So funny, the Coronavirus is

of Course, wants to make no one the victim of the Coronavirus funny. Or about the risk of contagion, which is for older people is particularly great. But if the

So funny, the Coronavirus is

of Course, wants to make no one the victim of the Coronavirus funny. Or about the risk of contagion, which is for older people is particularly great. But if the experts are right, we get to accompany the Virus for several months, until we wash it by regular hand, "social distancing" and a vaccine in the handle. A lot of time, which you can distribute with a little Corona of Humor for sure. Here are our favorites from this new joke genre that many try, but only a few are really convincing.

1. The classic:

The first victim of the Virus, Corona beer, because nothing so many jokes were made about the Mexican brand of beer. Here is the kind-hearted Joke, has been shared thousands of times on the net. Its author is unknown, as Patient zero of the Virus, according to the the search is still running:

2. The human chain:

If anything Unexpected happens in this world, you can rely on the satirical magazine "Titanic" and his party "The party". So it is with the Coronavirus.

3. Trump and the Virus:

U.S. President Donald Trump's jokes are a popular Subject for Corona. At the latest since he took the view that the Virus will be extinct again in April, when the temperatures rise and the weather is better. In American Late Night shows, there are plenty of jokes about trump's ignorance, with regard to the Virus. We find that the following picture joke the best Corona-Joke with Trump in main role.

Trump and his national security Advisor. Author unknown.

4. The shortest Horror movie history:

There are several Sketches which have the fear of an infection with the Coronavirus to the topic. And several play on a bus at the output. The best Sketch Robert B. Weide has turned, received as a Director of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" an Emmy. In the social media and Whatsapp, the film makes as the shortest horror Shocker of the round.

5. The thing with racism:

German-speaking professional comedian to hold back still strong when it comes to the Coronavirus. "Late Night"-Veteran Harald Schmidt has been dedicated in his video column for "the mirror", although the Virus already has several consequences. But so far, Schmidt's sense of Humor is exhausted in a few tame jokes. Sharper is the appearance of comedienne Lisa Eckhart in the case of Dieter Nuhr was: As usual, the 27-year-old Austrian played with racist stereotypes, to distance themselves immediately from these.

"Now you have evacuated Germans from Wuhan. If one really cares, lets get to the fucking there. And takes away their passports. I think it would serve them right, too, what, please, has lost a good German in tsching tschong-China country? The were in war against us. For the last Time: Japanese good, Chinese bad. Don't tell me the look for you, you racists! You can distinguish all the same: the Chinese have a Mouth guard, Japanese worn girl panties." Lisa Eckhart with Dieter Nuhr.

6. Unintentional Comedy:

If the humor professionals deliver nothing or only a little, it is worth looking to the Opportunity to comedians. You will find – as almost always – at the regional television channel, where production pressure funny mishaps pile up. Here at our highly-valued colleagues-view TV, who wanted to capture at the Bern train station for commuters reactions to the Coronavirus. It turned out differently.

7. Hamster purchases:

hamster purchases were in the first days of the epidemic, are a popular Subject to make the exaggerated panic funny. Most popular photos of Pasta goods shelves in the super markets in the Asia-noodles were out of stock. Everything else was sold out. While it is fairly easy to understand why Pasta and Pelati are particularly well suited as emergency supplies, but there are also mysteries. So, for example, why some people strawberries for their air-RAID shelters seem to be hamsters

8:. What's cooking?

If all of the bunkers in the face of Corona emergency supplies, not least the question of what to cook this once. TV chef Johann Lafer seems to already have some of the recipes are worked out. Discovered by the German comedian Bastian Pastewka.

9. For Demanding: Adorno and the Virus

shallow Who it was, can perhaps laugh about the following Tweet. He parodied a famous Interview of the "mirror" in 1969, led with the German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969):

the joke-worthy, it is worth the knowledge of the original interviews with Adorno, led to the culmination of the students ' protests:

source: the mirror. Read the full Interview here.

10. And the Swiss?

While otherwise, on many subjects quickly sharp punchlines are, hold back Swiss professional comedian with jokes for Coronavirus striking. The funny a Tweet from Viktor Giacobbo to the shrill appearance of Magdalena Martullo was the most far-Blocher, in the national Council with other Twitter users is fairly prompt, the question was raised as to denigrate Globi "just so" could.

the Corona-Tweets from Slam Poet Renato Kaiser:

Perhaps the reluctance of the Swiss comedian in Corona but has a deeper reason. Renato Kaiser seems to know more.

Bonus: Proper hand washing – using a Iranian comedian

And because in spite of Humor the most Important thing not to forget is to go, here is the reminder, as the Virus can best be kept in check: by thoroughly washing hands. The Iranian actor and Influencer Danial Kheirikhah makes in the following Video, in a beautiful silent film style, how to do it properly – to Brahms "Hungarian dances".

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