That's how it go, 'You're fired, Trump'

'You're fired' - You're fired. this was Donald Trumps slogan, when he, from 2008 to 2015 was the boss and host of the american realityshow 'Celebrity App

That's how it go, 'You're fired, Trump'

'You're fired' - You're fired.

this was Donald Trumps slogan, when he, from 2008 to 2015 was the boss and host of the american realityshow 'Celebrity Apprentice'.

Now it can theoretically be president Donald Trump, who gets the same cold message.

As only the third president in american history will Trump in all probability be asked for a rigsret and accused of high treason. And if at least two-thirds (a so-called 'super-majority') of the us senate finds the president guilty of abuse of power, so will the Trump as the first american president ever to be fired and thrown out of The White House.

"Donald Trump protests her innocence. But he will always be remembered as the president who was accused of high treason. And it is the kind that keeps him awake at night."

so says Chris Matthews on his show 'Hardball' on MSNBC.

the Probability of a dismissal is, as you can read below, vanishingly small. But regardless of what happens, is the development of the U.s. political top of historic significance.

the Process is lengthy and complicated. But including gives you a clear overview.

In the next week will the democratically controlled by the legal committee in the House of Representatives draw up three or four charges against Donald Trump, who is accused of abusing his power as president.

Charges will continue to be debated among all 435 members of the House of Representatives - of which 233 are democrats and 197 republicans. Under rigsretssagen against Bill Clinton (1998-1999), took this part of the process two days.

In the week before christmas, the same 435 members of the House of Representatives vote on whether rigsretssagen becomes a reality. Here is required just plain 51 percent majority. With a democratic majority is the likelihood of an impeachment is almost 100 percent.

In the House of Representatives selected a group of politicians, who under the title of 'manager' to act as prosecutors against Trump. The 'prosecutors' or 'managers' presents the charges facing the senate's 100 members, which now serves as the jury.

From the senate receives the president of Donald Trump is now a petition, which he presented to the charges and at the same time are encouraged to respond and possibly meet up in person. If Trump and his lawyers choose not to respond, perceived this as a 'not-guilty'statement.

Both Bill Clinton and before him, president Andrew Johnson (in 1868) met both up. But both of the two højforræderianklagere presidents let their lawyers respond to questions. Donald Trump is not expected to meet up and it is doubtful whether his lawyers will respond to the presented charges.

First, the charges (the group selected from Repræsententernes House) and, since the president's defence lawyers will present their case to the total senate (the jury)

the Senate members to ask questions to the defence and the prosecutors.

With a simple majority, the senate now drop the case (dismissal). If all 53 republican senatsmedlemmer agree, the case against Trump so join before it really started. Several moderate republican senators like Susan Collins from Maine will, however, be in a political tailspin, if she lets Trump get rid without a trial.

If the trial (as most experts predict) continues, both the prosecution and defence now present evidence and any witnesses. During Bill Clinton's case testified Monica Lewinsky via video-recording.

the Jury (the senate) assigned to the case, after the defence and the prosecution have delivered their closing arguments'.

Behind closed doors to debate the senate's 100 members, 53 republicans, 45 democrats and two independents.

On direct tv, the senate vote on Donald Trumps guilt or innocence. If 67 or more of the senate members of the press on the 'guilty'button is Donald Trump fired. If not, is the Trump as did both Bill Clinton in 1999 and Andrew Johnson in 1865, and dismissed the action. And both the Senate and the House of Representatives and president Donald Trump can resume their daily work.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2019, 19:00