The loudest Party, which has seen the Internet ever: Wacken World Wide will write history

Wacken is only once a year! And even if the most well-known metal festival in the world was this time off as all other relevant Events due to Corona actually. T

The loudest Party, which has seen the Internet ever: Wacken World Wide will write history

Wacken is only once a year! And even if the most well-known metal festival in the world was this time off as all other relevant Events due to Corona actually. The Alternative, which has stamped the Wacken-Team, together with Magenta music 360 and MagentaTV now in a short time, it has, however, in itself. You should also write history as one of the most important Festival in the small village Of 29. July to 1. August give yourself a lot of Bands, including big names as Sabaton, Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Rage, Doro, Heaven Shall Burn, Kreator, or Eskimo Callboy, under the title of "Wacken World Wide" digital rendezvous: a Festival, as it has the world not yet experienced. Promise Slogans of the brand "message instead of cancelled," the organizers ever cocky, the "loudest Party, which has seen the Internet ever".

2015 /Alexandre Loureiro tele show

"If you can't come to us, then we will come to you," calls out to Festival Boss Thomas Jensen in a small Video Clip to the Fans. That sounds a little too full-bodied, after all, nothing and no one can replace the Original one on the "Holy Ground" in the Schleswig-Holstein Pampa. But what is announced on, and in Social media, in fact, every real Metal Fan directly into the air-guitar warning.

2020 /Martin Rose Teleschau

The most Important thing: The Streaming of Gigs are offered free of charge. And: in addition to Talks, Interviews and some Highlights of the past Wacken-years, there will be many new, exclusive and, indeed, live on Stage, to be held at the end of performances. The audience should definitely not be fobbed off with just the old canned food. "So far, all of the Material is recorded from 2020 - fresh or live," replied the Social Media Team of Wacken World Wide on a corresponding User-demand. The wonder and a lot to expect. Otherwise go "On the Homepage and press play - done."

2018 Gina Wetzler/Gina Wetzler tele look What it has with the "Mixed Reality stage", huh?

But of what, then, in particular, between 29. July and 1. August is really playing virtually on the Homepages and in the Magenta-TV-App, you should probably best just to surprise you. Because it is possible to understand a way to last on the program and technical Details filed and, accordingly, reluctant to communicate. "Thanks to the numerous cameras, you will see the biggest Metal Bands in the world up close and personal - virtually from the first row. To camp just by the click of a mouse and with no in the morning in front of the stage", to formulate it in the organizer.

In any case, it will be Unprecedented. "The Bands are filmed in real time and directly in the virtual Set integrated", it means there is something ominous on the Wacken World Wide Homepage. "The LED wall and LED floor ensure the typical Wacken-setting, which adjusts for a realistic image to the camera motion." The special feature: The audience should be able to via the web Cams, you will then be shown on the LED wall. "So you can celebrate together!" More will tell "soon" - "with impressions of the Mixed Reality stage". What is it in Detail to you? - "Stay tuned", meaning it only.

According to organizers, the final Line-up will be revealed along with a "versatile framework programme, which includes exclusive Interviews, panel discussions, and behind-the-Scenes" in the coming days, piece by piece. The Swedish Band Sabaton announced on their Facebook page that on Saturday, 1. August, play - Joakim "Jocke" Brodén and co. announced an appearance that was different "than anything you have ever seen before". That lower others Doro, Body Count feat. Ice-T, Rage and Anthrax, the digital Festival on Wednesday, 29. July, are open, has also been communicated already. "This is going to rock," it says on the Doro Facebook page: "you don't want to miss! This is awesome!"


Nuclear Blast Teleschau Urgent appeal of the organizer

What is now wrong, everything can go: actually! Because, it should happen, what the organizers warn just haunting, it could go off of the shot but still in the back. To the "dear Metalheads" directed, - said in a message: "not in the last week of July to Wacken." - So "big and understandable," the longing may be.

The organizers stress: "We really want to Wacken World Wide, also for us a whole new experience. Because instead of together on the field this year we are celebrating separately. And to be honest: That is a good thing. Your safety was always first and will continue to be so. Rain or Shine or Online."

So big and understandable, the desire may be, we have an urgent request to you: do not Come to Wacken,...

Posted by Wacken Open Air on Monday, 20. July 2020
2018 Gina Wetzler/Gina Wetzler tele-show "is not Coming to Wacken, we come to you!"

fact: On the fields and meadows, where else rocked, camping and barbecue, will take place "this year, absolutely nothing". As a "precautionary measure, "the Saint of arable'm going to shut off" even. "The village community supports us, so there will be, for example, on the main road, no drinks or takeaways. All of these measures be done in close coordination with the municipality, the public order office and the police."

of the two Wacken-founders Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner, as well as the entire W:O:A-Team signed appeal closes with the "fervent" invitation: "Come to Wacken, we come to you. Please respect the everyday life of here with us in the village of people who live and work and celebrate with us together the Wacken World Wide."

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More Bands for #Wacken world wide ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Here's the program for Wednesday, 29th July 2020⠀⠀ In addition to the already confirmed line-up featuring Sabaton, Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Kreator, hematoma and Beyond The Black we are proud to announce the following names: ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Body Count feat. Ice-T⠀⠀ Rage⠀⠀ Doro⠀⠀ Anthrax⠀⠀ Motor Sister⠀⠀ Eskimo Callboy⠀⠀ Long Distance Calling⠀⠀ Rise of Mictlan⠀⠀ Messticator⠀⠀ Damnation Defaced⠀⠀ Verderver⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Wacken World Wide will be available for free at ⠀⠀⠀ //, //, MagentaTV and in the program #IT!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #wwwacken⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wacken⠀⠀⠀ #Wacken OpenAir⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #where⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #magentamusik360⠀

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2018 Gina Wetzler/Gina Wetzler tele show

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