The Top 5 flirting tips from excavator Coaches, the men in no case should follow

you Can flirt with yet? I don't mean the saucy fire-Emoji, with the, yesterday, Pamela ice new Bikini photo comments. I mean really flirting. In the real life.

The Top 5 flirting tips from excavator Coaches, the men in no case should follow

you Can flirt with yet? I don't mean the saucy fire-Emoji, with the, yesterday, Pamela ice new Bikini photo comments. I mean really flirting. In the real life. Watch, smile, look away, talking rubbish and anyway points. In the Gym, in a Bar, even at Schalke. And, without an appointment before via the App for the spontaneous Blind Date.

When I think about it, here is my last flirtation for quite a while. I drove me then still regularly in Berlin's night life, because the Flirting was easier than in broad daylight. It is for an Introvert with social anxiety like me, not an Easy one, a handsome Stranger in the supermarket between passion fruit and vegans face sausage zuzuzwinkern. Or him smile. I am be great in flirting. So, if you are on the Shy-deer-number. My signals are minimalist, but clearly, if I have a good day.

But enough of me. How do you keep it with the Flirting? Not at all, they prefer to contact you on Tinder? Because a Flirt in Real Life is too complicated? Too time-consuming? And anyway, you never know what it is and if it is not cashed but a basket? I'll give you all the points right. Nevertheless, the old-fashioned have a learning game to recognize your charm. And Yes, you can learn to flirt.

Forget you but the unspeakable advice of the self-proclaimed excavator Coaches, you will find plenty of on the net please. I!for the purpose of Research, some of these "ultimate flirting tips for REAL MEN!!11!!11!!“ read through and do not know till now, whether I laugh or whether the sexism of the Overdose to pass to cry. However, I found the mysogynen Love Guides are not uninteresting. You give but that is exactly all the things you should when Flirting necessarily. Let's look at the tips, therefore, is more accurate. (Read also: text message Sex, the Booty Call works out today)

tip 1: "don't Wait on signals"

From Nothing ... er ... strike. So zuflirten. The lady by surprise and the element of Surprise to hit you with an original pick up line of the stockings and pull them to your bomb fixed clippten Rapunzel-of-Sweden-Ponytail in the bachelor pad. So the picture that the self-appointed Coaches, provoked some of your designs in my head. So a nonsense. A good Flirt is a game with a minimum of two players. And only with a personal invitation possible. Granted to you the woman of your choice by eye contact.

Before the woman at the Bar without being asked to order a Gin and Tonic on your costs, you should have looked at least in the eyes. She smiles, or looks away embarrassed, only to fancy the same again – do it, try to talk to you. The thing is carved. You are not looking, however, to return to them, perhaps even the back – to pinch everything else.

tip 2: "Accept not, under any circumstances, the first no."

What should I say? A no is a no. No, Yes, no "let's see" and not "fill me until I can no longer think clearly." (Read also: Unusual ways to bring a woman to orgasm

tip 3): "Surprise her with a cool pick up line"

again and again we hear of men's and women's side – that Turn on in Real Life were often so terribly lame. If you ask me, I find the usual introductory phrases, much less bad than a memorized spell from the player-Forum. Without joke: Should I meet you ever in a Club or a Bar, please ask me after the fire. Or a cigarette. Or whether we have not matched, have a look at some Tinder. I don't care. If we have given to us in advance daring looks (see tip 1), you say what you want. But you don't come to me with "You're really hot. I'm glad that I'm wearing today is a bit wide Jeans, otherwise this could be embarrassing for me, haha. My name is XY.“ Exactly found online.

Bonus tip: take A compliment as an introduction as delicate. Unless it relates to our Appearance. Sayings such as "You look in the dress is really hot" or "Hot ass" are grip, sexist and so in 1993. They make us a compliment for our Sneakers or Vintage Umbro Hoodie. (Also read: The biggest mistakes men make Sex)

tip 4: "Nice is the little brother of shit" or "Demonstrate your dominance!"

It was the same show at the first encounter, who is the Alpha male in the enclosure, so the unanimous recommendation of the Bruhs. Just previously, or to be polite, coming, instead, aggressive, masculine. Manipulative techniques the ultimate mesh be to conquer a woman. As the Push-and-Pull tactics from the "guide for Pick-up Artists and other Losers", after a compliment at least an insult to Light and unsettled the woman, and clueless leaves. For example, like this: "You have a beautiful face, but that fat women often have."

And very important: One should never run after a woman, you would join in the crowd of wimps, whose Mission is failed.

I don't know whether the term "toxic masculinity," says little. If not, Google him, please. You are allowed to be themselves and must conform to any men ideal from 1971. Women love men who are courteous, charming, listening to us and respect that. Men eye-to-eye.

Extra tip: you should actually run any woman afterwards. The but not as part of a sophisticated tactic. But because they understood that the lady has no interest. (Also read: Penis too small? This can help)

tip 5: "build body contact"

Every woman who was ever in a Club or at a concert, knows the Moment when a strange man puts her from the rear, the hands on the hips, gently pushing it aside and smiling, asks: "Can I pass time?" No, you may not. Unless you move the men next to us just as tenderly on the hip out of the way. What I want to say: body contact is invite only. Without that the woman has signaled to you before your permission to touch you, it means hands off. Always!

we Summarize: A good Flirt always begins with eye contact. You will feel positive Vibes, talk to the woman. You may be nervous, which may even seem very sympathetic. You ask what she's drinking, order the same, and raise a toast to her. They introduce themselves, ask you for your name, smile, show your interest. I swear to you: you Have come this far, the Rest is a self runner.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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