Länder-Check: Where to snuff noses now be allowed back in the daycare

Out of fear that could infect employees or children with the Coronavirus, are currently strict conditions in institutions for children. Recently, increasingly d

Länder-Check: Where to snuff noses now be allowed back in the daycare

Out of fear that could infect employees or children with the Coronavirus, are currently strict conditions in institutions for children. Recently, increasingly desperate voices were raised, because their own children were excluded because of a running nose out of the nursery.

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However, this caution could well have come to an end: First, States have announced, not cold lists more than essential Corona-Symptom for an exclusion from nursery or school. Others want to leave the decision in the future, the facilities. An Overview.

In these provinces are allowed to nasal Snuff (soon to be) back in the day-care centre

In Bayern all children must now back to kindergartens and crèches. From September, children with a runny nose should be and no more runny nose automatically from the Kita-visit excluded. Until then, families need to continue to expect limitations, such as the formation of solid groups and the exclusion from the facility upon the Occurrence of some of the symptoms of the disease, according to "BR24". The final decision on whether a child is allowed to visit a facility or not, should not, however, the site itself.

is Similar in lower Saxony, Berlin and Saxony . So, for example, the lower Saxony Ministry of culture writes: "The care of a child in a child day care facility is permitted if the child has only a trivial infection with no fever for about a banal cold or/and not dry cough and no contact to at Covid – 19 diseased or Sars – CoV-2-positive people tested in the last 14 days." The scheme is there now.

in Sachsen a runny nose is no longer considered as a crucial Symptom for exclusion from a care facility and since the end of June. So parents will need to fill in there until the end of August, every day a health confirmation, in the confirm that their children are Corona are symptom-free. These include only fever, cough, diarrhoea/vomiting and a General ill feeling but.

more and more Federal States to disarm their rules, many of the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. "If in the case of small children, the nose runs, there is no reason to send the child due to Corona is suspected from the day care home," habitats, for instance, declared in the Hessian Minister of health Kai Klose in an interview with hit radio. More to the Coronavirus Corona-danger by Breathing low? Harvard researchers doubt Aerosol hypothesis of pediatricians-in-chief promotes Opening: "the risk that schools are Hotspots, is low," researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who are the super spreader! Chart analysis shows Which countries have Corona in the handle, and which do not explode infection numbers - why the Balkans can suddenly have Europe Corona-Hotspot

exclusion from daycare for some families an existence-threatening

The rapid Re-exclusion from day care centers for families, with serious consequences. For many parents it means care for home, work loss, and thus, in many cases, less money. Because since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, and the introduction of measures to combat it – such as Lockdown and closures of childcare centres and schools - have already passed many months in which parents had to be home to care for their children. Many have used up their annual leave already, was the re-opening of the kindergartens and schools for some parents, therefore, extremely important.

last But in many places, the joy did not last long, children were excluded at the first symptoms of a disease immediately from the operation. Children's Doctor Wolfgang Country Villages, 2. Chairman of the PaedNetz Bavaria, has collected in his network, some of the stories of desperate parents – FOCUS Online reported.

He said, among other things, of a cough drop-sucking girl who was sent home; from an infant with runny nose, had already survived earlier, a Corona-disease detection and recover, but nevertheless from the day-care centre was excluded – and of many other.

virologists and Doctors see no reason for Kita-exclusion due to snuff nose

Also a virologist Alexander Kekulé moved into position on the topic. He sees the current deal with snuff nose is also very critical. In his MDR-Podcast (episode 80 and 81) said he was cold: "as we know from the small child – so the child is actually otherwise healthy, but the nose is running – is not a typical sign for beginning of the end of Covid-19 infection".

pediatrician Dominik Ewald agrees and adds: it is Only when other symptoms are added, a visit to the doctor is necessary. If someone reports a dry cough and fever and, in addition, smell or taste disorders, the children's physician, but also a Test to Sars-CoV-2 as appropriate.

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Updated Date: 23 July 2020, 10:26

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