After Corona-Demo in Berlin, organizers have the next city in our sights

No minimum. No Masks. This extreme right-wing symbolism and violence against police officers: The big Berlin demonstration against state Corona pads with about

After Corona-Demo in Berlin, organizers have the next city in our sights

No minimum. No Masks. This extreme right-wing symbolism and violence against police officers: The big Berlin demonstration against state Corona pads with about 20,000 participants has country-wide for horror. And also the policy debate since then, excited about the right way to deal with protests of this kind. Because freedom of demonstration is on the one hand, "a particularly important legally protected interest," as justice Minister, Christine Lambrecht (SPD) in the "süddeutsche Zeitung" pointed out. On the other hand, the accumulation of people who put themselves deliberately in the Hygiene regulations constitute a danger to the community. What to do?

Just ban? This point of view the CDU brings-indoor expert Armin Schuster into the game. From his point of view, it would be proportionate to allow such meetings "only under much stricter conditions, or not at all," he said of the "Rheinische Post". Union group Vice-Thorsten Frei (CDU), underscore, demonstrations should only be in exceptional cases restricted. "But if the protesters themselves are at high-risk, may be allowed to state idly," he said of the "world".

"As the colleagues in Berlin have done a good job"

However, all is not so simple, is it from the Berlin city administration, which was entrusted with the great demo from the weekend. To prohibit "Per se in the run-up to demonstrations, is not possible if there is no evidence of criminal actions that may arise from the Assembly," said a spokesman. Reasons for this have not been for the demonstrations at the weekend. The Demonstration was only after a few hours, the police dissolved.

Too late, say some. "Apparently, regulatory authorities and police to not look the other way, more and more, so it escalates," said the Executive Board of the German Foundation for patient protection, Eugen Brysch. Already in may, a Demo was run on the Marienplatz in Munich from the rudder, as there are 3000 participants gathered – instead of the 80 that were originally logged in. The police had dissolved the Demo at the time, "for reasons of proportionality".

The police themselves in a difficult Position to be pushed. On the one hand, the civil servants for breaches of Hygiene to ensure requirements are consistently gripping, on the other hand, you must have the right to freedom of Assembly. "Since the Berlin colleagues have done a good job, because you have the right to freedom of Assembly, because the police wants to leave behind not a court of blame, that one is to early steps," said Jörg Radek, Deputy Chairman of the trade Union of police (GdP). Therefore, the procedure is done at the right time. AP police officers walk in Berlin by a lot of unmaskierter protesters through

Via Charter Bus to the Demo

The debate will be followed not only in Berlin but also in other major German cities. Because they have to deal with the next stress test of a Corona-Demo. For example, Stuttgart: There is for the Saturday, the next big Corona-Demonstration planned by the same organizers as in Berlin. The next day, the group organized called "cross-711 thinking" together with the local organizers, in addition, a "Festival for peace and freedom" in Dortmund.

Indeed, had appeared at the last Stuttgart Demos, only a few hundred people, but the motley scene from Impfgegnern, mystics, and the extreme Right has become more professional now. A bus company is called "Kaden travel," from the Saxon Plauen offers, in cooperation with the organizers of bus trips to the Corona Demos, in Germany as a whole to get in.

A journey from Bielefeld to Berlin and back at a cost of, for example, 60 euros is a good business for the bus company. Regular guests get a discount, groups can Charter their own buses. The trips are organized under the Motto #HonkForHope ("horns for hope") and appear to be very popular. "We currently have so many unprocessed applications that we accept, temporarily, no further, until we have reviewed the existing", stood in front of the Berlin-Demo in big red letters on the Website of the bus company.

"The events in Berlin are known to us"

In Stuttgart, you can now experience with large-scale demos of this kind, but the city is prepared for a rush, such as Berlin? On request by FOCUS Online, the city is still covered. The office for public order, negotiate with the applicant, a spokeswoman said. "Experience has shown that the final conditions on Friday are."

In Dortmund, where the organizers for Sunday's "a rally for the safeguarding plan of our fundamental rights" at the Phoenix lake, the city to the police. Also there is the "planning phase" for the Demonstration, over a police said a spokeswoman. "Of course, findings, and developments from other operations as a rule with in current plans," added the spokeswoman, however. "The events in Berlin are also known." Annette Riedl/dpa "pandemic end": participants in an Anti-Corona-Demo in Berlin's wall Park

rich citizens and conspiracy myths

the protection of the Constitution looks with concern on the Anti-Corona-Demos. Although it is not a level, the corresponding demonstrations as extremist, said a spokesman for the country's constitutional protection of Baden-Württemberg, on request by FOCUS Online. "However, some well-known persons from the right-wing extremism and the 'rich citizens involved in the events again and again'Milieu. You are trying to exploit the prevailing discontent against the Corona-measures for their ideological objectives.“

Particularly problematic, as the speaker, are myths "the widespread Conspiracy". This would also, in the case of non-extremist Demo-participants appeal "and represent a growing risk for the radicalization of individual demonstration participants. So enemy will be created images and in the state as well as individual politicians defamed.“ Also, the country of the protection of the Constitution in Berlin witnessed the protest in the capital , as "a number of parties and organizations from the entire right-wing extremist spectrum" for participation would be mobilized, "including, for example, the NPD, Muslims extremists are the enemy's right and the rich citizen-groups'." Followers of these groups were also represented on the Demo.

"A ideal breeding ground"

In a similar notch of Bavaria proposes to the Minister of the interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU). Rich citizens, as well as left - and right-wing extremists, the Corona's tried-crisis and the protests against the state Corona-pads for their purposes, said Herrmann on Tuesday at a press conference in Munich, citing findings of the Bavarian constitutional protection.

The procedure is similar, so Herrmann: The conspiracy myths would spread, state protection measures were defamed and trying to stir up on all of the levels of dissatisfaction with the democratic System. "Solidifies this dissatisfaction on duration, it provides extremists with an ideal breeding ground in which new adherents or sympathizers breed." The threat is not to be underestimated, he warned. On Saturday, the next stress test for the rule of law.

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