eibsee provides, for example: the Zugspitze located natural Highlight is one of the cleanest lakes in the whole of Germany. Admittedly, a white sandy beach in the Maldives, the Eibsee offers, it comes up trumps with a beautiful mountain views and nearby Hiking routes. /iStockphoto/the-black-swan Of lake Eibsee in Bavaria is one of the cleanest waters in Germany.

lüneburg Heath instead of Provence

one Thinks of the Provence, come the famous (and totally instagram-worthy) lavender fields in the sense. This but there are – fortunately – not only in France but also in Germany. The lüneburg Heath is at least as pretty as the Provence, the area can be explored by foot, Bicycle or even horse-drawn Carriage. If that does not scream for a romantic holiday for two! dpa/Markus Tiemann/Lüneburger Heide GmbH/dpa-tmn The flowering of the Heather each year attracts countless visitors to the lüneburg Heath.

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the car instead of plane, the Lüneburger Heide, instead of Provence, the Baltic instead of the Mediterranean sea: holiday in the summer of 2020 will probably be many a in German climes. However, this must be bad news. Because our country has to offer stunningly beautiful corners. FOCUS Online shows, where you can spend your holidays in Germany.

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